ENGEL developing in-situ polymerization

ENGEL developing in-situ polymerization to allow injection molding of continuous fiber forms

ENGEL, working with Fraunhofer ICT, is working on injection of low-viscosity ε-caprolactam into and around a fiberglass preform, followed by in-situ polymerization in the mold, to create a fiberglass/polyamide 6 composite part.

ENGEL   12-07-2016

Dow METEOR™ Technology


Dow METEOR™ Technology Selected for New MEGlobal MEG Production Facility on the U.S. Gulf Coast


The Dow Chemical Company  today announced that MEGlobal, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EQUATE Petrochemical Company, has undertaken a competitive evaluation process and has selected Dow METEOR™ Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycol (EO/EG) Process Technology and METEOR™ EO-RETRO Catalyst to construct its monoethylene glycol (MEG) production facility on the U.S. Gulf Coast – its first manufacturing unit in the U.S.

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Carbios : viable bio-plastics

Carbios close to commercially viable bio-plastics?

Corbion pla A  11-07-2016

Carbios close to commercially viable bio-plastics?

French company Carbios has taken a massive leap forward in the quest for environmentally friendly bio-plastics.

It has revealed an enzymatic polymerisation process to convert lactic acid into a homo-polymer of PLA.

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Portugal : sorting systems for plastics

Portugal embracing ‘hi-tech’ sorting systems for plastics

by Kirstin Linnenkoper

Portugal: ‘Plastic packaging sent to our recycling plants has seen a peak since around 2010,’ João Letras of Portugal’s Ponto Verde (Green Dot) collection system told the recent Plastics Recyclers Europe conference. Volumes grew from around 42 000 tonnes in 2010 to 115 000 tonnes last year for an increase in take-back from 33% to 76%. However, ‘the quality of the bales is now somewhat lower’, he observed.

Plastic sorting system   08-07-2016

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Ricardo And Recycling Technologies’

Ricardo And Recycling Technologies’ New Plastic Waste Project

Ricardo and Recycling Technologies have announced they are to begin work on a new project to characterise plastic waste derived clean fuel. 

Ricardo   recycling  08-07-2016

Recycling Technologies has developed a machine (the RT7000) and is industrialising a process to convert residual plastic waste into a low sulphur hydrocarbon compound known as PlaxxTM. Ricardo’s role will be to assess the relative performance of PlaxxTM, HFO and diesel when used in an engine of the type and scale typical of power generation or marine propulsion applications using its Ricardo Atlas II research engine.

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