Petrochemicals PET Preforms Packaging 05-05-2020

Petrochemicals PET Preforms Packaging

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-Coronavirus, oil price crash – impact on chemicals

Butadiene (BD) has become the weakest link for cracker operators, as the collapsed automotive sector drags on demand for key derivatives such as styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) for tyre manufacture.

The impact of the coronavirus lockdowns on the oil, gas and chemicals industries’ integrated value chains is radically shifting relationships and profitability.

Petrochemicals PET Preforms Packaging

-Price of PP First to Plunge; PE, PS, PVC, PET Are Next

Coronavirus fallout: Slowing demand, higher resin inventories, low global material prices, plus labor and transportation challenges.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic looms large over the entire plastics manufacturing chain, with high resin inventories, dropping demand, and record-low global prices of materials and feedstocks.  Petrochemicals PET Preforms Packaging

Commodity resin prices are expected to plunge at least through mid-May. Other challenges include a significant decline in “non-essential” manufacturing production and an anticipated slowdown in some “essential” product manufacturing as a result of overbuying and/or difficulty in keeping enough healthy workers in the plants.

Petrochemicals PET Preforms Packaging

-PolyOne launches new oxygen scavenger for clearer PET

PolyOne has launched a new, non-nylon based, low-haze oxygen scavenger for PET rigid packaging.

ColorMatrix Amosorb 4020G offers up to 50 percent lower haze and reduced impact on the PET recycling stream compared to previous grades, says PolyOne, while maintaining the same reliable active oxygen scavenging performance.

The improved recyclability when using the new grade comes as a result of reduced yellowing by 50 per cent during the mechanical recycling process, beneficial when the material is being recycled multiple times. Petrochemicals PET Preforms Packaging

Petrochemicals PET Preforms Packaging


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has forced many companies in the PE/PET Bi-component Fiber market to halt their business operations in order comply with the new government rulings. This pause in operations are directly impacting the revenue flow of the PE/PET Bi-component Fiber market. Thus, companies in the PE/PET Bi-component Fiber market can purchase our reports that showcase a fresh analysis of COVID-19 and its repercussions on the market landscape.  Petrochemicals PET Preforms Packaging

This report collated by analysts of on the PE/PET Bi-component Fiber market provides a bird’s eye view of the current proceedings within the PE/PET Bi-component Fiber market. Further, the report highlights the various factors that are likely to impact the overall dynamics of the PE/PET Bi-component Fiber market over the forecast period (20XX-20XX) including the ongoing trends, opportunities, limitations, and more.

Petrochemicals PET Preforms Packaging


Carbon fibers (CF) are the perfect reinforcement material for polymer composites in high end application industry like aerospace due to their advantages of high strength and low weight. The global demand for CF

is significantly grow at a rate of 9-12% until 2022 [1-2]. This CFRP complex formulation basically includes an epoxy resin, virgin CF and thermoplastic polymer. Currently, in aerospace composite industry, the CF comes pre-impregnated with resin and forms ‘Carbon Prepreg’ to ease the manufacturing processes.    Petrochemicals PET Preforms Packaging

The Carbon Prepreg in rolls condition is machine-cut using a program into plies with suitable dimensions following the general product shape [3].

Petrochemicals PET Preforms Packaging

-Textile units in Coimbatore region get into non-woven fabric production

As the demand for personal protective gear and masks have shot up in the last one month with the spread of COVID-19, some textile units in the region have gone into production of fabrics that are used to stitch the coveralls.

Of the 20 or so companies that produce the fabric that go into making of the coveralls, more than five are in Tamil Nadu, according to industry sources.

According to Gopinath Bala, CEO and Technical Director at SVS Advanced Fabrics, the company was already into technical textiles, manufacturing biodegradable sign board fabrics and roofing fabrics. It has now invested and got into production of PPE fabrics. “We just launched production of three products – fabric for coveralls, cubicle partition fabrics that can be used in hospitals, coveralls with breathable fabric that the police and other healthcare workers on the field can use.”     Petrochemicals PET Preforms Packaging

Petrochemicals PET Preforms Packaging

-Single-use plastics boom amid coronavirus panic

A renewed commitment to hygiene is propping up sales of previously out-of-favour plastics like polystyrene, as consumers relegate environmental priorities while trying to stay clear of the coronavirus.

For a plastics industry that’s grappling with a drop in demand for household goods and cars, the resurgence is a welcome break. Germany’s Ineos Styrolution and US-based Trinseo SA are both seeing double-digit percentage sales increases in the food packaging and health-care industries.     Petrochemicals PET Preforms Packaging

Single-use plastics boom amid coronavirus panic

-Pakistan textile exporters get new orders

KARACHI: Pakistan’s exports may not suffer so badly, but moderately as textile manufacturers – the country’s single largest export industry – have reported receipt of new buying orders from different countries after the world slowly softened lockdown imposed to contain the coronavirus pandemic.     Petrochemicals PET Preforms Packaging

“A significant development has taken place (in the textile export sector of Pakistan). We have received new export orders for those textile products which are mainly used in hospitals like white bed-sheets, white gowns and white t-shirts,” All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (Aptma) former vice-chairman Asif Inam confirmed to The Express Tribune.

Pakistan textile exporters get new orders

-USA in collapse due to coronavirus?

United States (USA) It’s in crisis. It is undeniable that the coronavirus pandemic has hit capitalism, its economic-political system, to the core. Is it a process that will lead to collapse? The odds are high.

However, to talk about collapse We must understand that it is characterized by its irreversibility.    Petrochemicals PET Preforms Packaging

It is impossible to stop, and the discussion is about the capacity of capitalism to renew itself and succeed in the face of this deadly stab.

USA in collapse due to coronavirus?

-Chemical Recycling Alliance Is Now the Advanced Recycling Alliance for Plastics

The American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Chemical Recycling Alliance has changed its name to the Advanced Recycling Alliance for Plastics (ARAP) to reflect its growing membership and variety of advanced recycling technologies represented.    Petrochemicals PET Preforms Packaging

ARAP also announced three new members: GreenMantra Technologies, Chevron Phillips Chemical, and Ravago Recycling Group. ARAP says the organization is “at the forefront” in representing the rapidly growing advanced recycling and recovery sector for plastics.

Chemical Recycling Alliance Is Now the Advanced Recycling Alliance for Plastics

Petrochemicals PET Preforms Packaging

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