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Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive PP

-DGIST Undergraduates Discover Bacteria that Decompose Plastic from Insects

A research team of undergraduates of Daegu Gyeonbuk Institute of Science & Technology (DGIST) has discovered bacteria that can biodegrade plastic within the bodies of insects. This discovery is anticipated to trigger studies related to biodegradation of plastic that can contribute greatly to environmental initiatives.

DGIST announced on June 3 that Professor Kim Dae-hwan and his team discovered bacteria that biodegrade polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) within the bodies of super mealworms, the larva of Zophobasatratus. Professor of brain and cognitivesciences at DGIST, Lee Suk-kyoo and professor of chemistry at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), Li Jiaojie also participated in this study.

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-Unifi Achieves Milestone of 20 Billion Bottles Transformed

Company remains on track toward goal of 30 billion bottles transformed by 2022

Unifi, Inc. ,one of the world’s leading innovators in recycled and synthetic yarns, reached a key goal set in 2017, transforming more than 20 billion PET bottles.

The driver of this new milestone was Unifi’s REPREVE® platform of recycled performance fibers, which has been adopted by more than 500 global brand and textile partners.

“As we celebrate World Environment Day this week, we want to thank all of our brand and mill partners around the globe for helping us reach this significant achievement and working with us to reduce plastic bottle waste,” said Tom Caudle, President & Chief Operating Officer of Unifi. Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive PP 

“Because it takes one plastic bottle an average of 450 years or more to start decomposing1, it’s important to keep as much plastic as possible out of our natural and urban landscapes. If each of us makes a conscious effort to recycle, we can improve our environment for today and can protect it for the future.”

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-Idealpak offers recycled, bio-plastic and biodegradable packaging

Idealpak, an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of primary packaging for cosmetics and personal care industry, offers evolving packaging solutions that combine innovation with sustainability.Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive PP 

Idealpak recently launches new environmentally sustainable packaging solutions, including bio-based sugarcane tubes, PET bottles, jars and plastic tubes made from Post-Consumer Resin, as well as biodegradable PE and PP bottles.

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-Danish News Round-up: Government wants companies to ensure sustainable packaging

Elsewhere, the state eases the concerns of graduating students, but washes its hand of the national railway ‘black hole’

The Environment Ministry is pushing for a bill that would provide incentives for companies to use recyclable packaging to reduce waste that ends up being incinerated.

Parliament is considering a bill that aims to ensure that packaging such as plastic wraps and catsup bottles are recycled or reused. The measure is part of Denmark’s goal to become a leader in the circular economy. Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive PP 

Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive PP

-VinylPlus steers PVC industry towards circular economy

VinylPlus, the Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development of the European PVC industry, recycled 771,313 tonnes of PVC in 2019 – more than 96% of the programme’s 2020 target. Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive PP 

The PVC industry is well on track to meet VinylPlus’ ever more challenging recycling targets for 2025, in line with the Circular Economy and the ambition of the Circular Plastics Alliance and EU policy initiatives to encourage recovering, recycling and reusing plastics. VinylPlus’ results are presented in its 2020 Progress Report.

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According to a Polymeurpdate reporter processing units across India were gradually beginning to start up .

The reporter said, “ I have randomly connected with well over 25 factory owners and most of them have confirmed restarting their units.

However, many of them continue to face labour issues as a result of which they are operating at reduced capacities of between 40% and 60% rates. While a few have raw material inventory from March, including of PP and PE, others are in the market seeking to rebuild on their stock. Local prices of PP and PE have firmed and are being supported by higher polymer prices in the rest of Asia coupled with strength in upstream energy, naphtha and olefin costs.”  Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive PP 


-An oil CEO says crude prices could surge 90% to $70 by fall because US firms have ‘over-cut production’

The CEO of an oil drilling company thinks the US oil market is headed for a “mini-supply shock” with US oil prices braced to rise over 90% to $70 a barrel by the fall as the US has “over-cut production.”

Dan Eberhart, chief executive of Canary Drilling Services told Markets Insider: “When US production numbers comes out, we are going to find out the US producers have cut more production than they needed to so there is going to be a mini supply shock for the US oil market.”  Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive PP 

Eberthart added: “I see a case for West Texas Intermediate to approach $70 a barrel this fall.”

An oil CEO says crude prices could surge 90% to $70 by fall because US firms have 'over-cut production'

-Indorama Ventures Q1 FY20: revenue down 3% to $2,942 mn

Indorama Ventures Limited (IVL), a Thailand-based global chemical producer, reported 3 per cent revenue decline to $2,942 million during the first quarter (Q1) FY20 ended on ended on March 31, 2020 compared to revenue of $3,030 million in same period last year. Company reported core EBITDA remained stagnant during the quarter at $304 million.  Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive PP 

“IVL’s Core EBITDA grew in all three segments (Integrated Oxides and Derivatives, Combined PET and Fibres) and in all regions as our products primarily go into daily necessities and non-durable consumer goods having inelastic demands,” Aloke Lohia, group CEO of Indorama Ventures, said in a press release.

Indorama Ventures Q1 FY20: revenue down 3% to $2,942 mn

-Why masterbatch for metallic-effect parts makes good sense

Now also a solution for interior applications

Carmakers today are facing a multitude of challenges, ranging everywhere from strict emission targets to falling sales levels. In this industry, cutting costs has become a major priority. Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive PP 

That means that now may be the right time to take another look at moulded-in-colour parts: using masterbatch instead of paint for metallic-effect parts.

Transitioning from paint to masterbatch for metallic-effect parts, obviously, is not new. And while paint adds a great surface finish to automobile parts, painting always adds cost, time, and additional logistics requirements, said masterbatch producer PolyOne, who recently collaborated with a leading global automotive OEM and its injection moulder to eliminate paint from a new vehicle’s interior.

-Why masterbatch for metallic-effect parts makes good sense

-China’s melt-blown PP prices fall on lower mask demand

A fall in Chinese demand for face masks as the Covid-19 outbreak is brought under control in the country has weighed on melt-blown polypropylene (PP) prices amid ample supplies of the medical product.

Prices of melt-blown PP grade 1500 fell to 20,000 yuan/t ($2,820/t) this week from a peak of Yn80,000/t in early April. Prices of high-melt-index fibre grade PP also declined to Yn8,300-8,450/t ex-warehouse this week from a peak of Yn30,000/t two months ago.  Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive PP 

Their price premiums to PP raffia have narrowed to a reasonable level over the last three weeks. Domestic raffia prices were at Yn7,700-7,900/t ex-warehouse this week, up by Yn200/t from last week. Some PP plants are shifting back to producing more raffia grade. Around 40pc of PP plants were producing the fibre grade in early April compared with the usual 10pc now.

-China’s melt-blown PP prices fall on lower mask demand

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