Petrochemicals CrudeOil Nylon6 PEF 10-08-2020

Petrochemicals CrudeOil Nylon6 PEF

Petrochemical Compound LLDPE Naphtha Trend

Petrochemicals CrudeOil Nylon6 PEF

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-How the Pandemic Has Hit Plastics Recycling

In April, as Europe stood still and the global economy ground to a halt, daily global CO2 emissions fell by 17 per cent compared with mean 2019 levels. Many remarked that the pandemic seemed at least to have one upside: a chance for the environment to recover. Such assumptions may be severely misguided, however. Camille Nedelec explores the ripple effects of the coronavirus crisis on a pressing environmental issue: plastic production and recycling. In Europe’s transition to a circular economy, the impact of the Covid-19 crisis could be a huge setback.

As consumption of oil dropped off a cliff in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, the oil price crashed and ended up in the negative for the first time in history, prompting many to even ask if this was the beginning of the end for the oil industry. Brent Crude dropped 65.6 per cent for the quarter, with prices slashed in half during the month of March. Cheap oil makes more sustainable alternatives far less competitive. The knock-on effect ripples through adjacent industries that depend on oil as raw material, making oil-derived products such as plastic more attractive than their pricier sustainable alternatives.

Petrochemicals CrudeOil Nylon6 PEF


Chemical recycling technologies are fast-emerging, with a potential to augment Europe’s progress towards sustainable plastic waste management. These processes complement those of mechanical recycling, where the latter proves to be inefficient, as is the case for difficult to recycle or non-recycled plastics such as multi-layers, heavily contaminated waste, or mechanical recycling residues.Petrochemicals CrudeOil Nylon6 PEF

Effective uptake of the different technologies and their placement in the waste hierarchy depends on the harmonised understanding of what is defined as chemical recycling.

Petrochemicals CrudeOil Nylon6 PEF

-How to Build a Circular Economy

We have a waste problem.

The world threw away around 300 million tons of plastic in 2019, nearly equivalent to the weight of the human population. Scientists expect there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. One year’s electronic waste weighs in at more than 50 million tons. And while far too many people still go hungry, we waste a third of all the food produced.

Altogether, more than 100 billion tons of resources flow into the economy every year, and more than 60% ends up as waste or greenhouse gas emissions.

While COVID-19 made a significant dent in global consumption, it’s not a clear-cut picture. Clothing sales plummeted, but home office and exercise equipment purchases went up; spending in the hospitality industry went down, but groceries increased. The use of single-use plastics increased significantly, while plummeting oil prices reduced the economic incentive for plastic recycling. Petrochemicals CrudeOil Nylon6 PEF

How to Build a Circular Economy

-Mixed market reaction to EU plastics charge

Mark Victory, Senior Editor, Recycling at ICIS, discusses the reactions of the market to the EU’s €800/tonne plastic packaging waste charge, passed by the EU Council last week, as the implementation details emerge.

The EU’s €800/tonne plastic packaging waste charge, passed by the EU Council last week and which takes effect from January, sent shockwaves through the market because of both its size and narrow timeframe to implementation. Petrochemicals CrudeOil Nylon6 PEF

Reaction has so far been mixed, with immediate questions on how it will be calculated, how it will be passed through the supply chain, and whether it will lead to greater regulatory divergence on plastics .

How to Build a Circular Economy

-Nolato Group Acquires GW Plastics

The Vermont headquartered injection molding, moldmaking and contract manufacturing firm founded in 1955 becomes part of the global, publicly traded Swedish conglomerate.

