Petrochemicals PETrecycled Polyamide 28-09-2020

Petrochemicals PETrecycled Polyamide

Petrochemical Homopolypropylene Naphtha Trend

Petrochemicals PETrecycled Polyamide

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend  Polyestertime

-Tight supplies challenge PE, PP resin markets in 2020

The combination of COVID-19 and production outages have tightened supplies of polyethylene and polypropylene resins in 2020.

Market analysts Mike Burns and Scott Newell of Resin Technology Inc. explored markets for those materials as parts of Plastics News’ Caps & Closures conference.

“Plastics hit all points in the grocery chain,” said Burns, who covers PE for Fort Worth, Texas-based RTI. “During COVID-19, polyethylene makers have replenished supplies as fast as they could.  Petrochemicals PETrecycled Polyamide

“At first, there was strong essential demand, then non-essential demand for items like home improvement got stronger,” he added.

Petrochemicals PETrecycled Polyamide

-Cosmo launches BOPP film with antimicrobial properties

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Cosmo Films has developed a BOPP-based clear thermal lamination film which is manufactured using an antimicrobial technology that aims to tackle the problems of bacterial infections on packaged items.

The film has an extrusion coated surface with low temperature melting resin

Pankaj Poddar, CEO, Cosmo Films, said, “Amid this pandemic, we all are searching for ways to stay safe and healthy. Washing our hands continuously and disinfecting every product we touch to prevent the spread of bacteria have become part of our daily routine. This antimicrobial technology will prove to be effective against a broad range of bacteria.”

According to the Delhi-based company, the antimicrobial film is effective against a broad range of bacteria and inhibits germ growth due to its a completely new approach of preventing microbial colonisation on the surface. It also shows positive effect against Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538 and Escherichia coli ATCC 8739 as per JIS Z 2801 certification.

Cosmo launches BOPP film with antimicrobial properties

-Put fees, EPR and recycled content in the mix for plastics policy

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the plastics industry dodged what probably would have been its biggest political challenge this year: a November ballot referendum in California asking voters to put a 1-cent fee on single-use plastic packaging to fund recycling and cleanup.

Voters will now likely see that question on statewide ballots in November 2022, after the pandemic delayed attempts this year to collect enough signatures to put it in front of voters. Petrochemicals PETrecycled Polyamide

If I were a plastics industry leader, I would treat it as an “opportunity” that shouldn’t be squandered. What do I mean by that?

Petrochemicals PETrecycled Polyamide

-Caprolactam dominated by long supply

Deduction of Sinopec’s September contract settlement for CPL

There is roughly just a week to go before the National Day holiday (Oct 1-8, 2020), and the only suspense left for September is will Sinopec’s contract settlement for CPL be higher, lower than, or the same as the settlement in August.

The three kinds of results are actually relatively pointing to a same range, a range of 100yuan/mt higher or less than 9700yuan/mt (Sinopec’s Aug contract settlement for CPL).

Calculating according to the spot average price method (A deduction of settlement price prediction model mentioned in “Explore a relatively reasonable caprolactam contract settlement prediction method”, that is to add the average spot price from the first working day of the month to the day publishing contract settlement with a reasonable price spread.), the expected settlement is also in line with this statement. Petrochemicals PETrecycled Polyamide

Petrochemicals PETrecycled Polyamide

-What is the revenue situation of textile and apparel listed companies in H1 2020?

In H1 2020, China local entity enterprises was being squeezed by COVID pandemic, tense international trade situation and overall economic downturn. So what was the performance of China’s textile and apparel industry?  Petrochemicals PETrecycled Polyamide

According to China Customs, exports of textiles and apparels amounted to US$187.4 billion in Jan-Aug, 2020, up by 8.1% y-o-y. Among these, textile export value amounted to about US$104.8 billion in Jan-Aug, 2020, up by 33.4% compared with the same period of last year, and apparel export value reached US$82.6 billion, down by 12.9% on the year. The export value of textile yarn, fabric and finished products increased greatly, mainly due to the substantial increase in overseas demand for protective materials such as masks and gloves. China’s textile export value has achieved a significant YoY growth, but the growth rate has declined month-by-month, while the apparel one has shrunk significantly, down by nearly 20%.

