Petrochemicals Enzymes Oxodegradable PTA 01-07-2020

Petrochemicals Enzymes Oxodegradable PTA

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend


Teijin Carbon Europe GmbH, Teijin Group’s (Toyko) carbon fiber business in Europe, has increased the production capacity of its German produced chopped carbon fiber (of the brand type Tenax-E HT C604 6mm) by 40%.

The company is thus responding to the growing demand by European electronics manufacturers in recent years, as well as to currently increasing needs for compounds for medical devices.

Petrochemicals Enzymes Oxodegradable PTA


Stora Enso Oyj (Helsinki, Finland) and Cordenka GmbH & Co KG, a leading producer of premium-quality industrial viscose fibers, have signed a joint development agreement to develop precursors for bio-based carbon fiber. The co-development is driven by the need for high performance carbon fiber in transportation, construction and power generation.  Petrochemicals Enzymes Oxodegradable PTA

Stora Enso has been developing the technology for manufacturing carbon fiber from wood-based raw materials, i.e. dissolving pulp and lignin, at laboratory scale. The agreement with Cordenka aims at upscaling the precursor development process to pilot-scale operation.

Petrochemicals Enzymes Oxodegradable PTA

-Biffa extends recycled plastic deal with Nampak

Biffa has announced the extension of its long-term partnership with packaging manufacturer Nampak Plastics Europe.

The partnership — first implemented in 2008 — sees Biffa supply Nampak with food-grade recycled plastic in the form of pellets, sourced from its HDPE recycling facility in Redcar.  Petrochemicals Enzymes Oxodegradable PTA

This is used by Nampack for the manufacturing milk bottles, ensuring bottles produced by Nampak can contain up to 40% recycled plastic, all supplied by Biffa.

Petrochemicals Enzymes Oxodegradable PTA

-Dairy Company Uses First Milk Packaging in Ireland Labelled as Carbon Neutral

Dairy company Lee Strand has announced that its fresh milk will be available in plant-based packaging — the first milk packaging in Ireland to be labelled as carbon neutral.

According to Tetra Pak, the Tetra Rex plant-based package is the world’s first and only fully renewable beverage carton.  Petrochemicals Enzymes Oxodegradable PTA

It is FSC-certified and made entirely of paperboard, from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. The plastic is plant-based, made from Bonsucro certified sugarcane.

Petrochemicals Enzymes Oxodegradable PTA

-“Green brother” of PET

Simplified Procedure for the Building Blocks of the Bio-Polymer PEF

Young researchers at the Leibniz Institute for Catalysis, LIKAT, in Rostock have developed a catalytic process for bio-polymers that runs under very mild conditions. The results are building blocks of the plastic PEF, a sustainable alternative to PET beverage packaging. The production of PEF building blocks does not require petroleum, but instead cellulose, i.e. biomass, and essentially only alcohol and air. The process can be transferred into practice immediately. To make it freely accessible, the young chemists published their findings on an open-access platform.Petrochemicals Enzymes Oxodegradable PTA

Coca Cola was the first company to build a plant bottle factory in the USA for beverage bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which are produced entirely from plant material – but with a high energy input. The conventional process for the PET building blocks requires temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius and a pressure of around 100 bar.

Petrochemicals Enzymes Oxodegradable PTA

-Hago Energetics Inc. Announces Participation in the NASA CO2 Conversion Challenge

Participating in the NASA CO2 Conversion Challenge

Hago Energetics Inc., a startup company focused on development of scalable solutions to climate change, announced today that it is a participant in the NASA CO2 Conversion Challenge. This Challenge seeks to make colonization on Mars possible for future generations. The Company is in Phase 2 of this Challenge and has earned 10 bonus points to its final score after submitting a Mid-Point Progress Report on its status.

“This Challenge gives us the opportunity to contribute to building the chemical and biological infrastructure that will be useful to a future Mars colony,” says said Wilson Hago, PhD, Founder and CEO of Hago Energetics.