The same year it marks its 65th anniversary, customer molder and moldmaker GW Plastics (Bethel, Vt.) has been acquired by the Nolato Group. Headquartered in Torekov, Sweden, Nolato has injection molding, blow molding and extrusion capabilities in thermoplastics and silicone, with customer in the healthcare, automotive, and consumer electronics industries. Nolato’s sales totaled $911 million in 2019.Petrochemicals CrudeOil Nylon6 PEF

Nolato Group Acquires GW Plastics

-Economic meltdown threatens Europe’s war on plastic waste

OUREM, Portugal: Giving a new life to plastic trash gets Carlos Bento out of bed every morning. But the coronavirus pandemic has seen revenues drop up to 40 percent at Micronipol, the large recycling facility he runs in central Portugal, and it faces an uncertain future. Petrochemicals CrudeOil Nylon6 PEF

Micronipol produces recycled polyethylene, the base for plastic bags and bottles. The product is piling up at its warehouses as clients, facing their own economic struggles, shelve their recycling goals. They are opting for cheaper alternatives: non-recycled plastics made from hydrocarbons.

Economic meltdown threatens Europe’s war on plastic waste

-Ezonyx Bio Technologies, Inc. Launches EarthPCB, The ultimate solution for a sustainable future

LOS ANGELES: Ezonyx Bio Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce that its patent pending EarthPCB eco-friendly biopolymer resins have been independently tested by Eden Research Laboratory, the July 2, 2020 biodegradation results showed that EarthPCB is biodegradable and biocompostable.

Ezonyx has commenced commercial manufacturing of its EarthPCB resins and will be available in August 2020. Petrochemicals CrudeOil Nylon6 PEF

Ezonyx Bio Technologies, Inc. is a full-service bio-based plastics company specializing in the development and manufacturing of proprietary non-toxic, eco-friendly bioplastic plant-based polymers. Derived entirely from renewable and sustainable resources, Ezonyx has perfected its proprietary bioplastic class of materials, Earth Plant Compostable Biodegradable (EarthPCB) that is available for most industries worldwide as a replacement for toxic, petroleum-based plastics in the food, beverage, cosmetics, medical device and durable consumer goods industries.

-First plastics industry program to certify post-consumer resin seeing faster acceptance than anticipated

The first industry program to certify postconsumer resin (PCR) for use in packaging has seen much faster acceptance in the marketplace than anticipated, according to the organization that introduced the program in late March.

The Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR), which created The APR PCR Certification Program, stated that the effort has experienced growth in both the number of APR member companies that manufacture certified PCR, as well as APR endorsed companies that provide third party certification of PCR. Petrochemicals CrudeOil Nylon6 PEF

First plastics industry program to certify post-consumer resin seeing faster acceptance than anticipated

-Graphene and Graphene-Based Nanomaterials

In our most recent prior series, we explored the world of nanoscale. If you want to go back and check that out, go here.

In this series, we will explore the material known as graphene. This first post will elaborate on graphene’s origins, and though humble, why this nanomaterial’s proverbial roots make it worthy of some incredible applications, including: spaceflight, stopping bullets, and entering our bodies as our defense against disease. Petrochemicals CrudeOil Nylon6 PEF

What is graphene?

To answer this question, we need to first talk about graphite. Most of us know graphite as the fragile stuff that we used inside a thin piece of wood (a pencil) to write notes to each other in school.

Graphene and Graphene-Based Nanomaterials

Petrochemicals CrudeOil Nylon6 PEF

Petrochemicals CrudeOil Nylon6 PET 08-08-2020

Petrochemical Compound LLDPE Naphtha Trend

Petrochemical Compound LLDPE Naphtha

Petrochemical Compound LLDPE Naphtha

Bottle grade PET chips domestic market5,175 yuan/ton5,200 yuan/ton+25
Bottle grade PET chips export market665 $/ton665 $/ton


Filament grade Semidull chips domestic market

Petrochemical Compound LLDPE Naphtha

4,550 yuan/ton4,650 yuan/ton+100
Filament grade Bright chips domestic market4,650 yuan/ton4,700 yuan/ton+50
Pure Terephthalic Acid PTA domestic market3,535 yuan/ton3,645 yuan/ton+110
Pure Terephthalic Acid PTA export market
425 $/ton440 $/ton+15
Monoethyleneglycol MEG domestic market3,640 yuan/ton3,700 yuan/ton+60
Monoethyleneglycol MEG export market437 $/ton445 $/ton-+8
Paraxylene PX FOB  Taiwan market534 $/ton544 $/ton+10
Paraxylene PX FOB  Korea market515 $/ton526 $/ton+11
Paraxylene PX FOB EU market

