Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PA 07-07-2020

Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PA

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-Encina finds the future of BTX in plastic waste

Encina (The Woodlands, Texas) was founded to produce benzene, toluene, and xylenes (BTX) from coal, but the company made a sharp change in direction last October after discovering that an alternative feedstock—plastic waste—dramatically improved the economics of its process. Advanced plans to build a coal-based facility in Wyoming have since been scrapped, and Encina will soon announce the location for a $255-million, 100,000-metric tons/year plastics-to-BTX facility. Construction is slated to begin during the first quarter of 2021, and additional plants are in the pipeline.

“Our business plan is to have at least five operating facilities with expansion capabilities [located] globally to tackle the plastic problem,” says David Schwedel, founder and executive director. “We’re looking to do an IPO in about two years, and we’re positioning ourselves to be the go-to waste-plastics-to-chemical/fuels company in the world. That is our focus.”

Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PA

-Agilyx Launches Feedstock Management Company Cyclyx International

Chemical recycling “pioneer” Agilyx Corp. announced that it is leveraging its existing post-use plastic feedstock management system to create a new subsidiary company, Cyclyx International Inc. The overarching goal of Cyclyx is to dramatically increase the recyclability of post-use plastics with a priority on fully circular pathways.

Cyclyx also will assist in the development of new supply chains that will aggregate and preprocess larger volumes of post-use plastics than current systems can support.

Agilyx has expertise in converting difficult-to-recycle post-use plastic waste streams into a variety of products, including circular virgin-like plastics, chemical intermediates, and fuels. Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PA

Over the past 16 years, through extensive research and commercial operations, Agilyx claims to have developed the industry’s largest database and predictive analytics around the chemical complexity embedded in waste plastics.

Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PA

-Eastman introduces Tritan™ Renew

Global specialty plastics provider Eastman introduces Tritan™ Renew copolyester. Tritan Renew offers sustainability, providing the same durability, performance and safety of original Tritan but now with up to 50% recycled content derived from waste plastic.

Eastman will produce Tritan Renew with its innovative Advanced Circular Recycling technologies that use recycled plastic as a raw material, reduce consumption of fossil fuel and have lower greenhouse gas footprints.

“Tritan Renew is a significant step forward for Eastman as the first product to market using molecular recycling made possible by Eastman’s Advanced Circular Recycling technologies. Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PA

Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PA

-Thailand announces newly-created National Nonwovens Fabrics Association

The Thai Nonwoven Fabrics Industry Trade Association (TNFA) has now been officially registered in Thailand, effective from March 25, 2020.

With Thailand a major hub in ASEAN for nonwovens production and usage, this is a very opportune time for TNFA to have created an association of Thai nonwoven companies to come together and provide equipment, products and services for domestic consumption as well as throughout ASEAN and  globally, to service the Disposable Hygiene, Medical, Automotive, Tissue Paper and Packaging sectors.

According to Niwat Lersnimitthum, Chairman of TNFA, “The association will seek to work with other global nonwovens associations, companies, suppliers and distributors that produce equipment, and products, covering the full supply chain for nonwovens from raw material to finished product, to distribution.” Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PA

Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PA

-Flexible Material Shows Potential For Use In Fabrics To Heat, Cool

A film made of tiny carbon nanotubes (CNT) may be a key material in developing clothing that can heat or cool the wearer on demand.

A new North Carolina State University study finds that the CNT film has a combination of thermal, electrical and physical properties that make it an appealing candidate for next-generation smart fabrics. Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PA

The researchers were also able to optimize the thermal and electrical properties of the material, allowing the material to retain its desirable properties even when exposed to air for many weeks.

Moreover, these properties were achieved using processes that were relatively simple and did not need excessively high temperatures.

Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PA

-Anellotech receives funding from Japanese consortium to advance plastics-recycling technology

Anellotech, Inc. has announced that R Plus Japan Ltd., a new joint venture company, will invest in the development of Anellotech’s Plas-TCat technology for recycling used plastics. R Plus Japan was established by 12 cross-industry partners within the Japanese plastics supply chain. Member partners include Suntory MONOZUKURI Expert Ltd. (SME, a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings Ltd.), TOYOBO Co. Ltd., Rengo Co. Ltd., Toyo Seikan Group Holdings Ltd., J&T Recycling Corporation, Asahi Group Holdings Ltd., Iwatani Corporation, Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd., Toppan Printing Co. Ltd., Fuji Seal International Inc., Hokkaican Co. Ltd., Yoshino Kogyosho Co. Ltd..

Many plastic packaging materials are unable to be recycled and are instead thrown away after a single use, often landfilled, incinerated, or littered, polluting land and oceans. Unlike the existing multi-step processes which first liquefy plastic waste back into low value “synthetic oil” intermediate products, Anellotech’s Plas- TCat chemical recycling technology uses a one-step thermal-catalytic process to convert single-use plastics directly into basic chemicals such as benzene, toluene, xylenes (BTX), ethylene, and propylene, which can then be used to make new plastics.

The technology’s process efficiency has the potential to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption. Once utilized across the industry, this technology will be able to more efficiently recycle single-use plastic, one of the world’s most urgent challenges. Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PA

Anellotech receives funding from Japanese consortium to advance plastics-recycling technology

-HeiQ Viroblock Certified as Cosmetic Grade and Bio-based Renewable

Textile innovator HeiQ’s antiviral textile technology, HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03, has been certified as safe and sustainable as all its ingredients are cosmetic grade, bio-based, and recycled. Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PA

Leading the international textile industry to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, HeiQ recently launched HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03, an antiviral and antibacterial textile treatment proven to reduce 99.99% of human coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, along with other enveloped viruses and bacteria.

Viruses and bacteria can remain infective on textile surfaces for days. Human Coronavirus SARS-CoV persist for up to 2 days on surgical gowns[1] at room temperature. Antiviral treatments for textiles contribute to more hygienic and safer textile products and can help mitigate the risk of contamination and transmission.

HeiQ Viroblock Certified as Cosmetic Grade and Bio-based Renewable

-Who won the previous round of the oil price war?

Some are now asserting that China — the world’s largest crude importer — emerged victorious at the expense of major global crude oil producers.

The battle erupted in March when Russia declined to give in to the Saudi demand to cut output further. Yet, the very next month, US President Donald Trump intervened directly and the battle had to be abandoned. But by the time, the damage had already been done. Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PA

The cost was immense to major stakeholders, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the United States. They emerged badly bruised.
Who won the previous round of the oil price war

-Saying sayonara to single-use plastic bottles

When I was stationed in Los Angeles, I got into the habit of filling up a bottle with tap water. I took my bottle everywhere, sipping on it throughout the day. Refilling was easy; there are plenty of water fountains in environmentally conscious California. And while I knew this wasn’t the case everywhere, it has still been a shock to return to Tokyo and see how few refilling options there are. Things are only getting more difficult as water fountains are becoming increasingly rare in the city.Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PA

Tokyo Metro, which runs the city’s sprawling private subway system, says there were 198 water fountains in its stations in 2015. Just five years later, there are none. The famous Yamanote Line, which makes 30 stops in central Tokyo, does not have a single water fountain, with the last remaining one in Tokyo Station being removed last September.

Saying sayonara to single-use plastic bottles

-Chinese imports threaten Surat’s nylon yarn spinners

More than the coronavirus pandemic, the local nylon spinning industry is facing a severe threat from China. Along with the sharp fall in demand and with powerloom units still to restart, the existence of Surat’s nylon yarn spinning industry is being threatened by yarn imported from China.Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PA

In Surat, the nylon yarn manufacturing units employ about 10,000 workers and give indirect employment to over 50,000 people. Of the 16 nylon spinning factories in the country, 10 units are in and around Surat, contributing about 90% of India’s nylon yarn production. However, despite strong sentiments in favour of ‘vocal for local’ and ‘boycott China’ campaigns, manufacturing in the Rs 3,500 crore nylon yarn industry in Surat has dropped from 12,000 metric tonnes per month to 2,000 metric tonnes post-lockdown.

Chinese imports threaten Surat’s nylon yarn spinners

Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PA

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