Polymers PET Polyethylene Petrochemicals Prices

Polymers PET Polyethylene Petrochemicals Prices


Bottle grade PET chips domestic market7,800 yuan/ton7,900 yuan/ton+100
Bottle grade PET chips export market1,020 $/ton1,025 $/ton+5
Filament grade Semidull chips domestic market7,650 yuan/ton7,650 yuan/ton
Filament grade Bright chips domestic market7,650 yuan/ton7,625 yuan/ton-25
Pure Terephthalic Acid PTA domestic market5,930 yuan/ton6,170 yuan/ton+240
Pure Terephthalic Acid PTA export market820 $/ton805 $/ton-15
Monoethyleneglycol MEG domestic market5,070 yuan/ton5,195 yuan/ton+125
Monoethyleneglycol MEG export market622 $/ton632 $/ton+10
Paraxylene PX FOB  Taiwan market948 $/ton971 $/ton+23
Paraxylene PX FOB  Korea market928 $/ton951 $/ton+23
Paraxylene PX FOB EU market890 $/ton909 $/ton+19
Polyester filament POY 150D/48F domestic market8,150 yuan/ton8,100 yuan/ton-50
Recycled Polyester filament POY  domestic market8,000 yuan/ton7,950 yuan/ton-50
Polyester filament DTY 150D/48 F domestic market10,000 yuan/ton10,000 yuan/ton
Polyester filament FDY 68D24F domestic market 9,600 yuan/ton9,550 yuan/ton-50
Polyester filament FDY 150D/96F domestic market8,950 yuan/ton8,875 yuan/ton-75
Polyester staple fiber 1.4D 38mm domestic market8,900  yuan/ton8,780 yuan/ton-120
Caprolactam CPL domestic market12,400  yuan/ton12,400 yuan/ton
Caprolactam CPL overseas  market1,580 $/ton1,580 $/ton
Nylon6 chips overseas  market1,930 $/ton1,930 $/ton
Nylon6 chips conventional spinning domestic  market14,300 yuan/ton14,300 yuan/ton
Nylon6 chips  high speed spinning domestic  market14,500 yuan/ton14,300 yuan/ton-200
Nylon 6.6 chips domestic  market33,700 yuan/ton33,500 yuan/ton-200
Nylon6 Filament POY 86D/24F domestic  market17,400 yuan/ton17,100 yuan/ton-300
Nylon6 Filament DTY 70D/24F domestic  market20,500 yuan/ton20,100 yuan/ton-400
Nylon6 Filament FDY  70D/24F  domestic  market18,500 yuan/ton18,200 yuan/ton-300
Spandex 20D  domestic  market39,500  yuan/ton39,000 yuan/ton-500
Spandex 30D  domestic  market38,500  yuan/ton38,000 yuan/ton-500
Spandex 40D  domestic  market33,500  yuan/ton33,000 yuan/ton-500
Adipic Acid domestic market7,800 yuan/ton7,800 yuan/ton
Benzene domestic market4,450 yuan/ton4,725 yuan/ton+275
Benzene overseas  market511 $/ton540 $/ton+29
Ethylene South East market820 $/ton760 $/ton-60
Ethylene NWE  market857 $/ton842 $/ton-15
Acrylonitrile ACN  domestic market11,800 yuan/ton11,800 yuan/ton
Acrylonitrile ACN  overseas market1,400 $/ton1,400 $/ton
Acrylic staple fiber ASF  domestic market16,000 yuan/ton16,000 yuan/ton
Viscose Staple Fiber VSF  domestic market13,680 yuan/ton13,560 yuan/ton-120
PP Powder domestic market9,050 yuan/ton9,150 yuan/ton+100
Naphtha overseas market  465 $/ton466 $/ton+1
Phenol domestic market 8,500 yuan/ton8,500 yuan/ton
PS Taiwan 5250 GPPS1,310 $/ton1,310 $/ton
PS Taiwan 8250 HIPS1,420 $/ton1,410 $/ton-10
LDPE CFR Far East 1,032 $/ton1,032 $/ton
LLDPE CFR Far East1,033 $/ton1,023 $/ton-10
LDPE   FOB Middle East1,017 $/ton1,017 $/ton
LLDPE FOB Middle East1,015 $/ton1,005 $/ton-10
HDPE CFR Far East1,071 $/ton1,071 $/ton
Homopolymer PP CFR Far East1,050 $/ton1,050 $/ton
Homopolymer PP FD NWE1,204 €/ton1,205 €/ton
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Alpek Corpus Christi PET plant 

