Petrochemicals Enzymes CrudeOil PEF 17-06-2020

Petrochemicals Enzymes CrudeOil PEF

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend  Polyestertime

-Meridian Specialty Yarn Group, Inc. (MSYG) Introduces Environmentally-Friendly Polyester Yarns Made With CiCLO® Additive Technology

Polyester is possibly the world’s favorite fiber when it comes to manufacturing performance wear and other apparel. Polyester is durable, can be engineered to provide multiple performance characteristics, wears well, is in good supply and designers love it. But polyester and other synthetic fibers can also contribute to land and ocean pollution. That is about to change.

Meridian Specialty Yarn Group, Inc. (MSYG) is now offering polyester yarns processed with CiCLO® technology, which allows polyester fibers to break down in landfills and the ocean at rates comparable to a natural fiber like wool.

Petrochemicals Enzymes CrudeOil PEF

-EIA forecasts U.S. shale oil output decline of 93,000 barrels a day in July

Packaging Europe: susceptible, but not immune, to coronavirus disruptions

The packaging sector in Europe has overall low exposure to the coronavirus

pandemic, but some companies are more vulnerable than others. Some non-paper packaging manufacturers have or are encountering production and logistical disruptions linked to the pandemic. Although this will continue to be a risk, we do not expect it to be material. Petrochemicals Enzymes CrudeOil PEF

» Cost cutting measures will help to offset revenue volatility and preserve cash.

Cost control has consistently been a feature of the sector, but we expect a stronger focus

given the current situation. We expect companies to avoid unnecessary costs and seek

wage subsidies and government support where possible. Lower input costs will provide

some relief to profits and inventory, but the impact on profits will be short-lived and likely

offset by the depreciation of emerging market currencies relative to the euro and the US


Petrochemicals Enzymes CrudeOil PEF

-Korea’s Hanwha, Lotte reach PTA supply agreement

South Korean firms Hanwha General Chemical and Lotte Chemical have agreed a third-party processing deal for paraxylene (PX)-purified terephthalic acid (PTA).

The agreement takes effect in July. Hanwha General Chemical will receive about 300,000 t/yr of feedstock PX from Lotte Chemical, which has production capacity in Ulsan. Lotte Chemical will in turn receive 450,000 t/yr of PTA from Hanwha General Chemical, which intends to meet this obligation by restarting its No.2 unit in Ulsan. The unit has been idled since November because of weak export demand.

Lotte will consume the PTA supply in its own downstream polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle chip production. Petrochemicals Enzymes CrudeOil PEF

Petrochemicals Enzymes CrudeOil PEF

-Prices of Volume Resins Bottom Out

Increased exports, higher prices for feedstocks, and a slow ramp-up of production of industrial and durable goods are projected to stabilize resin prices and put upward pressure on PE and possibly PVC.

Moving toward the third quarter, prices of volume commodity resins generally appeared to have bottomed out, though there was potential for some further downward movement for PS, nylon 6 and perhaps PET.

In contrast, upward movement for some resins is also likely with the return of the Chinese export market, for which a significant volume of domestic supply is dedicated. For example, 40% of domestic PE production and 30% of PVC is earmarked for export to China.Petrochemicals Enzymes CrudeOil PEF

The combination of higher exports, increased costs of feedstocks such as ethylene, and the throttling back of resin production contribute to the potential for price increases.

Petrochemicals Enzymes CrudeOil PEF

-Plastic superhighway: the awful truth of our hidden ocean waste

Plastic debris litters the beach on the Soko Islands in Hong Kong. Photograph: Reuters

Solving the issue of waste in our seas turned out to be more complex than scrounging for bottles off the beach, Laura Trethewey found

We called the competition Who Found the Weirdest Thing? So far, the entries that day were a motorcycle helmet, a lithium battery covered with scary stickers asking that we return it to the military, and a toy dinosaur.Petrochemicals Enzymes CrudeOil PEF

The dinosaur was warm from the sun and starting to degrade. The ocean had smoothed and worn down its edges. Rocks and sand had crosshatched its skin. It was missing a hind leg. On one side it was dark grey; the sun had bleached its opposite flank white.

It was the second morning of a trip with Ocean Legacy, a group in Canada that collects and recycles plastic pollution from the ocean. We’d spent the first day trudging along MuQwin beach in British Columbia, plucking bottles and buoys from the driftwood and branches – and it seemed to me the pollution was not as devastating as expected.

