China – Filament Grade Semi Dull PET Chip – PET bottle chip 瓶芯 – Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂

Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂 Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂

China – Price Trend of Filament Grade Semi Dull PET Chip in Jiangsu continues to be steady.

Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂Polyestertime: Polyester FDY

The prices of Semi-dull Chips in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are at 7,350 – 7,500 yuan/ton (cash),nearby.

The Bright Chip’s price in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is at 7,400 -7,550 yuan / ton.

Polyester POY is at 8,350 – 8,500 yuan/mt cash ex-works, while Polyester  DTY is at 9,800- 9,950 yuan/mt cash ex-works.


China –PET Bottle Chip (Polyethylene terephthalate) -The  Market prices are steady,but weak.

Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂Polyestertime : Bottles

The domestic Polyester Bottle Chip is at 7,750- 7,900 yuan / ton cash,(ex-works).

The export PET is at 930- 970 $ /ton FOB CMP.