Alpek JV acquires Corpus Christi PTA-PET plant  Alpek Corpus Christi PET plant

Source : Hydrocarbon Engineering

by , Editorial Assistant 

Alpek Corpus Christi PET plant 

Alpek, S.A.B. de C.V. has announced that Corpus Christi Polymers LLC (CC Polymers), a joint venture (JV) among certain subsidiaries of Alpek, Indorama Ventures Holding, and Far Eastern Investment (Holding) Ltd, has successfully completed the previously announced acquisition of the Corpus Christi Project from M&G USA Corp. and its affiliated debtors for an aggregate amount of US$1.199 billion in cash and other capital contributions. Alpek Corpus Christi PET plant

The Corpus Christi Project assets include the integrated PTA-PET plant under construction in Corpus Christi, Texas, US, certain M&G intellectual property, and a desalination/boiler plant providing water and steam to the site. Alpek Corpus Christi PET plant

When completed, the Corpus Christi plant is expected to have a nominal capacity of 1.1 million and 1.3 million tpy of PET and PTA, respectively. Alpek Corpus Christi PET plant

Following the acquisition of the Corpus Christi Project, and pursuant to the terms of CC Polymers:

  • Alpek, Indorama, and Far Eastern will provide resources to CC Polymers to complete the project in the most efficient and cost effective way. A timeline and estimated investment for the project’s completion will be provided at a later stage.
  • Alpek, Indorama and Far Eastern will each have the right to receive one third of the capacity of PTA and PET produced at the Corpus Christi Project upon completion. Also, each party will independently procure its raw materials and will independently sell and distribute their corresponding PTA and PET, among other rights and obligations. Alpek Corpus Christi PET plant

Alpek made total contributions of US$266 million in cash and US$133 million non-cash for the closing of the transaction. Alpek’s non-cash contribution is associated to a portion of its secured claim with M&G, arising under the Corpus Christi Capacity Reservation Agreement (2L Claim). Alpek will also obtain US$67 million in cash for the remainder of its 2L Claim, subject to certain conditions.

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Polymers PET Petrochemicals sustainability 07-01-2019

Polymers PET Polyethylene Petrochemicals Prices

Polymers PET Petrochemicals sustainability

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Polymers PET Petrochemicals sustainability

‘Eco district’ still on track at INEOS site as new owner sells off surplus equipment and land

The Texas-based consortium that bought the former INEOS and Ocean Spray processing site almost a year ago is ready to move forward with developing it into an industrial “eco district.” The first step, however, is getting rid of unneeded land and equipment.

David Frankens, president of Texas-based Frankens Energy, bought the plant in December 2017, promising to return jobs to the complex and create an “eco district” that integrates environmentally friendly businesses such as recycling, solar energy and mulch production.

Frankens said he planned to invest about $200 million into the plant on 74th Avenue Southwest near the Indian River County landfill.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals sustainability

Alpek JV acquires Corpus Christi PTA-PET plant  

Alpek, S.A.B. de C.V. has announced that Corpus Christi Polymers LLC (CC Polymers), a joint venture (JV) among certain subsidiaries of Alpek, Indorama Ventures Holding, and Far Eastern Investment (Holding) Ltd, has successfully completed the previously announced acquisition of the Corpus Christi Project from M&G USA Corp. and its affiliated debtors for an aggregate amount of US$1.199 billion in cash and other capital contributions.

The Corpus Christi Project assets include the integrated PTA-PET plant under construction in Corpus Christi, Texas, US, certain M&G intellectual property, and a desalination/boiler plant providing water and steam to the site.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals sustainability

Physicists record ‘lifetime’ of graphene quantum bits

Researchers from MIT and elsewhere have recorded, for the first time, the “temporal coherence” of a graphene qubit—meaning how long it can maintain a special state that allows it to represent two logical states simultaneously. The demonstration, which used a new kind of graphene-based qubit, represents a critical step forward for practical quantum computing, the researchers say.