Petrochemicals PETrecycled Polyamide

-Heimtextil to be held concurrently with Techtextil and Texprocess

The next Heimtextil has been postponed from January and will now be held concurrently with Techtextil and Texprocess 2021 in Frankfurt from 4-7 May 2021. This will result in exciting synergistic effects for the sector, organisers Messe Frankfurt say.

The current situation with respect to the corona pandemic and the associated international travel restrictions have caused Messe Frankfurt to postpone the next Heimtextil, the world’s biggest trade fair for home and contract textiles, from the planned dates in January until 4 to 7 May 2021.  Petrochemicals PETrecycled Polyamide

“The bulk of the international home and contract textiles sector want us to hold Heimtextil 2021. Many companies are hoping to give their businesses a boost by taking part in the fair following the restart. And we consider it a greater obligation than ever before that we play our part in this,” explains Detlef Braun, Member of the Executive Board of Messe Frankfurt.

Petrochemicals PETrecycled Polyamide

-DiloGroup presents products at Cinte Techtextil

DiloGroup, a leading supplier for needling lines, has announced that the company presented its products and developments at Cinte Techtextil, which was the first textile show in Asia since the pandemic outbreak. The show was well attended, and a large number of Chinese customers took the opportunity to inform themselves about needlefelt production.Petrochemicals PETrecycled Polyamide

In its 118 years of history, DiloGroup has always set new standards in regard to machine performance and efficiency. Innovative technologies like DI-Lour, DI-Loop and Hyperpunch have created new markets for the nonwovens industry and contributed to continuous growth. Examples of recent developments in group’s machinery are the Hyperlayer, Feeder VRS-P, the Dilo Compact Line, the 3-D Lofter, HyperTex, 8000X and diloline 4.0.

DiloGroup presents products at Cinte Techtextil

9 Things to Know About Recyclable HD-BOPE Resin

An update on Nova Chemicals’ HD-BOPE resin that enables the production of recyclable barrier materials for food packaging, ecommerce, and other markets.

The next evolution in multilayer films for food packaging and other markets is that they be recyclable, which requires the engineering of an appropriate high-performance resin.

One of the companies advancing in this area is Nova Chemicals of Calgary, Canada. In July, PlasticsToday reported on the company’s breakthrough development of high-density resin technology for the biaxially oriented polyethylene (BOPE) market.

The HD-BOPE technology enables converters to make recyclable multilayer films that perform as well as traditional mixed-material structures.

It’s a major advance in the pursuit of a circular economy for plastics, according to Nova Chemicals.Petrochemicals PETrecycled Polyamide

9 Things to Know About Recyclable HD-BOPE Resin

-Indorama Ventures invites designers to revive their recycling waste in RECO Young Designer 2020 project.

Indorama Ventures continues the “RECO Young Designer Competition 2020” (Reco) program, which is held for the 9th year, challenging young designers aged 17-35 to participate in a sustainable fashion design competition. Under the concept of ‘REVIVE: Start from Street’, win a total prize money of more than 500,000 baht and organize eco-design workshops, learn and develop work by receiving professional advice. Accepting works from today until October 12, 2020  Petrochemicals PETrecycled Polyamide
Mr. Yash Lohia, Chief Sustainability Officer of Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited or IVL, a global leader in chemicals, said, “Indorama Ventures has focused on promoting a circular economy and sustainability. Indeed We believe Recycling is one of the most responsible options for making the best use of resources. Which since 2011 until the beginning of the past year IVL has recycled more than 50 billion PET bottles, or up to 750,000 tonnes, to be processed into recycled plastic resins, yarns and PET fibers that can be used in a wide variety of industries. Including the fashion industry IVL continues to expand its recycling business.

Along with promoting knowledge on recycling and proper waste separation In particular, PET, a 100% recyclable material by Reco, is another project that inspires society to realize the value of recycled materials to be reused in Everyday life ”
Arathana Lohia Sharma, Vice President as Chair of the RECO Young Competition Designer, said, “Reco is the largest upcycling design contest in Thailand. IVL has been held continuously until the ninth year by initiating the concept of 3R: Reduce – Reduce Reuse – Reuse and Recycle – Reuse. Which is one of the important goals of the Reco project It is to inspire and raise awareness for the new generation to appreciate the value of used PET plastics and polyester fibers.

