Petrochemicals Polyamide CarbonFiber PE 23-07-2020

Petrochemicals Polyamide CarbonFiber PE

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend Polyestertime

-Chinese paraxylene buyers seek to delay deliveries post-declarations

Chinese paraxylene buyers in the CFR Taiwan/China market have been requesting to take delivery of cargoes later in the month of August, attempting to push back deliveries to the second half of the month, from the first-half, post-declaration for August delivery cargoes, market sources said this week, said S&P Global.

With supply chains disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become the norm across Asia’s petrochemical markets for both producers and end-users to be experiencing high inventories. As a result, PX buyers have been requesting for cargoes to arrive later in the month, post-declaration.

Producers, on the other hand, are looking to load at the earliest possible laycan for inventory management purposes, resulting in an “operational mess”, market sources said. But this is no surprise to market participants as this issue has been recurring for months, exacerbating market’s frustrations.

Petrochemicals Polyamide CarbonFiber PE

-PFP invests £15m in start-up Polymateria to tackle plastic pollution

European investment platform Planet First Partners (PFP) has invested £15m in British technology start-up company Polymateria to roll out its ‘Biotransformation’ technology.

The new technology fully biodegrades common forms of plastic such as polyethylene and polypropylene, which would otherwise turn into harmful microplastics.

It will allow manufacturers to make fully recyclable and biodegradable products.

With the funds from PFP, Polymateria will expand its global footprint and grow its research and development (R&D) team consisting of polymer scientists, chemists, and biologists. It will also increase capacity in prototyping facilities, manufacturing, and sales. Petrochemicals Polyamide CarbonFiber PE

Petrochemicals Polyamide CarbonFiber PE


An investment of £750,000 has been made by plastics reprocessing company Bright Green Plastics to develop a new sorting facility, which is set to be fully operational by the end of this month (July 2020).Petrochemicals Polyamide CarbonFiber PE

The investment covers the cost of the plant, civil engineering and installation, and will allow Bright Green Plastics, which recycles over 40,000 tonnes of household and commercial waste into reusable materials each year, to increase its recycling capacity.

By opening a new sorting plant, based in Castleford in West Yorkshire, Bright Green Plastics hopes to boost recycling capacity. The plant will be able to take mixed plastics and 3D materials that have been collected at kerbside and sort them by polymer type and colour, sifting out metals, paper and other residual waste.

Petrochemicals Polyamide CarbonFiber PE

-Asia naphtha market under pressure as crackers eye cheaper alternative LPG

Crackers in Asia are expected to switch to cheaper alternative feedstock LPG to meet shortfalls of naphtha whose supplies from the west is set to drop to a four-month low in August, four sources who track the shipments said, said Hydrocarbonprocessing.

Cumulative east-bound naphtha cargoes from Europe, the Mediterranean and the United States will fall at least 40% in August to 1.6 million-1.7 million tons from May’s record high due to run cuts in Europe, they said. That is about 7-9% lower versus July, they said.  Buyers, most of whom are operating their crackers at full-tilt, are expected to turn to LPG, whose prices have recently started weakening.

That could exert further pressure on naphtha spot prices and margins, which hit a one-month low of USD62.23 on Friday. Petrochemicals Polyamide CarbonFiber PE

Petrochemical makers who operate naphtha crackers typically can replace 5% to 15% of their key feedstock with LPG. While most have term supplies of LPG, they would buy some spot cargoes but only when the prices are trading at a discount of at least USD50 a tonne to naphtha.

Petrochemicals Polyamide CarbonFiber PE

-HP partners with BASF to launch polypropylene material

Together, multinational IT company, HP, and chemicals company, BASF, have developed a new HP 3D high reusability PolyPropylene (PP) that aims to strengthen production within the medical sector. Petrochemicals Polyamide CarbonFiber PE

HP claims it has the same properties as existing PPs used in injection molding, and is ideal for piping, fluid systems, and containers. The PP material is reportedly durable enough to create cost effective production parts via its additive manufacturing systems, and the material has been developed for HP’s Jet Fusion 5200 3D Series of systems.

