Petrochemicals Graphene CarbonFiber Oil 01-08-2020

Petrochemicals Graphene CarbonFiber Oil

-GtA working towards becoming carbon dioxide-neutral

GtA – Society for Textile Equipment– is working towards a status of the first textile finishing company to go entirely carbon dioxide-neutral in the manufacture of all of its products by 2025. The company has successfully commissioned two new Monforts Montex wide-width stenter lines and additional environmental management equipment at its plant in Germany.

GtA is a partner company to Germany’s large-format digital printing fabric leader, Georg and Otto Friedrich, which has this year been able to considerably expand its portfolio due to the new Monforts lines.

Headquartered in Gross-Zimmern, close to Frankfurt, Georg and Otto Friedrich and its partners in Germany have an annual production of 37 million square metres of warp knits for a range of end-use applications, including garments, automotive interiors and technical textiles, but increasingly with a concentration on digital printing substrates.

Petrochemicals Graphene CarbonFiber Oil

-CHEMLOGIS and SANITIZED AG partner for Sanitized antimicrobial polymer additives in Mexico

SANITIZED and CHEMLOGIS have joined forces for a strategic partnership.

CHEMLOGIS’s sanitized antimicrobial additives for hygiene function and material protection for polymers will be marketed in Mexico by its new sales partner.

This collaboration with SANITIZED is a good fit for the portfolio as both companies focus on innovative, customer-specific solutions. Petrochemicals Graphene CarbonFiber Oil

The companies believe with the addition of the antimicrobial Sanitized additives at CHEMLOGIS, the Polymer industry gets a new overall package, offering more than just products for hygiene function and material protection.

Petrochemicals Graphene CarbonFiber Oil

-Dow and Thong Guan unveil new range of bio-based plastic cling film

US-based materials science specialist Dow and Malaysia-based plastic stretch cling film producer Thong Guan has introduced a new range of bio-based polyethylene (bio-PE) cling film for Asia Pacific region, according to BIO MARKET INSIGHTS.

According to Dow, this marks a milestone in the region’s commercialisation of a plastics offering made from renewable feedstock, enabling industry providers to produce high-performance plastics while reducing carbon footprint.

In a joint effort, Thong Guan will be using Dow’s bio-based resin derived from renewable feedstock. The feedstock comes from tall oil, a residue of paper production, from sustainably managed forests. Petrochemicals Graphene CarbonFiber Oil

Petrochemicals Graphene CarbonFiber Oil

-Europe capro, nylon demand slowly picks up but uncertainty prevails

Europe caprolactam (capro), nylon 6 and nylon 6,6 markets are expected to continue trading reduced volumes for quite some time, as downstream demand recovery is likely to be prolonged and slow.

European capro contract prices for July settled this week at a €25/tonne increase to the low end  and a rollover to the high end of the range compared to June. Nylon 6 contract prices for July are up €0.02/kg at the low end compared to June, while the high end remained flat. Petrochemicals Graphene CarbonFiber Oil

Contract prices for nylon 6,6, predominantly consumed by the automotive industry, stabilised this month, settling within the price range seen in June.

The chart below shows the spread between capro and nylon prices in Europe, and provides an insight into the profitability of nylon production. A wider gap indicates healthier price spreads for nylon producers, while a narrower gap indicates compressed price spreads.

Europe capro, nylon demand slowly picks up but uncertainty prevails

-Covestro pursuing “a clear, far-sighted strategy” to ensure long-term success

The CEO of Covestro has said the company is pursuing a “clear, far-sighted strategy” to ensure the rest company enjoys long-term success after a difficult six months of trading.

Speaking at the company’s virtual Annual General Meeting, Dr. Markus Steilemann said the company considers itself to be on a clear course and well-positioned for the rest of the year, following a challenging period as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Petrochemicals Graphene CarbonFiber Oil

Petrochemicals Graphene CarbonFiber Oil

-BOY to launch insert moulding machine with increased clamping force

BOY is to offer a new version of its insert moulding machine with an increased clamping force of 600Kn.