Petrochemical Compound LLDPE Naphtha

475 $/ton488 $/ton+13
Polyester filament POY 150D/48F domestic market5,070 yuan/ton5,300 yuan/ton
Recycled Polyester filament POY  domestic market5,250 yuan/ton5,250 yuan/ton
Polyester filament DTY 150D/48 F domestic market6,550 yuan/ton6,700 yuan/ton+150
Polyester filament FDY 68D24F domestic market 6,250 yuan/ton6,500 yuan/ton+250
Polyester filament FDY 150D/96F domestic market
Petrochemical Compound LLDPE Naphtha
5,550 yuan/ton5,780 yuan/ton+230
Polyester staple fiber 1.4D 38mm domestic market5,420 yuan/ton5,520 yuan/ton+100
Caprolactam CPL domestic market9,300 yuan/ton9,200 yuan/ton
Caprolactam CPL overseas  market1,030 $/ton1,015 $/ton-15
Nylon6 chips overseas  market1,280 $/ton1,270 $/ton-10
Nylon6 chips conventional spinning domestic  market10,400 yuan/ton10,400 yuan/ton
Nylon6 chips  high speed spinning domestic  market10,200 yuan/ton10,300 yuan/ton+100
Nylon 6.6 chips domestic  market18,300 yuan/ton18,600 yuan/ton+300
Nylon6 Filament POY 86D/24F domestic  market

Petrochemical Compound LLDPE Naphtha

12,500 yuan/ton12,450 yuan/ton-50
Nylon6 Filament DTY 70D/24F domestic  market15,100 yuan/ton15,000 yuan/ton-100
Nylon6 Filament FDY  70D/24F  domestic  market13,550 yuan/ton13,350 yuan/ton-200
Spandex 20D  domestic  market35,000 yuan/ton35,000 yuan/ton-1,000
Spandex 30D  domestic  market34,000 yuan/ton34,000 yuan/ton-1,000
Spandex 40D  domestic  market28,000 yuan/ton28,000 yuan/ton-500
Adipic Acid domestic market6,150 yuan/ton6,200 yuan/ton+50
Benzene domestic market3,530 yuan/ton3,520 yuan/ton-10
Benzene overseas  market450 $/ton436$/ton
Ethylene South East market715 $/ton700 $/ton-15
Ethylene NWE  market696 $/ton694 $/ton-2
Acrylonitrile ACN  domestic market7,800 yuan/ton7,800 yuan/ton
Acrylonitrile ACN  overseas market950 $/ton950 $/ton
Acrylic staple fiber ASF  domestic market11,500 yuan/ton11,500 yuan/ton
Viscose Staple Fiber VSF  domestic market8,100 yuan/ton8,100 yuan/ton
PP Powder domestic market7,250 yuan/ton7,550 yuan/ton+300
Naphtha overseas market 

Petrochemical Compound LLDPE Naphtha

387 $/ton392 $/ton
Phenol domestic market 5,825 yuan/ton5,500 yuan/ton-325
PS Taiwan 5250 GPPS1.010 $/ton 1.060 $/ton+50
PS Taiwan 8250 HIPS1,130 $/ton 1,170 $/ton+40
LDPE CFR Far East 952 $/ton952 $/ton
LLDPE CFR Far East817 $/ton817 $/ton
LDPE   FOB Middle East944 $/ton944 $/ton
LLDPE FOB Middle East809 $/ton809 $/ton
HDPE CFR Far East904 $/ton803894 $/ton-10
LDPE FD Northwest Europe 953 €/ton963 €/ton-+10
LLDPE FD Northwest Europe 873 €/ton883 €/ton+10
Homopolymer PP CFR Far East905 $/ton913 $/ton+8
Homopolymer PP FD NWE871 €/ton881 €/ton+10

Petrochemical Compound LLDPE Naphtha