Petrochemicals Circular Economy rPolyamide 25-04-2020

Petrochemicals Circular Economy rPolyamide

-Chill factor: New fabric innovation could revolutionise clothing industry

Monash University

Monash University researchers have created new fabric using nanoparticles that could potentially replace current clothing textiles.

Features include improved thermal comfort, reducing body temperature by 4.5°C, shielding harmful UV rays, and improving washing durability.

Population growth and improved living standards require solutions for textiles with new functions to meet changing needs.

Imagine having clothing that can keep us cooler on those sweltering hot days and has the ability to prevent UV radiation from damaging our skin.

Petrochemicals Circular Economy rPolyamide

-Profitable Recycling with twin screw Extruders

Aurora Kunststoffe relies on ZSK twin screw extruders from Coperion to recycle and upcycle plastic processors’ production waste. The extruders have been in successful operation since early 2019, and with their high throughputs and their reliability, they have fulfilled every requirement. Petrochemicals Circular Economy rPolyamide

Aurora Kunststoffe, a company located in Neuenstein / Germany and since end of 2019 member of MOL Group, is demonstrating how plastic processors’ production waste can be recycled and upcycled profitably. This producer of recompounds uses rejected parts accumulated from plastic components manufacturing as primary raw material and processes it into recycled, new-product-quality plastic compounds. After a major fire in their production area in 2017, Aurora Kunststoffe decided once again to rely on ZSK twin screw extruders from Coperion.

Petrochemicals Circular Economy rPolyamide

-Revealing the recycling myth for plastic

As an event to demonstrate support for environmental protection, Earth Day on April 22 is an annual reminder for those of us that use the earth (and that’s all of us). As enthusiasts of a sport reliant on water, that puts sailors in the front row of those that need to lean in.

When an estimated 17.6 billion pounds of plastic enters our oceans every year, that’s the equivalent of dumping a garbage truck’s worth of plastic into the water every minute.

With only 9% of all plastic waste generated being properly recycled, recycling alone is not enough to solve the plastic crisis. Petrochemicals Circular Economy rPolyamide

Petrochemicals Circular Economy rPolyamide

-European R-PET premium to virgin widens due to coronavirus pandemic

The European premium for recycled polyethylene terephthalate clear flakes, used to make plastic bottles and food packaging, over virgin PET resin has increased since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, as buyers appear locked in to their sustainability commitments and recyclers struggle with tight supply.

The premium increased to Eur110/mt ($119/mt) on Wednesday from Eur70/mt at the beginning of January. Virgin PET prices have been hit by falling feedstock prices despite robust demand from the beverage and food packaging sector as well as from the personal protective equipment sector. Petrochemicals Circular Economy rPolyamide

Petrochemicals Circular Economy rPolyamide

-Virgin PET giant to upgrade Midwest recycling plant

DAK Americas will spend $32 million on a project allowing it to produce food-grade 100% RPET pellets in North America for the first time.

The company, which is the largest PET producer in the Western Hemisphere, has already begun work at its Richmond, Ind. PET recycling facility. DAK Americas acquired the 100,000-square-foot facility, formerly known as Perpetual Recycling Solutions, in February 2019.

Company officials told Plastics Recycling Update the project entails constructing a building adjacent to the existing PET flake plant, installing two pelletizing lines, putting in four storage silos and making improvements to site infrastructure, including electrical service.

Earlier this month, DAK Americas received a zoning variance approval that will allow the project to proceed. Petrochemicals Circular Economy rPolyamide

Virgin PET giant to upgrade Midwest recycling plant

-EcoBlue rPET receives nonobjection letter from US FDA

The company’s 3D Pure rPET is suitable for a range of food-contact packaging applications.

Thailand-based EcoBlue has announced that its 3D Pure rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) range has received a letter of no objection (LNO) from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, indicating it is suitable for food-contact packaging.

EcoBlue’s 3D Pure rPET range includes high-intrinsic-viscosity rPET that is suitable for PET bottle applications and amorphous rPET that is suitable for PET film and polyester filament applications, the company says.  Petrochemicals Circular Economy rPolyamide

According to the LNO, 3D Pure bottle grade rPET can be used at levels up to 100 percent in manufacturing articles for food-contact packaging that is boiling-water sterilized; hot-filled or pasteurized above 150 F; hot-filled or pasteurized below 150 F; room-temperature filled and stored (no thermal treatment in the container); refrigerated (no thermal treatment in the container); frozen (no thermal treatment in the container); and frozen or refrigerated for ready-prepared foods intended to be reheated in the container at the time of use.

Virgin PET giant to upgrade Midwest recycling plant

-Maintaining moulding continuity during the pandemic

Injection moulding machinery specialists Sumitomo Demag give their view on the importance of automation during the current COVID-19 pandemic

Like many manufacturing processes, injection moulding (IM) can benefit considerably from automation. This is especially the case in the current climate where non-life-sustaining businesses are having to close their doors, workers are self-isolating, and supply chain complications and higher demand for medical and infection prevention parts is impacting planned production schedules. Petrochemicals Circular Economy rPolyamide

The good news is that robotics is already quite commonplace in injection moulding facilities before this health crisis commenced.

Maintaining moulding continuity during the pandemic

-Eni cuts output target, slashes 2020 capex 30% over COVID-19

Cuts 2020 production guidance by up to 8%

2021 capex budget cut by 30%-35%

Posts Eur3 billion Q1 net loss on price impact

Italy’s Eni on Friday lowered its production guidance for 2020 and announced at least a 30% cut in planned capex for 2020 and 2021, in response to the collapse in oil prices and the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Petrochemicals Circular Economy rPolyamide

The Rome-based major said it expects oil and production to average between 1.75 million–1.80 million b/d of oil equivalent in 2020, down from initial forecasts of around 1.9 million boe/d for the year.

Eni cuts output target, slashes 2020 capex 30% over COVID-19 Cuts 2020 production guidance by up to 8%

-Avantium awarded funding for testing lignin-based asphalt at large scale

Avantium N.V announced that the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland) has awarded the company €0.5 million (approx. £436.5 million) for its participation in the CHAPLIN XL project.

The CHAPLIN XL project will test the lignin-based asphalt at large scale by paving four test roads in the Netherlands during 2020 and will be carried out by a collaboration between multiple industrial and academic parties.

-Indorama Ventures aids communities in several countries Battling COVID-19

Indorama Ventures have been supporting and encouraging medical personnel and people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, the contributions have been delivered in eight countries – Thailand, America, France, India, Brazil, Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic. Petrochemicals Circular Economy rPolyamide

In Thailand, Indorama Ventures donated two million Baht, through the IVL Foundation, in support of COVID-19 medical treatment to the Ramathibodi Foundation and King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital.

Indorama Ventures aids communities in several countries Battling COVID-19

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