Indorama Ventures invites designers to revive their recycling waste in RECO Young Designer 2020 project.

-Nestlé Invests USD 30 Million in Closed Loop Leadership Fund

This first investment from the company’s sustainable packaging venture fund will help upgrade U.S. recycling infrastructure and secure access to food-grade recycled plastics

Nestlé today announced a USD 30 million investment in the Closed Loop Leadership Fund, the private equity fund of circular economy investment firm Closed Loop Partners to lead the shift from virgin plastics to the use of food-grade recycled plastics in the U.S.

This investment is the first to utilize Nestlé’s packaging venture fund established earlier this year, which is part of the company’s overall investment of up to CHF 2 billion to accelerate the development of innovative sustainable packaging solutions.

“This investment is one of many solutions we are exploring to address the global plastic waste challenge,” said Véronique Cremades-Mathis, Global Head of Sustainable Packaging, Nestlé. Petrochemicals PETrecycled Polyamide

“It will help create a more sustainable recycling system and, at the same time, assist us in achieving our commitment to reduce our use of virgin plastics by one third by 2025. This is particularly important as increasing the use of recycled plastics could substantially reduce the environmental impact of our packaging.”

Nestlé Invests USD 30 Million in Closed Loop Leadership Fund

-Textiles giants open new front in cellulosic recycling.

News from Amsterdam today, where Fashion for Good launched the “Full Circle Textiles Project: Scaling Innovations in Cellulosic Recycling”–a first-of-its-kind consortium project. The Project’s overall aim is to investigate economically viable and scalable solutions for cellulosic chemical recycling to enable a closed loop system converting textile waste-of cotton and cotton-blend materials, to produce new man-made cellulosic fibres As much as 73% of clothing produced is sent to landfill or is incinerated and of all new clothing made, less than 1% of material used comes from recycled sources. Petrochemicals PETrecycled Polyamide

Focusing on cellulosic fibres, this Project aims to validate and eventually scale promising technologies in chemical recycling from a select group of innovators to tackle these issues. Leading global organisations Laudes Foundation, Birla Cellulose, Kering, PVH Corp. and Target join Fashion for Good, to explore the disruptive solutions, with the goal of creating new fibres and garments from used clothing and ultimately drive industry-wide adoption.

Textiles giants open new front in cellulosic recycling.


-Evian Adds 100% Recycled Water Bottles to Portfolio

The company achieves a key milestone in its journey to become fully circular by 2025.

Bottled water company Evian has reached a new milestone on its journey toward a circular economy: 100% recycled water bottles are now part of the portfolio of the Danone brand. All Evian water bottles are recyclable, and this week’s announcement means that, on average, 40% of its portfolio is now also made from 100% recycled plastic (rPET). The bottles are available in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, and the UK.

According to Evian’s announcement, when plastic is recycled into a new bottle, it reduces carbon emissions in the production process by as much as 50% compared with bottles made from virgin plastic.

Evian Adds 100% Recycled Water Bottles to Portfolio

Petrochemicals PETrecycled Polyamide

Petrochemicals PETrecycled Bioplastic 26-09-2020

Petrochemical Homopolypropylene Naphtha Trend

Petrochemical Homopolypropylene Naphtha

Petrochemical Homopolypropylene Naphtha


ITEM 21/09/202028/09/2020+/-
Bottle grade PET chips domestic market5,000 yuan/ton4,825 yuan/ton-175
Bottle grade PET chips export market655 $/ton650 $/ton-5
Filament grade Semidull chips domestic market

Petrochemical Homopolypropylene Naphtha

4,450 yuan/ton4,450 yuan/ton
Filament grade Bright chips domestic market4,500 yuan/ton4,450 yuan/ton-50
Pure Terephthalic Acid PTA domestic market3,405 yuan/ton3,285 yuan/ton-120
Pure Terephthalic Acid PTA export market
440 $/ton425 $/ton-15
Monoethyleneglycol MEG domestic market3,800 yuan/ton3,650 yuan/ton-150
Monoethyleneglycol MEG export market473 $/ton458 $/ton--15
Paraxylene PX FOB  Taiwan market562 $/ton544 $/ton-18
Paraxylene PX FOB  Korea market544 $/ton526 $/ton-18
Paraxylene PX FOB EU market