In order to increase the reach of its PP material, HP has forged partnerships with multiple companies. This includes Oechsler, Extol, GKN Powder Metallurgy/Forecast 3D, Henkel, and Prototal.

Petrochemicals Polyamide CarbonFiber PE

-CPL supply rose in H1 2020, but expected limited in H2

The year of 2020 is rather difficult for most economies around the world. The drastic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic had paralyzed many industries, and for chemical industries the crashed oil prices directly caused the price plunge through the industrial line.Petrochemicals Polyamide CarbonFiber PE

The nylon industry saw product prices reach the lowest level in history and large-scale production reductions in upstream and downstream. But with the epidemic was gradually controlled, a series of proactive and promising fiscal policies and flexible and appropriate monetary policies were continuously introduced, business operations and market confidence were gradually restored. Stimulated by the rebound in prices and positive downstream inventory replenishment, CPL production expanded rapidly and hit a new monthly high in June 2020.

CPL supply rose in H1 2020, but expected limited in H2

-Asia naphtha prices edge up with crude oil; market sentiment choppy

Asia naphtha markets are buoyed by firmer global crude oil futures and pockets of demand, even as market sentiment leans towards a fragile undertone, with expectations of near-term demand stable at best. Petrochemicals Polyamide CarbonFiber PE

At early hours session on Wednesday, open-specification naphtha prices averaged at around $404.00/tonne CFR (cost and freight) Japan basis for first-half September delivery, rising by a modest $4.50/tonne from the previous session’s close on 21 July.

Spot naphtha prices recovered to the $400/tonne CFR Japan level in response to gains in crude oil markets, fuelled by hopes of coronavirus vaccine trials.

Asia naphtha prices edge up with crude oil; market sentiment choppy

-BMB invests in fourth production unit in Brescia

BMB has added a fourth production unit at its Italian headquarters in Brescia, following an increase in market share. Petrochemicals Polyamide CarbonFiber PE

The company says investment in the new unit, which has taken just over 12 months to complete, is a sign of its commitment to the future growth of the plastics industry.

BMB says the new state-of-the-art smart factory will allow it to operate more efficiently and meet the increasing demand from new and existing customers.

BMB invests in fourth production unit in Brescia

-Greek Navy on the alert for Turkish movements in the Aegean

The Greek Navy is on “heightened alert” following Turkish movements in the Aegean Sea. Official sources report it. The Turkish coast guard has rescued in the last 110 hours migrants in distressed boats traveling to the southern part of the island of Lesvos.

The Greek navy has deployed ships in the Aegean on “alert” for Turkish energy exploration activities, according to a Navy source. Petrochemicals Polyamide CarbonFiber PE

The move came after the Greek Foreign Ministry on Tuesday formally protested with Ankara following the announcement that a Turkish drilling vessel would conduct explorations in the sea area south of the Greek island of Kastellorizo ​​;; in the southern Aegean. -Oriental.

Greek Navy on the alert for Turkish movements in the Aegean

-Packaging Material Innovation: Ezonyx to launch biobased plastic in August

Sustainable beauty packaging options are in high demand and short supply. But Ezonyx, a biotech and IP licensing company, hopes to add to that supply with its new degradable bioplastic.Petrochemicals Polyamide CarbonFiber PE

The Los Angeles, California – based company announced this week that its new biobased resin material called EarthPCB is now in production and will be available next month.

“Ezonyx has perfected its proprietary bioplastic class of materials, Earth Plant Compostable Biodegradable (EarthPCB) that is available for most industries worldwide as a replacement for toxic, petroleum-based plastics in the food, beverage, cosmetics, medical device and durable consumer goods industries,” states this week’s press release.

A new alternative to petroleum-based plastic beauty packaging

The new Ezonyx material will be available in several grades and is suitable for use in multiple existing packaging production infrastructures: injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, rotomold, and blister pack.

And the company expects beauty packaging companies to use EarthPCB to make a range of cosmetics and personal care packaging formats like compacts, lipstick tubes, bottles, and jars.

Packaging Material Innovation: Ezonyx to launch biobased plastic in August

Petrochemicals Polyamide CarbonFiber PE

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