Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene 03-10-2020

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene

-Skeleton Technologies working on graphene “SuperBattery” for EVs, signs €1 billion LOI with a leading automotive manufacturer

Estonian startup Skeleton Technologies is reportedly developing a graphene-enhanced “SuperBattery” that can be charged in just 15 seconds, and can go through hundreds of thousands of charge-recharge cycles without degrading. It was also reported that Skeleton recently signed a €1 billion letter of intent with a leading automotive manufacturer to bring the technology to market, most likely in 2023 according to Taavi Madiberk, founder and chief executive of Skeleton.

“This will be a key enabler of the energy transition,” says Madiberk. “In most cases we see that batteries are not able to fully replace the older technologies — we still have hybrid vehicles or the need for backup generators.”

Skeleton’s graphene-based battery is hoping to help bridge the gap where lithium-ion batteries or hydrogen fuel cells are still not quite meeting energy requirements. The company has announced a partnership with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology to complete the development.

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene

-Sage Automotive Interiors has paid $175M and received regulatory approvals.

Sage Automotive Interiors (an Asahi Kasei company) has completed its agreement to acquire the automotive fabric business of Adient.

Sage Automotive Interiors has paid $175M and received regulatory approvals under the agreement announced on March 5, 2020.

“Strengthening our position in Europe will enable us to better support multiple OEMS locally and more broadly as we combine the best of both company operations,” said Dirk Pieper, CEO of Sage Automotive Interiors. Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene

“We look to expand capacity and capability for automotive interior products to the European market to continue our global position as the #1 preferred automotive interiors company,” said Pieper.

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene

-Hengli to add 5mn t/yr PTA capacity in south China

China’s Hengli Petrochemical is planning to add another two 2.5mn t/yr purified terephthalic acid (PTA) production unit in south China, with operations scheduled to start at the end of 2021. Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene

Hengli will invest about 11.5bn yuan ($1.69bn) to build the units in the Daya bay petrochemical park at Huizhou in Guangdong province, subject to governmental approvals.

The two units will take Hengli’s total PTA production capacity to 16.6mn t/yr, making it China’s top producer ahead of current market leader Yisheng Petrochemical. Hengli currently operates five PTA production units in Dalian, the site of its 400,000 b/d Changxing Island refinery.

The company intends to put up Yn3.18bn in cash and finance the remaining costs of the new units through bank loans.

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene

-Cargill partners to produce biobased fuels, chemicals

Cargill and Virent, Inc. are partnering to study Cargill’s use of corn dextrose as a feedstock to Virent’s BioForming technology to produce “drop-in” low-carbon biofuels and biochemicals. Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene

Virent’s BioForming technology utilizes sugars found in plants as a feedstock to produce drop-in renewable gasoline and jet fuel, as well as lower carbon biochemicals, including bio-paraxylene, a raw material for producing 100% renewable and recyclable biopolyester. The sugars may originate from any plant source, including first-generation crops such as corn, sugar cane and sugar beets, as well as lignocellulosic materials derived from wood, corn stover, bagasse and other sources.

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene

-Ampacet adds to range of laser marking masterbatch solutions

Ampacet has added the LaserMarkFlex portfolio of masterbatches, designed for high definition laser marking on flexible film using Nd:YAG technology to its range.

The antimony-free product range consists of LaserMarkFlex 1081, formulated for black/dark grey marking and LaserMarkFlex 1135, for lighter grey marking with broader food approval status (EC and FDA). Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene

LaserMarkFlex, which is fully compliant with circular economy design guidelines, enables monochrome permanent and anti-counterfeit marking and provides a robust, waterproof, lightfast and chemical and abrasion-resistant surface.

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene

-Nexam wins order to supply PET additives to foam manufacturer in US

Nexam Chemical has received an order from an existing customer in the area of PET additives for deliveries to the USA, said Chemweek.