Petrochemical Homopolypropylene Naphtha

474 $/ton470 $/ton-4
Polyester filament POY 150D/48F domestic market4,950 yuan/ton5,080 yuan/ton
Recycled Polyester filament POY  domestic market5,100 yuan/ton5,100 yuan/ton
Polyester filament DTY 150D/48 F domestic market6,450 yuan/ton6,475 yuan/ton+25
Polyester filament FDY 68D24F domestic market 6,100 yuan/ton6,100 yuan/ton
Polyester filament FDY 150D/96F domestic market
Petrochemical Homopolypropylene Naphtha
5,350 yuan/ton5,450 yuan/ton+100
Polyester staple fiber 1.4D 38mm domestic market5,450 yuan/ton5,340 yuan/ton-110
Caprolactam CPL domestic market9,150 yuan/ton9,100 yuan/ton
Caprolactam CPL overseas  market1,100 $/ton1,100 $/ton
Nylon6 chips overseas  market1,300 $/ton1,310 $/ton+10
Nylon6 chips conventional spinning domestic  market10,200 yuan/ton10,150 yuan/ton-50
Nylon6 chips  high speed spinning domestic  market10,400 yuan/ton10,300 yuan/ton-100
Nylon 6.6 chips domestic  market20,500 yuan/ton20,500 yuan/ton
Nylon6 Filament POY 86D/24F domestic  market

Petrochemical Homopolypropylene Naphtha

12,500 yuan/ton12,400 yuan/ton-100
Nylon6 Filament DTY 70D/24F domestic  market15,150 yuan/ton15,000 yuan/ton-150
Nylon6 Filament FDY  70D/24F  domestic  market13,500 yuan/ton13,300 yuan/ton-200
Spandex 20D  domestic  market35,800 yuan/ton36,000 yuan/ton+200
Spandex 30D  domestic  market34,800 yuan/ton35,000 yuan/ton+200
Spandex 40D  domestic  market29,300 yuan/ton29,500 yuan/ton+200
Adipic Acid domestic market6,000 yuan/ton6,100 yuan/ton+100
Benzene domestic market3,460 yuan/ton3,380 yuan/ton-80
Benzene overseas  market437 $/ton420 $/ton
Ethylene South East market800 $/ton820 $/ton+20
Ethylene NWE  market681 $/ton658 $/ton-23
Acrylonitrile ACN  domestic market8,900 yuan/ton8,900 yuan/ton
Acrylonitrile ACN  overseas market1,200 $/ton1,200 $/ton
Acrylic staple fiber ASF  domestic market11,500 yuan/ton11,900 yuan/ton+400
Viscose Staple Fiber VSF  domestic market8,500 yuan/ton8,600 yuan/ton+100
PP Powder domestic market7,950 yuan/ton7,850 yuan/ton-200
Naphtha overseas market 

Petrochemical Homopolypropylene Naphtha

412 $/ton406 $/ton
Phenol domestic market 5,325 yuan/ton5,425 yuan/ton-100
PS Taiwan 5250 GPPS1.160 $/ton 1.160 $/ton
PS Taiwan 8250 HIPS1,280 $/ton 1,270 $/ton-10
LDPE CFR Far East 1,132 $/ton1,092 $/ton-40
LLDPE CFR Far East902 $/ton902 $/ton
LDPE   FOB Middle East1,125 $/ton1,085 $/ton-40
LLDPE FOB Middle East895 $/ton895 $/ton
HDPE CFR Far East945 $/ton925 $/ton-20
LDPE FD Northwest Europe 923 €/ton903 €/ton-20
LLDPE FD Northwest Europe 863 €/ton823 €/ton-40
Homopolymer PP CFR Far East945 $/ton950 $/ton+5
Homopolymer PP FD NWE891 €/ton881 €/ton-10


Petrochemical Homopolypropylene Naphtha