Import prices of MEG in China increased by 4% -Prices MEG China

MOSCOW ( MRC ) – Spot prices of imported monoethylene glycol (MEG) in China on Wednesday, 7 December rose more than 4% due to the upward trend in the market, waiting to spur deterioration of supply in the near future, the growth of quotations of oil and the need to form stocks, told ICIS , citing sources in the market.

December 7 MEG spot prices in China were estimated at USD825-840 level, CFR CMP (China main port), breaking a new record this year. Thus, in the Monday, December 5 MEG spot prices on the Chinese market were in the range of USD778-788 per tonne CFR CMP.

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Study Shows Impact of rPET Use in Hot-Fill Bottles

Study Shows Impact of rPET Use in Hot-Fill Bottles

The use of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) in hot-fill packages has no significant adverse impact on the bottles until the blend exceeds 50%, according to a research study conducted by Plastic Technologies, Inc.

The use of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) in hot-fill packages has no significant adverse impact on the bottles until the blend exceeds 50%, according to a research study conducted by Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI). PTI conducted the study to provide information for brand owners contemplating including a percentage of rPET in their hot-fill bottles as part of their environmental initiatives.

“Even at 100% rPET resin use, the performance of the bottle used in this study was still acceptable,” said Tracy Momany, vice president product development group, PTI. “However, the typically-thicker walls of hot-fill bottles may result in slightly more noticeable haze or yellowing than other applications such as very thin-walled water bottles.”

The study focused on evaluating virgin PET and two different rPET resins added to virgin PET at 25%, 50% and 100% levels. A 27g commercial 500mL six-panel hot-fill bottle and preform were used for the study. Bottles containing recycled-content variables were processed similarly to maintain equivalent bottle wall thicknesses and maximize preform temperatures. The objective was to ensure that the only difference was the amount of recycled content.

The bottles were then tested to determine hot-fill and top load performance, wall thickness, color, haze, crystallinity and acetaldehyde (AA) content. Following are the main study conclusions:

  • All of samples passed the standard performance specifications for hot fill bottles, even at high percentages of rPET.
  • Shrinkage increased slightly as the recycled content grew above 50%, but the bottles remained within the specification.
  • The drawbacks of high rPET content are increased yellowing and higher haze levels. However, these are aesthetic issues and do not impact performance.

The study concludes that converters and brand owners can use up to 50% good quality rPET in hot-fill bottles without negatively impacting performance. rPET levels greater than 50% can also be used, however desired package aesthetics will drive the acceptable level. Additional study details are available here.

Uflex Launches Direct UV Offset Printable Polyester Film


Uflex Launches Direct UV Offset Printable Polyester Film
UV offset printing on non-absorptive surfaces is getting popular by the days.

It gives an ultimate packaging solution for Board Lamination and Decorative Printing.

The daunting challenge in this segment however remains the availability of right kind of substrate where direct printing can be done without any primer/ treatment.

Let’s try to understand this, a little better. Liquids do not wet surfaces with free energies lower than their surface tension.

On the contrary an extremely high surface free energy as compared to the surface tension of the ink will also result in poor wetting and adhesion.

Therefore according to printing industry experts, for best wetting and ink adhesion on to non-absorptive surfaces the ‘dyne level’ or the surface free energy of the substrate should be about 10 dynes above the surface tension of the ink.

Unfortunately many polymeric substrates have too low surface energy required for good printing and ink adhesion and therefore the substrate has to be remedially modified in order to make it printable.

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Recycled Plastic Market Revenue Predicted to Go Up by 2025

Recycled Plastic The global market for plastics has established new applications and markets for recycled plastics from both post-industrial and post-consumer sources, with PET being one of the major manufactured recycled plastic.

New York, NY — (SBWIRE) – Recycled plastic are materials that undergo the process of plastic waste recovery and reprocessing it into beneficial products.

These plastics are also recycled during the manufacture of plastic products such as polyethylene films and bags.

A fragment of these plastics are then conveyed to the main production operations.

This trend is been followed since the past few decades leading to the production of certain high quality plastic products

The global requirement for recycled plastic has seen a rapid growth over the last few years, wherein major consumers of plastic packaging have begun encompassing different recycled plastics in their products as part of the rising emphasis on recycling.

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Faurecia – Parrot Automotive partnership for automotive connectivity and infotainment solutions

By GlobeNewswire

Nanterre (France)

Faurecia Parrot AutomotiveFaurecia and Parrot Automotive partnership to accelerate connectivity and infotainment solutions for the automotive industry

Faurecia today announced that it has entered into exclusive negotiations for a strategic partnership with Parrot Automotive, a leading supplier of infotainment and connectivity solutions for the automotive industry.

The technological expertise of Parrot Automotive combined with Faurecia’s global strategic customer relationships would make a powerful combination for applications and platforms for connected vehicles.

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Study reveals Germany’s success in PET bottle recycling

PET bottle recycling

RTGE Staff

Bottle deposits have ensured consistently high recycling rates for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles in Germany, according to a study commissioned by Forum PET within Bad Homburg, Germany-based IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen eV, a federal association representing the interests of plastic packaging and film manufacturing in Germany and Europe.

PET bottles in Germany are recycled at a total of about 93.5%, while one-way deposit PET bottles have reached a rate of 97.9%.

The industry is also continuing its aim of supplying more recycled PET into the materials cycle, with the average share of recycled PET in bottle production increasing compared with 2013, despite the adverse price development in recycled compared with virgin PET. The recycling process largely takes place in Germany.

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Weekly resin report: Polyethylene prices continue to slide

By: PlasticsToday Staff

  • Spot market activity has at times been just as volatile as its pricing.
  • The trading desk went from one of its slowest weeks, albeit shortened by the Thanksgiving holiday, to its highest volume week of the year, reports the PlasticsExchange (Chicago) in its Market Update.
  • A steady, heavy flow of both fresh offers and processor orders resulted in the vast majority of do-able deals being brought to completion.
  • Although energy and feedstock costs mostly moved considerably higher, resin prices continued lower, and that combination appears to have been a catalyst to spur good action.
  • Polyethylene prices
    Image courtesy Cool Design/

    The polyethylene (PE) market was quite busy this past week, which spanned the end of November and the beginning of December.

    Spot material availability remained plentiful and, despite significant strength in the energy complex, PE prices continued to slide, with most grades shedding another cent.

    Incremental export demand has languished and Houston warehouses are currently full of resin with packaging lines running at capacity.

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