Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP 06-08-2020

Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-SA’s first 100% plant-based bottle being distributed

Cape Town – Distribution of South Africa’s first 100% plant-based bottle is now under way following the completion of testing of the biodegradable container.

Testing of the country’s first fully plant-based bottle began in 2018 at the company Fortis X. Since then the company has been able to progress from testing to production and now manufactures these biodegradable bottles in Cape Town.

Local entrepreneurs Nicholas De Beer and Kyle Creese from Fortis X, supplier of biodegradable materials, made their zero-plastic, sugar cane bottles that decompose entirely after four weeks.

Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP

-German automotive industry sentiment increases in July, although employment still weak

The German automotive industry showed signs of gaining strength for the second consecutive month in July, according to the latest data from the ifo Institute business survey on Tuesday. Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP

Business expectations for the sector rose to 43.7 points in July from 26.9 points in June, supported by growth in export expectations, which climbed to 40.8 points in July from 17.3 points the previous month.

Demand tracked more modest growth, rising to 63.2 points from 52.1 points, with this pick-up mainly met from stocks in warehouses, with the corresponding index falling from 40.2 points to 30.6 points in July.

Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP

-Südpack driving advances in chemical recycling

While chemical recycling technologies are still far from mature, film producer Südpack, for one, is convinced that not only do they offer a way to meet the ambitious recycling targets set by the European Union but that they can also contribute to developing a closed-loop model that actually works. Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP

The EU Commission is calling for the use of in total 10 million tonnes of recycled material in the European packaging industry by 2025. By 2030, all plastic packaging on the European market is to be reusable or recyclable at a low cost. In Germany, under the new packaging law,  a total recycling quota of 70 percent by mass applies in respect of composite packaging as from 2022.

Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP

-Chemical recycling pioneer Agilyx expands operations to support global growth

The company, headquartered in Portland, OR, will open offices in the Boston area and northern Europe.

Portland, OR–based Agilyx Corp., specializing in the chemical recycling of post-use plastics back into polymers, chemicals and low-carbon fuels, announced this week that it will expand operations to support increasing demand for its technology and associated services. Agilyx will open offices in the Boston area and northern Europe to support its rapidly growing global activities. Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP

“This is an exciting time for Agilyx, and we look forward to expanding our platform internationally,” remarked Joe Vaillancourt, Agilyx CEO. “Our team has worked tirelessly over the past 15 years to turn everyday plastics into a renewable resource, and the current market interest on a global scale is evidence that we are achieving our vision.”

Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP

-Fibres producer Lenzing swings to H1 loss but sees ray of hope

Adds detail, background

Fibres producer Lenzing LENV.VI swung to a loss in the January-June period as low prices and weak demand hit its business but it said textile fibre markets have started to recover since June.

The Austrian group, which produces cellulose fibres derived from sustainable wood and pulp for customers including H&M HMb.ST, Victoria’s Secret LB.N, and Levi’s, booked a loss of 14.4 million euros ($17.0 million) in the first half of 2020 after making a profit of 76.8 million euros last year. Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP

Lenzing is facing a pricing decline in its core commodity, viscose, and crumbling demand in its main end-market textiles but is investing in new production capacities, which is pushing up its debt.

The group said it expects its revenue and operating performance in the third and fourth quarters to exceed those it reported in the second quarter.

Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP

-Aptar launches SimpliCycle TPE valve solution

Aptar Food + Beverage has announced its new SimpliCycle recyclable valve technology.

The SimpliCycle valve offers recyclability while reportedly still maintaining all of the same advantages of Aptar’s standard and Swimming Silicone valves, including high repeatable performance and slit versatility to fit a variety of applications for food, beverage, and other product applications. Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP

“Aptar is committed to providing recyclable flow control solutions to meet not only our corporate sustainability commitments but also our customers’ sustainability goals,” said Susan DeGroot, director of product marketing.

Aptar launches SimpliCycle TPE valve solution

Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP

-Packaging saviour of Europe PE market year to date, but for how long?

European polyethylene (PE) markets are moving back to normal after a tumultuous period as lockdowns ease and demand returns to more normal levels, but can the resilient packaging sector continue to support PE through the rest of 2020?

Packaging is one of the major uses of PE globally, involving most grades, and it amounts to around a third of all polymer packaging; in Europe, around 60% of PE goes into packaging segment. Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP

Packaging saviour of Europe PE market year to date, but for how long?

-UK chems sector stabilises in Q2, risks of second wave, Brexit pose threat

UK-based chemicals producers marked stable to improved export sales in the second quarter but risks for the industry remain on the horizon, according to the Chemical Industries Association (CIA) on Wednesday. Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP

Half of businesses stated that exports to the EU and the rest of the world remained at current levels or improved in the second quarter following severe declines earlier in the year, in response to a survey conducted by the CIA.

The same number of respondents also noted capital expenditure and business utilisation had also tracked stable-to-improvement in the same period, while 80% marked similar trends in growth in employee numbers and Research & Development (R&D) spending.

UK chems sector stabilises in Q2, risks of second wave, Brexit pose threat

-Taghleef Industries introduces reLIFE

As part of an initiative to pioneer in developing solutions that support the move from a linear to a more circular economy, Taghleef Industries introduces its new product portfolio called reLIFE. Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP

Under Taghleef’s Dynamic Cycle approach, reLIFE is a result of Taghleef’s expertise and continuous partnership with other prominent industry players.

Taghleef’s experience and relationship with different stakeholders have paved the way to better understand and learn the current scenario with specific reference to flexible films, their end of life options and the use of resources for their production. The synergy among Taghleef’s plants and close collaboration between its R&D and Business Units have also enabled Taghleef to collect various insights that contributed to the success of developing this new product range.

Taghleef Industries introduces reLIFE

-Flexible packaging demand creates space for BOPA growth

A recent study by Future Market Insights forecasts that the global BOPA films market will witness remarkable opportunities during the coming decade as flexible packaging becomes more popular. Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP

Over the last few years, consumers have rapidly inclined towards flexible packaging. BOPA films are suitable for packaging foods and liquids, and technological advances in pharmaceutical packaging, such as next-generation blister packaging and serialisable blood and parenteral nutrition bags made from BOPA films, are expected to play a crucial role in demand growth.

Analysts also expect that increased production of a wide array of consumer goods will require packaging formats such as stand-up pouches, which will also open up and bolster the revenue earned by the market in the coming decade.

Flexible packaging demand creates space for BOPA growth


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