New biodegradable packaging

New biodegradable packaging can extend shelf life of cheese and fresh pasta

PKBR Staff Writer

Spain based plastics technology center, Aimplas has coordinated to develop a new biodegradable packaging for cheese and pasta to ensure preservation while lowering cost and environmental impact.

Cana   14-07-2016

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Nova Pangaea : new cellulosic pilot plant

Nova Pangaea’s launches new cellulosic  pilot plant 

 Jim Lane

In England, Nova Pangaea reports that birch chips having been processed through the company’s hemicellulose hydrolysis technology yielding 90% monomer xylose from the hemicellulose, the chip size reduced during the hydrolysis process. The pilot ws originally designed at the 40 kilo/hr scale and was scheduled to be installed at the Wilton chemical complex on Teesside, UK.

Nova Pangaea   13-07-2016

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ENGEL developing in-situ polymerization

ENGEL developing in-situ polymerization to allow injection molding of continuous fiber forms

ENGEL, working with Fraunhofer ICT, is working on injection of low-viscosity ε-caprolactam into and around a fiberglass preform, followed by in-situ polymerization in the mold, to create a fiberglass/polyamide 6 composite part.

ENGEL   12-07-2016

Dow METEOR™ Technology


Dow METEOR™ Technology Selected for New MEGlobal MEG Production Facility on the U.S. Gulf Coast


The Dow Chemical Company  today announced that MEGlobal, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EQUATE Petrochemical Company, has undertaken a competitive evaluation process and has selected Dow METEOR™ Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycol (EO/EG) Process Technology and METEOR™ EO-RETRO Catalyst to construct its monoethylene glycol (MEG) production facility on the U.S. Gulf Coast – its first manufacturing unit in the U.S.

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Carbios : viable bio-plastics

Carbios close to commercially viable bio-plastics?

Corbion pla A  11-07-2016

Carbios close to commercially viable bio-plastics?

French company Carbios has taken a massive leap forward in the quest for environmentally friendly bio-plastics.

It has revealed an enzymatic polymerisation process to convert lactic acid into a homo-polymer of PLA.

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