Superconducting quantum bits (simply, qubits) are artificial atoms that use various methods to produce bits of quantum information, the fundamental component of quantum computers. Similar to traditional binary circuits in computers, qubits can maintain one of two states corresponding to the classic binary bits, a 0 or 1. But these qubits can also be a superposition of both states simultaneously, which could allow quantum computers to solve complex problems that are practically impossible for traditional computers.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals sustainability

8 Things That Moved the Circular Economy Forward in 2018

Starbucks’ move away from plastic drinking straws is just one example of how companies moved slightly closer to circular models in 2018.

In their book released in the summer of 2018, corporate responsibility veterans David Grayson, Chris Coulter and Mark Lee predicted a “Regenerative Era” of business. “We believe that as we get closer to 2025, there will be a critical mass of companies committing to a circular economy or closed-loop approach to business,” they wrote in “All In: The Future of Business Leadership.”

The financial incentive is great: The worldwide circular economy has the potential to generate $4.5 trillion in additional economic output by 2030, the global accountancy Accenture estimates. Even reaching a 75 percent waste diversion rate could create 1.1 million new jobs by 2030 in the U.S. alone, according to 2018 research.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals sustainability

Remove hazardous substances in plastics by 2025, EU body says

Commission, member states should ‘fully explore’ options to boost circular economy funding

Hazardous substances should be “completely removed” from plastic products by 2025, the EU Committee of Regions (CoR) has said in an opinion on the European Commission’s plastics strategy.

According to the Committee, this would be necessary in order to make all plastic products and packaging recyclable by that date.

The Committee of Regions is an advisory body made up of representatives of local or regional authorities in the EU. It issues opinions on proposed legislation and agrees on resolutions for further action by the European Union.

According to the EU plastics strategy, published in January last year, by 2025 some 10m tonnes of plastics should be recycled.

However, the presence of hazardous chemicals in recycled materials poses a challenge for a ‘clean’ circular economy.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals sustainability

Composition of Plastic Fractions in Waste Streams: Toward More Efficient Recycling and Utilization

Reuse of materials is a significant global goal that contributes to sustainable development. Polymer-specific plastic identification from the waste stream is examined in this study to achieve environmentally optimistic reuse of plastic material in secondary applications. Two diverse waste streams, 86.11 kg of construction and demolition waste (CDW) plastic and 57.74 kg of mechanically sorted plastic, were analyzed by using a handheld tool whose identification technology was based on the near-infrared spectrum. The study indicates a significant effect of human and single fraction on manual separation. The polymer composition in the plastic waste stream varied depending on the source, but the most common plastic grades, polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE), were represented in every waste stream.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals sustainability

FTC reaches settlement on $1.1 billion joint venture between three PET manufacturers

A $1.1 billion joint venture between three polyethylene terephthalate resin (PET) manufacturers, which the federal government charged would violate antitrust laws, has been restructured as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

According to the FTC, Alpek S.A.B de C.V. (DAK), Indorama Ventures Plc and Far Eastern New Century (FENC) formed Corpus Christi Polymers LLC (CCP) as a joint venture company in order to bid on a PET production facility owned by M&G, which was up for bankruptcy.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals sustainability

Indiana plastics recycler seeks environmental permit

Plastics Recycling Inc. applies for a permit for a facility in Indiana.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) has announced that Indianapolis-based Plastics Recycling Inc. has submitted an application for a new source construction and a Federally Enforceable State Operating Permit (FESOP). If approved by IDEM’s Office of Air Quality (OAQ), the proposed permit would allow the company to construct and operate a stationary plastics recycling plant in the state.

On its website, Plastics Recycling Inc. describe itself as a recycler of polystyrene and other materials that acts as a source for virgin material alternatives for manufacturers. The company says it can “shred, grind, and refine parts, purges, dunnage and other items through [its] recycling systems.”

Polymers PET Petrochemicals sustainability

Iran Exports Nano-Antibacterial Towel to Iraq, Canada

Two Iranian knowledge-based firms have managed to produce and export Nano-Antibacterial towels to Iraq and Canada.

Being built on the technical know-how of Nanoparticles, the towels are capable of removing bacterium and fungus without triggering any type of skin allergy.

