Petrochemicals PET CarbonFiber HomoPP 04-08-2020

Petrochemicals PET CarbonFiber HomoPP

-Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-Remondis will work with Dutch firm on PET bottle recycling

German waste and recycling company allies with Dutch plastics firm to boost food-grade rPET production.

Lünen, Germany-based waste and recycling services provider Remondis says it is working with Netherlands-based Morssinkhof Rymoplast to help beverage companies meet a European Union target of 25 percent recycled content in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles.

Remondis says its work with the Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands-based family firm is being undertaken to help the beverage packaging sector meet “the European Commission’s requirement for a higher recycling share in all PET beverage bottles (25 percent by 2025).” Adds Remondis, “The two family-run companies are investing in new processing capacities.”

Petrochemicals PET CarbonFiber HomoPP

-University of Delaware researchers get $11 million grant to study plastic upcycling

The funding is part of a larger U.S. Department of Energy initiative that will see $100 million go to 10 energy frontier research centres to develop the nation’s energy economy.

The Center for Plastics Innovation (CPI), a research centre at the University of Delaware, has received a US$11 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to tackle the problem of plastic waste.  Petrochemicals PET CarbonFiber HomoPP

CPI will use the funding to bring together researchers from the University of Delaware (UD), the University of Chicago, University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of Pennsylvania, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory to “upcycle” plastic waste – chemically transforming it into fuels, lubricants and other products in an energy-efficient manner.

Petrochemicals PET CarbonFiber HomoPP

-Material and design changes lightweight containers

Bacardi Canada Inc., Brampton, ON, is replacing glass containers with lighter polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles for Bacardi Breezers.

The change is part of an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The conversion to PET will cut greenhouse gas emissions 25% per year by reducing fuel costs and permitting more product to be shipped per truck.  Petrochemicals PET CarbonFiber HomoPP

“Our research showed that consumers prefer plastic over glass because of its convenience and functionality. By offering Breezers in new PET…bottles, we are doing our part to help the environment, while making it easier for Canadians to enjoy one of their favorite beverages,” says Jennifer Semley, assistant brand manager, Bacardi Canada.

Petrochemicals PET CarbonFiber HomoPP

-NanoGraf receives $1.65 Million from U.S. Department of Defense to Improve the batteries that power soldiers’ equipment

NanopGraf logo imageNanoGraf, an advanced battery material company, has announced that it has partnered with the U.S. Department of Defense to develop a longer-lasting lithium-ion battery, designed to provide U.S. military personnel with better portable power for the equipment they rely on to operate safely and effectively. Nanograf’s graphene-wrapped silicon anode cells are hoped to significantly improve equipment runtime in the field. Petrochemicals PET CarbonFiber HomoPP

The Department of Defense will provide NanoGraf with $1.65 million to develop silicon anode-based lithium-ion technology in a format compatible with all portable batteries, with a goal of enabling a 50-100 percent increase in runtime when compared to traditional graphite anode lithium-ion cells.

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-Eurozone industry at 18-month high but job cuts weigh on recovery

Eurozone manufacturing recorded growth in July, breaking the 18-month trend of contractions, according to the latest data from IHS Markit Economics on Monday.

Job cuts continued in July, however, which could pose a risk to the medium-and long-term economic recovery. Petrochemicals PET CarbonFiber HomoPP

The manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI) rose to 51.8 for the month, comfortably above the 50.0 neutral mark and up from 51.1 in the flash estimate and from 47.4 in June, accounting for seasonable variables.

Petrochemicals PET CarbonFiber HomoPP

-Recycling plant set to boost waste industry after China blow

Three corporate giants have combined to develop the country’s biggest PET plastic recycling plant in a $45 million deal in a boost to the waste industry after it was plunged into crisis when China imposed strict rules around Australia’s rubbish.

