Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP PET 07-08-2020

Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP PET

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

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-New BBI JU-funded bio-based polymers project launched

CHAMPION – a Research and Innovation Action (RIA) aiming to replace conventional polymers with novel bio-based polymers for their application in coatings, textiles, home care uses and structural adhesives – has been awarded Horizon 2020 BBI JU funding.

The CHAMPION project includes 14 partners from six European countries coordinated by the University of York

The initiative will aim to produce alternatives to polymer-based products.

The majority of conventional polymers are not fit for recycling and end up being incinerated or landfilled, according to the University of York. Some of the chemicals used in their production may result in toxic emissions depending on the end of life process they go through. These characteristics stand in contrast to the EU’s green credentials and its ambitions to create a circular economy.

Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP PET

-$45 million plant to close the loop on PET packaging recycling

Pact Group Holdings, Cleanaway Waste Management and Asahi Beverages have entered into a joint venture, to construct a PET recycling site in Albury/Wodonga.

The $45 million recycling plant is expected to recycle the equivalent of around one billion 600 mL PET plastic bottles each year, with the bottles used as raw material to produce new bottles and food and beverage packaging to help close the loop on recycling.

This is planned to reduce Australia’s reliance on virgin plastic, the amount of plastic waste sent overseas and the amount of recycled plastic Australia imports. Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP PET

Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP PET

-Towards harmonized certification of plastics packaging recyclability – RecyClass Platform recognised first series of Certification Bodies

RecyClass welcomes Recoup, SUEZ.Circpack®, plastship, Circular Analytics, AIMPLAS, Veolia PET Germany GmbH and REDILO as Certification Bodies who will apply RecyClass method for assessing the recyclability of plastics packaging.

Twenty individual auditors within these companies have been granted accreditation to issue RecyClass Recyclability Certifications for plastics packaging. These partnerships will further drive harmonization of recyclability across the EU.Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP PET

Paolo Glerean, RecyClass Chairman commented: ”The uptake and harmonization of design for recycling guidelines is crucial and we are pleased to see that RecyClass is receiving so much interest.”

He added: ”With these collaborations, we aim to promote the scientifically based RecyClass method as an objective way to assess plastic packaging recyclability in the marketplace. The Certification Bodies and their auditors will help us in setting up such a transparent and trustworthy framework.”

Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP PET

-Altium Packaging expands brand and capabilities in PET assets and the healthcare industry

Altium Packaging is excited to announce it has entered the next phase of a $10 million investment in PET capacity and capability, building on recent acquisitions including Tri State Distribution (now Altium Healthcare) and Plastique Micron (now part of Altium Packaging Canada). Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP PET

Altium’s 64 packaging plants allow it to efficiently serve pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, personal care, dairy, beverage and large format water customers throughout the U.S. and Canada with the highest quality PET products.

Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP PET

-Advanced Petrochemical Q2 net profit falls

Advanced Petrochemical’s net profit fell in the second quarter amid a drop in polypropylene (PP) prices, the Saudi Arabia-based producer said, said Mubasher

The net profits of Advanced Petrochemical Company amounted to SAR 154.95 million in the second quarter (Q2) of the year, 19.43% less than SAR 192.31 million in the same quarter in the previous year. Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP PET

The decline in the interim earnings was mainly driven by lower sales prices of Polypropylene by 26.7% and higher consumption of outsourced Propylene by 19.9%, according to a bourse disclosure on Wednesday.

This drop came despite the increase in Polypropylene sales volume by 4% and the decrease in Propane and outsourced Propylene prices by 45.7% and 24.9% respectively. Moreover, the firm’s general and administrative expenses, and financial charges slumped by 20.2% and 93.5%, respectively.

Additionally, revenue dropped by 23.8% to stand at SAR 519.03 million in the three-month period ended 30 June 2020, compared with SAR 680.96 million in the year-ago period.

Ethylene and propylene are feedstocks for producing polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP).

Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP PET

-Economy to recover pre-pandemic output from 2022, low polyolefins prices take toll – Borealis CEO

Economic output pre-pandemic levels are likely to be recovered globally only “beyond 2021” and polyolefins low prices could remain for the foreseeable and put a strain on producers, the CEO at Austrian polymers and fertilizers major Borealis said to ICIS.

Borealis presented earlier on Thursday its second-quarter results, with sales lower than the second quarter of 2019, and net profit falling 80%.Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP PET

Despite this, company chief Alfred Stern said the producer was able to manage several storms at once: pandemic-induced lockdowns, a fire at its Stenungsund, Sweden, cracker in May and inventory charges close to €100m as a consequence of the crude oil price fall.

Economy to recover pre-pandemic output from 2022, low polyolefins prices take toll

-Flexicon introduces base model 1450 flexible screw conveyor

UK-based materials handling specialist Flexicon has introduced a new base model 1450 flexible screw conveyor with 115mm O.D. polymer conveyor tube and low-cost carbon steel floor hopper and discharge housing.

Round, square, flat or bevelled flexible screws in any length from 3-12 metres are offered to convey virtually any free- and non-free-flowing bulk material, including products that pack, cake, seize, smear or break apart. Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP PET

The only moving part contacting material is the inner screw, which self-centres as it rotates, providing ample space between the screw and tube wall to minimise or eliminate grinding. The lower end of the screw requires no bearing, while the upper end is driven beyond the point of discharge, preventing material contact with bearings or seals.

Flexicon introduces base model 1450 flexible screw conveyor

-Amaplast releases recycling potential video

The Italian plastics and rubber processing machinery and moulds manufacturers association (Amaplast) has launched a video to highlight how Italian companies have always been at the technological forefront of the world with their essential contribution to the production of functional and safe artifacts – with processes that optimise the use of raw materials and energy, as well as their mechanical recycling at the end of life.

The Italian companies took immediate action to make available all their reliable technologies for the production of all protections and medical devices that have proven to be vital in the management of the Coronavirus pandemic.Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP PET

This video aims to highlight how useful plastic is in daily life, as well as the essential contribution it offers in the field of food storage, hygiene and personal care.

Amaplast releases recycling potential video

-INEOS Styrolution and Recycling Technologies sign PS recycling JDA

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, and Recycling Technologies, a specialist plastic recycling technology provider, have announced the signing of a joint development agreement (JDA) to further advance the development of recycling of polystyrene in Europe.Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP PET

Both companies share the goal of making plastics a sustainable material, and the agreement recognises the commercial value of post-consumer plastic waste to prevent this important resource being incinerated or ending up in landfills.

INEOS Styrolution has extensive knowledge and expertise in polymer science and production backed by its advanced technology and process. Recycling Technologies has extensive knowledge, technology and expertise in the area of building reactors suitable to thermally recycle mixed plastics using pyrolysis.

INEOS Styrolution and Recycling Technologies sign PS recycling JDA

-The EU chemical industry: an EU Recovery Plan aligned with the European Green Deal goals is our opportunity to create a more resilient Europe

CEFIC launches bio-based chemicals sector group

Ahead of the European Council meeting on 17 July the EU chemical industry calls on the EU member states to urgently agree an EU Recovery Plan to restart Europe’s economy and kick off investments towards a green and digital transition.

The COVID-19 crisis has become a timely reminder that Europe needs its own robust industrial capacity. The EU Recovery Plan can transform this crisis into an opportunity to build a more resilient European economy whilst delivering on the European Green Deal objectives. As a solution provider for a climate neutral and circular economy, the chemical industry will play a critical role in this transition.Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP PET

Marco Mensink, Cefic Director General: “Our priority is to go through the green transition while strengthening our production capacity in Europe. This will only be possible if the EU keeps its industries competitive throughout the transition. This is why the EU Recovery Plan must be accompanied by a strong Industrial Strategy based on the European Green Deal vision.

The EU chemical industry: an EU Recovery Plan aligned with the European Green Deal goals is our opportunity to create a more resilient Europe

Petrochemicals CrudeOil HomoPP PET

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