The customer is a market-leading manufacturer of PET foam. It is the single largest order in the United States and also one of the largest ever for Nexam Chemical globally. Nexam Chemical has previously delivered products to this customer and this order confirms good growth in the business. The value of the order is SEK 9 million and applies to deliveries up to and including the spring of 2021.Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene

“It is very satisfying to be able to tell about this order. Mostly because we really see that we get the confidence to continue to grow with existing customers. Working with growing customers is a key component in a long-term growth strategy. ” says Johan Arvidsson, CEO of Nexam Chemical. “This is a cooperation we have had for just over 2 years, which is developing better than we originally could predict.” continues Johan Arvidsson.

Nexam wins order to supply PET additives to foam manufacturer in US

-TPPI to increase p-xylene capacity in USD180-million expansion

Indonesian petrochemical and gasoline producer TPPI will increase its aromatics capacity by 30pc by the end of 2021 through a planned USD180mn overhaul and maintenance programme, said Chemweek.

Paraxylene (PX) extraction capacity at TPPI’s complex in Tuban, Java will increase from 600,000 t/yr to 780,000 t/yr, while benzene production capacity will rise from 360,000 t/yr to 490,000 t/yr. The company expects the expanded units to start production in early 2022.Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene

The project will also expand an upstream platforming unit, raising reforming capacity by 5,000-10,000 b/d to 55,000 b/d. TPPI will need to buy heavy naphtha or additional condensate to operate the facility at full capacity following the expansion.

The expansion is the result of TPPI’s need to replace existing equipment, which is coming to the end of its lifespan, with newer and more efficient facilities that will raise overall capacity.

TPPI will resume aromatics production at the end of this month at the expense of gasoline under its third-party processing agreement with state-owned refiner Pertamina.

TPPI to increase p-xylene capacity in USD180-million expansion

-Europe R-PET faces demand fluctuations, lower bottle availability in October

The European recycled polyethylene terephthalate (R-PET) market will continue to see significant variances in demand levels on a case-by-case bases, as well as lower availability of post-consumer bottles (PCB) toward the end of the month, though impact on prices will be limited.Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene

Demand for colourless (C) R-PET flake in particular has varied significantly between market players ever since the end of the summer holiday period in late August. Some flake sellers have reported a drop off in volumes being requested by customers in September, while others have seen September demand increase, particularly in the sheet sector.

The increase in sheet demand in particular is of interest because virgin PET prices have remained stable at a low level since 2H September. The sheet market saw significant substitution away from R-PET and back to PET from April onwards as converters took advantage of the lower priced, better quality virgin material.

-Europe R-PET faces demand fluctuations, lower bottle availability in October

-Eurozone manufacturing growth accelerates in September as Germany shifts into gear

Eurozone manufacturing sector growth reached its highest level in two years and its third consecutive month of growth in September, driven by a substantial rally in Germany, according to purchasing managers’ index (PMI) data.Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene

The eurozone manufacturing PMI rose to 53.7 during the month compared to 51.7 in August, marking the strongest growth levels for the sector since 2018.

Rising output, faster order book growth and stronger exports all helped to drive up activity and reduce job losses, according to analysis from IHS Markit.

The demand helped to cut inventory levels, with the amount of material in warehouses dropping at the sharpest rate in a decade, on the back of coronavirus restrictions remaining low for most countries during the month.

-Eurozone manufacturing growth accelerates in September as Germany shifts into gear

-Commission under fire for including ‘carbon sinks’ into EU climate goals

The European Commission on Thursday (17 September) defended its plan to bring carbon removals from agriculture, land use and forestry into the EU’s updated climate target for 2030, saying this was in line with UNFCCC standards.

“If you look at the logic and the methods applied by UNFCCC, they all include carbon sinks,” said Frans Timmermans, the Commission vice-president in charge of climate policy.

“This is exactly what we have done at the European Commission,” he told journalists at a press briefing. “So I think we’re on solid ground here”.Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene

Timmermans was speaking after the EU executive officially unveiled its plan to reduce the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels, up from 40% currently.

The updated 2030 target, announced the day before by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, aims to put the EU in line with its commitments under the Paris Agreement and the bloc’s broader objective of becoming the first “climate neutral” continent in the world by 2050.

Commission under fire for including ‘carbon sinks’ into EU climate goals

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