Petrochemicals CrudeOil RPET 10-10-2020

Petrochemicals CrudeOil RPET

-Cargill links up with Virent to upcycle agricultural waste to packaging raw material

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Cargill and renewable energy company Virent are working together to evaluate the use of Cargill’s corn dextrose as a feedstock for Virent’s BioForming technology, producing raw material for packaging solutions. The companies are demonstrating this technology’s applicability in upcycling waste streams from any plant source.

“Virent has looked at agricultural wastes such as corn stover (along with sugar cane bagasse, sugar beets and more) as feedstocks for this process,” Dave Kettner, Virent president, tells PackagingInsights.

“The technology works with sugars from these types of feedstocks though additional steps are needed up front to break down the agricultural wastes into sugars feedstocks and remove impurities.”

Petrochemicals CrudeOil RPET

-Saya launches sustainable fibre made from fabric scrap

Saya, a new name in fibre has announced its debut with an expanded offering beyond recycled PET bottles including recycled cutting scrap and fabric, bringing new options to the textile industry. Nan Ya Plastics, Saya’s parent company, is the world’s largest manufacturer of recycled PET, repurposing over 75 billion bottles every year.

Now under the brand Saya, research and development efforts continue to focus on the critical recycling and sustainability issues that face the textile and garment industry and redefine what’s possible in renewal.

“Over the past several years the textile industry has embraced recycling PET plastic bottles, and through Saya 365 we are able to offer several options within that technology. But it’s not enough. The industry needs to tackle the next level,” Mike Shih, spokesperson for Saya and Nan Ya, said in a press release.

Petrochemicals CrudeOil RPET

-Coleman Opticians partner with Coral Eyewear

The Norwich-based practice is the first in the UK to partner with the sustainable start-up

Coleman Opticians has become the first UK practice to partner with the sustainable brand Coral Eyewear.

The Norwich-based practice will stock a variety of frames from the eyewear brand’s new Endangered Collection, named to raise awareness of marine animals facing the threat of extinction.

The frames are created from Econyl – pellets of recycled nylon made from recycled ocean fishing nets and fabric scraps from landfill. This process reduces the global warming impact of nylon when compared with materials drawn from oil, the eyewear brand suggests, while the frames are also tumbled for smoothness, eliminating the need for lacquer, gloss or varnish.

Petrochemicals CrudeOil RPET

-APR issues recyclability letters for label and tubes

Testing has shown that a label for PET bottles and several tube packages are compatible with current plastics recycling processes.

The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) issued three critical guidance letters in recent weeks confirming the packaging innovations are either recyclable or can be separated from recyclable plastics.

APR sent letters to Multi-Color Corporation (MCC) for its Roll-On Shrink-On label with MCC Colorfast Inks, to Berry Global for its portfolio of PE tube packages, and to Kim Pack for its HDPE tube with a barrier layer.

Officials from the companies presented their innovations during September APR webinars (APR owns Resource Recycling, Inc., publisher of Plastics Recycling Update). In August, APR issued letters for three PET bottle label innovations.

Petrochemicals CrudeOil RPET

-Piovan Group acquires Doteco

The world leading operator in the development and production of process automation systems for the storage, transport and treatment of plastic and food polymers and powders, listed in the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, Piovan Group, announced the signing of the agreement for the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of Doteco.

Founded in 1994, Doteco is based in Modena (Italy) and is one of the world leaders in technologies for the dosing of plastic films (for food and non-food packaging) and synthetic fibers. The company closed 2019 with a consolidated turnover of 19.7 million euros and a consolidated Ebitda of 3.4 million euros. Doteco operates internationally and counts, among its partners, the main extrusion producers on a global level.”The acquisition of Doteco strengthens and increases Piovan global technological leadership, consolidating the strategic growth process that has always distinguished the Piovan Group”, declared Nicola Piovan, Executive Chairman of the Piovan Group.

Petrochemicals CrudeOil RPET

-Trinseo raises October PS, ABS, and SAN prices in Europe

Trinseo, a global materials company and manufacturer of plastics, latex binders, and synthetic rubber, and its affiliate companies in Europe, have announced a price increase for all polystyrene (PS), acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) and acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer (SAN) in Europe, according to the company’s press release as of 5 October.

Effective October 1, 2020, or as existing contract terms allow, the contract and spot prices for the products listed below rose as follows:

– STYRON general purpose polystyrene grades (GPPS) — by EUR75 per metric ton;

– STYRON and STYRON A-Tech and STYRON X- Tech and STYRON C- Tech high impact polystyrene grades (HIPS) – by EUR75 per metric ton;

– MAGNUM ABS resins – by EUR50 per metric ton;

– TYRIL SAN resins – by EUR30 per metric ton.

As MRC informed before, Trinseo last raised its prices for all PS, ABS and SAN grades on 1 September 2020, as stated below:

– STYRON GPPS — by EUR30 per metric ton;

– STYRON and STYRON A-Tech and STYRON X- Tech and STYRON C- Tech HIPS – by EUR30 per metric ton;

– MAGNUM ABS resins – by EUR35 per metric ton;

– TYRIL SAN resins – by EUR30 per metric ton.

Trinseo raises October PS, ABS, and SAN prices in Europe

Petrochemicals CrudeOil RPET

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