Drinks giant Asahi, the new owner of CUB, packaging company Pact Group and Cleanaway Waste Management have combined to develop the facility on the NSW/Victoria border at Albury.  Petrochemicals PET CarbonFiber HomoPP

Recycling plant set to boost waste industry after China blow

-Equipment Spotlight: Efficient sorting system targets bottles and trays

A redesigned optical sorter from Sesotec provides high throughput while maintaining accuracy in identifying different plastics.  Petrochemicals PET CarbonFiber HomoPP

Sesotec in July unveiled the VARISORT+ sorting system, which the company developed to target plastic bottles and trays. The system prioritizes reliability as well as ease of cleaning and maintenance. But it’s marked particularly by its speed.

“The efficiency of this new sorting machine is what sets it apart,” Sesotec stated in a release. “Even when working at an incredibly high material throughput of up to eight tons per hour, VARISORT+ detects and separates plastic types, colors and shapes, as well as metals and foreign objects, with the utmost accuracy and reliability.”

Equipment Spotlight: Efficient sorting system targets bottles and trays


Henkel AG & Co. KGaA (Düsseldorf, Germany) has further advanced its software tool EasyD4R — next to the recyclability of plastic packaging it now also allows to quickly and accurately assess the recyclability of packaging made of paper/cardboard, glass, aluminum and tinplate. This way the evaluation tool – which other companies and organizations can use free of charge – promotes the development of sustainable packaging solutions and thus the transition to a circular economy. Petrochemicals PET CarbonFiber HomoPP

“We are committed to fostering a circular economy, for which recyclable packaging is an essential prerequisite. The EasyD4R tool supported us in developing new sustainable packaging solutions which contribute to our targets for 2025. We also received very positive external feedback. So far, EasyD4R has been downloaded over 2,500 times and we are excited that Henkel was nominated as a finalist for Packaging Europe’s ‘Best Practice’ Sustainability Award 2020 with the software tool”, said Colin Zenger, responsible for the development of sustainable packaging solutions at Henkel Laundry & Home Care.


-FlexFilms focuses on future of packaging

L&NW sits down with Anantshree Chaturvedi, CEO of FlexFilms, to discuss sustainability, flexible packaging and more.

FlexFilms is the film manufacturing arm of Uflex Limited, a multi-national provider of flexible packaging materials that is based in India. The company manufactures BOPP, BOPET and CPP films, among others, and can supply them as standard, coated or high-barrier metalized films – with or without special surface treatment – customized for clients’ specific requirements. Petrochemicals PET CarbonFiber HomoPP

L&NW sat down with Anantshree Chaturvedi, CEO of FlexFilms, to discuss a wide ride of pressing industry topics, from sustainability to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where do you see demand for sustainable packaging?
Chaturvedi: According to a recent study by New York University, about 50% of CPG growth from 2013-2018 came from sustainably-marketed products. Moreover, products that were promoted as “sustainable” grew 5.6 times faster than those that were not.

FlexFilms focuses on future of packaging

-India’s IOC approves $1.8bn Odisha PX/PTA project

The Indian Oil Corp (IOC) board has approved the setting up of an integrated paraxylene (PX) and purified terephthalic acid (PTA) complex project at Paradip, in eastern Odisha state and expects to bring it online in early 2024.

IOC announced that its board had approved the investment of around Indian Rupees (Rs) 138bn ($1.84bn) to set up the PX/PTA project at its Paradip refinery complex, the company said in a statement over the weekend. Petrochemicals PET CarbonFiber HomoPP

The petrochemicals complex will have a PX production capacity of 800,000 tonnes/year, which will provide the feedstock for the 1.2m tonnes/year PTA line.

“This plant, along with the upcoming monoethylene glycol (MEG) plant of 357,000 tonnes/year capacity at Paradip, would be a ready source of feedstock for IOC’s upcoming 300,000 tonnes/year textile yarn manufacturing project at Bhadrak in Odisha,” IOC chairman SM Vaidya said.

India's IOC approves $1.8bn Odisha PX/PTA project

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