Petrochemicals Closed Loop Plastic 07-03-2020

Petrochemicals Closed Loop Plastic

-Automakers back on their production road

Almost 85 percent of China’s automobile production bases had resumed production by March 3, according to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The ministry also said that over 66 percent of employees in automotive companies had returned to work.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, some automakers postponed production. In order to ease the pressure faced by the industry, the Chinese government has released favorable policies to stabilize the market and promote purchases of new cars.Petrochemicals Closed Loop Plastic

Petrochemicals Closed Loop Plastic

-Clear on Plastics cuts through the confusion on plastics.

Brought to you by the sustainability experts, WRAP, we give you the latest information and insights on plastics.

Why can’t we just ban all plastic packaging?

Why can’t we replace plastic with other materials such as glass or paper?

What about bio-plastics, biodegradable and compostable plastics?

Is recycling just an excuse to carry on producing more plastic?

I’m worried that my recycling just isn’t worth it.

Brands, retailers and plastic producers aren’t doing enough, only paying lip service to the problem.Petrochemicals Closed Loop Plastic

Petrochemicals Closed Loop Plastic

-ACN supply and demand amid epidemic impacts

The chart and figure shows the import volume and proportion in 2019, and it can be seen that the proportion of ACN imports from Japan and South Korea is relatively high, accounting for the majority of the annual imports.

On the one hand, this is thanks to the short distance and fast transport. On the other hand, it is related to ABS import contract.Petrochemicals Closed Loop Plastic

If the outbreak intensifies, leading to the blockade of Japan and South Korea, with significantly falling import volume, there will be three situations: opening up new import approaches, consuming through China’s expanded capacity and reducing operating rate.

Petrochemicals Closed Loop Plastic

-Bringing people, process and technology together

A visit to the renowned Rockwell Automation fair in Chicago, US, wrapped up 2019 for Libby Munford with a valuable insight into the future of automation and software, experienced on a diverse show floor in terms of technological advancements and attendees alike.

Collaboration is key

Susana Gonzalez, regional president EMEA, stressed the importance of digitalization, and its ability to bring people, process and technology together. She explained that a lot of companies are in the planning stage, every customer has a different path, and the Rockwell Automation Connected Enterprise consultancy launching in the EMEA is designed to help this process, alongside its first customer centre for The Connected Enterprise facility located in the technology centre of Karlsruhe, Germany, which has been operating for the past two years.Petrochemicals Closed Loop Plastic

Petrochemicals Closed Loop Plastic

-Coronavirus impact still unclear amid global markets uncertainty – Synthomer CEO

Synthomer is cautious over the level of impact the coronavirus outbreak will have on the company’s 2020 financial performance due to the ongoing uncertainty in global markets, the CEO at the UK-headquartered chemicals producer said on Thursday.

While acknowledging that the virus had so far been the key factor to shape the industry this year, Calum MacLean described the initial impact on the specialty polymers producer’s performance as neutral.Petrochemicals Closed Loop Plastic

MacLean was speaking to reporters in London after the firm released earlier on Thursday its 2019 financial results. weighed down by weak markets and poor conditions for styrene butadiene rubber (SBR), a key product for the company.

Petrochemicals Closed Loop Plastic

-US February ethylene contracts settle at decrease amid ample supply

US February ethylene contracts settled for a majority of participants at a decrease of 1.75 cents/lb ($39/tonne), tracking lower spot as cracker start-ups and expansions in upstream fractionation capacity continue to boost already ample supply.

The settlement puts February ethylene contracts at 24.00 cents/lb, down from 25.75 cents/lb in January.Petrochemicals Closed Loop Plastic

US February ethylene contracts settle at decrease amid ample supply

-ASTM Plastics Committee Revises Resin ID Code

A revision to ASTM International’s standard for resin identification code, or RIC (known as D7611), brings greater specificity to resin code ‘1.’ ASTM’s plastics committee (D20) invites interested participants to join in further revisions of the standard, as code numbers and mechanisms for adding codes continue to be clarified.

Resin code ‘1’ is an equilateral triangle with the number one inside it, and below it the letters “PETE” or “PET,” an abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate. The revision provides greater specificity for what kinds of plastics can be labeled with this code, according to David Cornell, technical contact for a working group addressing the revision of the standard.Petrochemicals Closed Loop Plastic

ASTM Plastics Committee Revises Resin ID Code

-Belarusian petrochemical companies sign over €2m worth of contracts, agreements in Turkey

Belarusian petrochemical companies signed over €2 million worth of contracts during the international textile expo Yarn Fair, which took place in Istanbul, Turkey on 27-29 February, representatives of the BelInterExpo enterprise of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry told BelTA.

In particular, SvetlogorskKhimvolokno Company signed specifications for contracts on shipping products worth €500,000. Polotsk Steklovolokno Company signed protocols of intent worth a total of €850,000 with Turkish companies. The Khimvolokno Plant branch of OAO Grodno Azot contracted to ship about 1,500 tonnes of polyamide threads to the Turkish market in 2020.Petrochemicals Closed Loop Plastic

Belarusian petrochemical companies sign over €2m worth of contracts, agreements in Turkey

-Sage Automotive Interiors buys Adient for $175 million

Sage Automotive Interiors, a Greenville-based automotive textile supplier, is acquiring automotive fabric company Adient for $175 million, according to a news release.

Sage company officials said Adient’s textile facilities, a number of which are in Europe, are ideally suited to expand capacity and capability for automotive interior products to the European market.Petrochemicals Closed Loop Plastic

“Europe continues to be a key growth area for Sage Automotive Interiors,” Dirk Pieper, CEO of Sage Automotive Interiors, said in the March 5 release.

Sage Automotive Interiors buys Adient for $175 million

-Closed Loop Partners invests $2M in Reterra

Houston-based Reterra plans to increase its capacity to process PET as a result of this investment.

Closed Loop Partners, New York, plans to invest $2 million in Reterra Corp., a Houston-based advanced recycling company. Reterra turns waste byproduct streams of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic that are produced in the recycling process into high-value intermediary products.

“Reterra’s advanced process serves a critical role in lowering the cost of PET recycling by capturing even the smallest discards of material and making a high-value product from them. This solves a system-wide issue that will become increasingly important as the market for recycled plastics continues to grow,” says Ron Gonen, CEO of Closed Loop Partners.Petrochemicals Closed Loop Plastic

Closed Loop Partners invests $2M in Reterra

Petrochemicals Closed Loop Plastic

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