Petrochemicals Enzymes CrudeOil PEF

-Mitsubishi Chemical and AM Polymers Partner on PBT Powder Product for 3D Printing

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) and German new materials start-up company, AM Polymers GmbH (AMP), announced that they have entered into an exclusive joint development and commercial partnership agreement on polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) powder product for industrial 3D printing.

Located in Willich, Germany, AMP specializes in producing and selling thermoplastic powders with “Plug & Play” processability and part performance for selective laser sintering (SLS) and powder bed fusion (PBF) processes.  Through this partnership, both parties are jointly developing new powder products for industrial additive manufacturing from PBT feedstock, specially optimized based on MCC’s chemical expertise.  A beta version of Rolaserit PBT01 powder will be soon unveiled in Europe for client evaluation. Petrochemicals Enzymes CrudeOil PEF

Mitsubishi Chemical and AM Polymers Partner on PBT Powder Product for 3D Printing

-Intertextile Shanghai Apparel set to support industry recovery

Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics – Autumn Edition will return from 23-25 September at the National Exhibition and Convention Center. After the fair celebrated its 25th anniversary last autumn, welcoming more than 4,400 exhibitors and over 89,000 buyers, this year Intertextile will continue to support the industry with a diverse product offering from China, Asia and around the world, and a platform that reconnects the industry, encourages interaction, inspires innovation and stimulates market recovery.

Business interaction unlocks new opportunities

“To date, 2020 has been incredibly challenging for the textile industry, and our thoughts go out to all those individuals and businesses affected,” said Ms Wendy Wen, Senior General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd. Petrochemicals Enzymes CrudeOil PEF

Intertextile Shanghai Apparel set to support industry recovery

-Freudenberg paddings awarded Material Health Certificate

Freudenberg Performance Materials has been recognized with its first Silver level Material Health Certificate from the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute for its comfortemp air HO 80x product series. The comfortemp air HO 80x fiberball paddings are made from polyamide 6 and are 100% recyclable.

“The world’s leading specialist in interlinings and paddings for the apparel industry is thus also a groundbreaker in this field, and developed its first cradle-to-cradle solutions in 2017 under projects with C&A and G-Star Raw.

The Material Health Certificate now confirms that the materials used in the comfortemp air HO 80x series comply with the Silver achievement level for material heath,” Freudenberg said today in a statement.Petrochemicals Enzymes CrudeOil PEF

Freudenberg paddings awarded Material Health Certificate

-China Warms to Idea of Four More Years of Trump Presidency

Donald Trump has argued frequently of late that China is rooting for Joe Biden come November’s U.S. presidential election. In Beijing, however, officials have come around to support four more years of Trump.

Interviews with nine current and former Chinese officials point to a shift in sentiment in favor of the sitting president, even though he has spent much of the past four years blaming Beijing for everything from U.S. trade imbalances to Covid-19. The chief reason? A belief that the benefit of the erosion of America’s postwar alliance network would outweigh any damage to China from continued trade disputes and geopolitical instability. Petrochemicals Enzymes CrudeOil PEF

While the officials shared concerns that U.S.-China tensions would rise regardless of who was in the White House, they broke largely into camps of those who emphasized geopolitical gains and those who were concerned about trade ties. Biden, the former vice president, was viewed as a traditional Democrat who would seek to shore up the U.S.’s tattered multilateral relationships and tamp down trade frictions.

China Warms to Idea of Four More Years of Trump Presidency

-Danish researchers looking for rare enzyme that can break down plastics

Plastics really can be broken down, and researchers at Aarhus University have started to hunt for the unique enzymes that can do the job. The project could be ground-breaking for the plastics issue, and it opens up for a completely new field of research

Plastics really can be broken down, and a number of researchers at Aarhus University have started to hunt for the unique enzymes that can do the job. The project could be ground-breaking for the plastics issue, and it opens up for a completely new field of research. Petrochemicals Enzymes CrudeOil PEF

A team of researchers from the Department of Engineering at Aarhus University has just received funding from Independent Research Fund Denmark to find one of nature’s most elusive secrets: enzymes that can actually break down plastic.

Danish researchers looking for rare enzyme that can break down plastics

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