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-Germany calls May’s Brexit speech ‘disappointing’ – Germany  Brexit European Union

POSTS 新闻 Plastic Petrochemicals

-Injection moulding by collaborative robot arms – Injection moulding robot arms

POSTS 新闻 Plastic Petrochemicals

-Sinopec set September prices for paraxylene at CNY6,550 per tonne – Sinopec September prices paraxylene

POSTS 新闻 Plastic Petrochemicals

-Fabric made from VTT’s recycled fibre feels half way between cotton and viscose – Fabric VTT recycled fibre cotton viscose

POSTS 新闻 Plastic Petrochemicals

-Crude Oil : WTI BRENT 原油 – Crude oil WTI BRENT 原油

POSTS 新闻 Plastic Petrochemicals

-Polymers Petrochemicals  – Graphs – FGPET – FGPET Bright -BGPET -PX – PTA -MEG -CPL -POLYAMIDE – POY – DTY – PSF – SPANDEX – ACN – ASF – VSF – BENZENE – NAPHTHA – ADIPIC ACID – PP – PE  —图形:聚酯切片对苯二甲酸单乙二醇己内酰胺聚酰胺聚酯纱丙烯腈丙烯酸短纤维聚丙烯聚乙烯石脑油苯  – sợi tổng hợp

POSTS 新闻 Plastic Petrochemicals

-EUBP demands more recycling for biodegradable plastics – EUBP recycling  biodegradable plastics

-Trevira stand at Orgatec 2016 nominated for Famab Award – Trevira Orgatec 2016 Famab Award

-OPEC: An Oil Alliance Struggles Against Its Own Potential – OPEC Oil Alliance Saudi Arabia Russia

-UPM Raflatac Launches New Plant-based PE Film – UPM Raflatac  PE Film

-It’s Circular Economy or Bust According to Euro Trade Shows –  Circular Economy Euro Trade Shows

-Germany’s Visiotex is coming to Lithuania – Germany Visiotex Lithuania

-OPEC says winning battle to end oil glut – OPEC battle  end oil glut

-Honduras transforms its textiles Sector  –  Honduras textiles Sector

-Novares opens a new production plant in Romania – Novares  production plant  Romania

-US September MEG contracts increase on tighter US markets – US September MEG US markets

-Opec succeeds in eliminating oversupply in crude oil market – Opec oversupply crude oil market

-OPEC says winning battle to end oil glut – OPEC battle oil glut

-Going stateside: UK Injection molder heads to US – UK Injection molder US

-Refinery demand, not OPEC, is the key to keeping oil prices above $50 a barrel, analysts say – Refinery demand OPEC oil prices  Dollars 50 barrel

-New product visions for SMEs – Product visions SMEs technical textiles  Europe

-Première Vision to launch of its marketplace in 2018 – Première Vision marketplace 2018

-Braskem issues second September price hike on all PE grades sold in Brazil – Braskem September price PE Brazil

POSTS 新闻 Plastic Petrochemicals

-Innovative inventors ready for final face off – Innovative inventors biodegradable plastic

-China limits oil trade to North Korea and bans textile trade – China oil trade North Korea textile trade