The BOY 60 EVV machine, which will be available at the end of 2020, will take over the previous 550Kn model to become BOY’s largest vertical injection moulding machine.

“The increased clamping force is initially only available for the BOY 60 EVV with injection unit SP 215 (maximum stroke volume of 166.3 cm3)” explained Martin Kaiser, Head of Mechanical Design at BOY. Petrochemicals Graphene CarbonFiber Oil

BOY to launch insert moulding machine with increased clamping force

-Teijin Carbon Europe and the UK National Composites Centre strengthen innovation partnership

Teijin Carbon Europe GmbH, the Teijin Group’s carbon fiber business in Europe, has upgraded to Tier 2 membership with the National Composites Centre (NCC) in Bristol, UK as a key part of Teijin’s strategy to support next generation aerospace manufacturing projects, said Jeccomposites.  Petrochemicals Graphene CarbonFiber Oil

Teijin originally joined the NCC as an associate member in November 2018. As a global manufacturer of carbon fiber, Teijin Carbon Europe is well placed to support the NCC to advance its materials and manufacturing technologies. Many of their digital automated deposition technologies were funded by the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) as part of the NCC iCAP program (Digital Capability Acquisition Program, an investment program for digitalizing composite manufacturing, increasing production rates and quality while improving efficiency and reducing costs), including the Ultra High Rate Deposition Cell, which has two huge industrial robots that automate the aircraft wing production process. The robots measure, cut, lift and place pieces of carbon fiber fabric (‘plies’) with millimetric accuracy – laying 5m wide strips of composite material, up to 20m long, in one precise movement.

Teijin Carbon Europe and the UK National Composites Centre strengthen innovation partnership

-PlasticsEurope, EU Commission launch project to reduce microplastics in lakes

PlasticsEurope, the association of European plastics manufacturers, says that it has launched a co-funded project with the European Commission’s LIFE Program, dubbed LIFE Blue Lakes, in response to the increasing risk posed by the concentration of microplastics in European lakes, reported Chemweek.  Petrochemicals Graphene CarbonFiber Oil

The project is coordinated by Legambiente, an Italian environmental association, and brings together local and international partners, aiming to reduce and prevent the presence of microplastics in Italian and German lakes, PlasticsEurope says.

The average concentration of microplastics per square kilometer has increased by more than 400% in the waters of Lake Garda, Trasimeno, and Bracciano in Italy in just three years, harming water quality, biodiversity, and potentially human health, according to PlasticsEurope. Results of data tracking their presence shows that despite the different morphological and ecosystem characteristics of the three lakes, the concentration of particles found in the lakes rose from 135,188 in 2017 to 549,020 in 2019, PlasticsEurope says.

PlasticsEurope, EU Commission launch project to reduce microplastics in lakes

-Coronavirus pandemic shakes up supply fundamentals for US plastic recycling

The US plastics recycling industry is struggling to regain its footing as the coronavirus pandemic upended its business model, potentially leaving many recyclers at risk of shutting down. Petrochemicals Graphene CarbonFiber Oil

When the pandemic prompted widespread shutdowns in late March and April, millions of workers left office buildings to work from home, cutting off sources of bulk supply of plastic bottles — made from polyethylene terephthalate — from businesses.

Coronavirus pandemic shakes up supply fundamentals for US plastic recycling

-Kickstart: Advance warning on resin pricing

Advance warning on resin pricing

Resin pricing stories are among the most popular on For about nine months, we’ve put those stories behind what’s called a hard paywall, meaning readers have to be Plastics News subscribers to access them.

Starting very soon, you’ll also have to be a paid subscriber to access the current resin prices.  Petrochemicals Graphene CarbonFiber Oil

That’s a change. Until now, the current resin prices have been free for anyone to read. We also have a section with historical resin pricing that’s been a premium for paid subscribers only. Starting next week, the current prices will also be behind the paywall.

Kickstart: Advance warning on resin pricing

Petrochemicals Graphene CarbonFiber Oil

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