The NASA CO2 Conversion Challenge is a $1 million competition to convert carbon dioxide into sugars such as glucose as a step to creating mission-critical resources. Such technologies will allow us to manufacture products using local, indigenous resources on Mars and on Earth by using waste and atmospheric carbon dioxide as a resource.Petrochemicals Enzymes Oxodegradable PTA

Hago Energetics Inc. Announces Participation in the NASA CO2 Conversion Challenge

-Evonik makes green hydrogen more affordable

Green hydrogen is a beacon of hope in the energy transition, both as a carbon-free fuel for industry and transportation, and as a key raw material for the chemical industry. Green hydrogen is produced from water by electrolysis using electricity generated from renewable resources. Petrochemicals Enzymes Oxodegradable PTA

It is still much more expensive than conventional hydrogen, which is generally obtained from methane gas in a process that releases carbon dioxide. As well as sufficient low-cost electricity generated from renewables, investment in the electrolyzer is a key factor in cost-efficient production of green hydrogen.

The central component of the electrolyzer, which has a major influence on efficiency and reliability, is an ion-conducting membrane. Evonik has now developed a novel anion exchange membrane (AEM), which should contribute to the breakthrough of electrolytic production of hydrogen. “Our membrane could allow commercial realization of highly efficient and economically viable electrolysis technology,” says Oliver Conradi, who is responsible for membrane research at Creavis, Evonik’s strategic innovation unit.

Evonik makes green hydrogen more affordable

-PKN set to win EU approval to acquire Lotos

PKN Orlen (Plock, Poland), the countryпїЅs largest oil refiner and petrochemicals producer is set to gain EU antitrust approval for its takeover of smaller rival Lotos (Gdansk, Poland) after agreeing some concessions aimed at allaying competition concerns, according to Reuters citing people familiar with the matter.

PKN wants to buy at least 53% of Lotos. EU said it was concerned that the deal may push up prices and reduce competition in Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Slovakia. Petrochemicals Enzymes Oxodegradable PTA

PKN last month offered to sell LotosпїЅ stake in a joint venture with BP called Lotos – Air BP Polska (LABP) and also pledged to supply jet fuel to LABP with the aim of creating a viable competitor. The company has since made some minor changes to the package after rivals and customers provided feedback to the European Commission, Reuters says.

PKN set to win EU approval to acquire Lotos

-Braskem and ALM: Polypropylene for Additive Manufacturing SLS Applications

An industrial partnership between Braskem, one of the largest producers of polypropylene and biopolymers in the Americas, and Advanced Laser Materials (ALM), a leading supplier of materials and equipment for additive manufacturing applications, brings an innovative thermoplastic polymer to the market that can be used in Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) powder bed 3D printing.

The growing success of the additive manufacturing technology is underpinned not by individual products such as printers or materials, but by providing an end-to-end solution that combines product design, printing technology, and material development into a single package suitable for a wide range of customer applications.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of 3D printing technology, ALM (a wholly-owned subsidiary of EOS Group) boasts a comprehensive portfolio of laser sintering solutions and advanced materials for industrial 3D printing applications.Petrochemicals Enzymes Oxodegradable PTA

-Braskem and ALM: Polypropylene for Additive Manufacturing SLS Applications

-Teijin unveils new Solotex Eco-Hybrid conjugated fibre

Teijin Frontier, the Teijin group’s fibres and products converting company, has launched its new Solotex Eco-Hybrid high-stretch side-by-side (S/S) conjugated fibre. It is an eco-friendly plant-derived polymer with a chemically recycled polyester polymer, each featuring different heat-shrinkage characteristics to enable the formation of coiled crimp yarn.Petrochemicals Enzymes Oxodegradable PTA

Solotex Eco-Hybrid represents a new line in Teijin Frontier’s polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) fibre Solotex family. Solotex Eco-Hybrid filament yarn and textile will be introduced as a featured product for 2020 autumn/winter fashion apparel, offering many possibilities for enhanced sportwear, uniforms, and more. Annual sales of Solotex Eco-Hybrid are expected to grow from JPY 500 million in 2020 to JPY 1.5 billion in 2022 (filament yarn equivalent).

Teijin unveils new Solotex Eco-Hybrid conjugated fibre

Petrochemicals Enzymes Oxodegradable PTA

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