“To produce the towels, the Iranian scientists have used Silver Nanoparticles,” Hasan Eslahi, one of the members of the Iranian scientific team which has produced the towels was quoted as saying in a report by ISNA.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals sustainability

Plastic isn’t the only thing polluting our waterways

People living on the Dutch islands of Vlieland and Terschelling got some bonus Christmas presents when a Mediterranean Shipping Co. (MSC) container ship lost 270 containers in the North Sea. According to a news report in the Wall Street Journal, “everything from flat-screen televisions and car parts to Ikea furniture, shoes and toys” washed up on the islands’ beaches, resulting in a mad scramble by residents to collect the free goods.

The MSC Zoe, one of the world’s biggest cargo ships, spilled the containers just off the German Island of Borkum. Geneva-based MSC said it hired a salvage company to handle the “substantial spill.”

Polymers PET Petrochemicals sustainability

Ageing properties and polymer/fuel interactions of polyamide 12 exposed to (bio)diesel at high temperature

Biodiesel derived from oil crops and animal fats has been developed as a promising carbon-neutral alternative to petroleum fuels in the transport sector, but the compatibility between biodiesel/petroleum diesel and polymer components in the automotive fuel system has not been free from controversy.

In this present study, the degradation of polyamide 12 (PA12), one of the most common polymers used in vehicle fuel systems, has been investigated after exposure to petroleum diesel, biodiesel and a mixture of these (20 vol.% of biodiesel/80 vol.% petroleum diesel).

Polymers PET Petrochemicals sustainability

Vice President asks textile industry to focus on innovation

Tells industry to discard outdated technology and modernize its machinery to be globally competitive..

The Vice President of India, Mr M. Venkaiah Naidu today asked the textile industry to develop a culture of innovation and tap newer markets so that India’s exports share in the global market could increase.

Addressing the outreach event on ‘Accomplishments and Way Forward for Textile Sector’, Vice President said that India’s export performance has been not up to expectations for a variety of reasons. “It cannot be business as usual and the industry has to rise to the occasion and ensure that the share of India’s exports reach double digits from approximately 5 per cent at present. You need to diversify your products and tap newer markets”, he advised the industry.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals sustainability

‘Arabplast 2019’ shows commitment to plastics innovation, sustainability

Borouge, a leading petrochemicals company that provides innovative, value creating plastics solutions, will disclose its current and future expansion projects and re-emphasize its partnerships that contribute to supporting the local industry while participating as a Strategic Partner at ArabPlast 2019, the largest plastics, petrochemicals and rubber industry trade show in the MENA region being held in Dubai on January 5-8, 2019.

Dr Abdullah bin Mohammed Belhaif Al Nuaimi, UAE Minister of Infrastructure Development, inaugurated ArabPlast 2019 and visited Borouge’s stand where he met with the company’s leadership and teams and was introduced to Borouge’s solutions on display and how they add value to business as well as to society.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals sustainability

Plastic Pollution Facts and Figures

As new research on the production, life cycle, and impacts of plastic debris become available, Surfrider Foundation continues to assemble this list of credible plastic pollution statistics and figures, sourced mainly from peer-reviewed, published studies. Though many of the figures are estimates, their approved calculation methodologies are provided in the cited literature.

The more we learn, the more it becomes clear that the issue of marine and coastal plastic pollution is severe and widespread. Fortunately, the education and engagement of passionate coastal defenders, citizens, and community members can help stop the flow of plastic at the source, by switching to reusables and supporting legislation that bans the production and use of single-use plastic.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals sustainability

Devan Chemicals to show wellness solutions at Heimtextil04

Devan Chemicals, developer of finishing technologies for textiles, will show its latest health and wellness solutions at the Heimtextil show in Frankfurt, Germany. Heimtextil, the largest international trade fair for home and contract textiles, will be held from January 8-11, 2019, at the Messe Frankfurt, where Devan will be seen in booth B28, hall 11.0.

Millions of people suffer from insomnia, insufficient sleep or other sleep disorders. Revitalising the body through sleep is vital for all. To help, Devan has now added cannabidiol, or CBD, to its R-Vital sleep-promoting range of microencapsulated active ingredients that enhance textiles with anti-oxidative effects. This rich CBD tincture or extract has a balancing effect that helps facilitate a good night’s sleep, Devan said.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals sustainability

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