Petrochemical PETBottle PP Automotive 21-10-2020

Petrochemical PETBottle PP Automotive

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-China HDPE supply grows while demand wanes amid plastic ban

China’s supply of high density polyethylene (HDPE) is expected to be augmented by plant start-ups, while demand is due to wane with stricter plastic ban implementation toward the end of the year.

Domestic HDPE film prices in east China have fallen for three consecutive sessions, shedding a cumulative yuan (CNY) 175/tonne ($26/tonne) to CNY7,875/tonne on 19 October, according to ICIS data.

HDPE injection prices in the region were down by CNY100/tonne over the same period to CNY7,350/tonne , the data showed.

China is scheduled to add around 4.2m tonnes/year of PE capacity for the whole of 2020, the bulk of which came on stream in the third quarter, with HDPE accounting for about 51% of the total.

China HDPE supply grows while demand wanes amid plastic ban

-Neste, Recycling Technologies and Unilever to work on chemical recycling of waste plastics

Recycling Technologies, Neste, and Unilever will collaborate to further develop and harness chemical recycling to recover and reuse plastic packaging that is currently either incinerated, buried in landfill or exported from the UK.

A joint project involving these three companies has been awarded a £3.1 million grant from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) to develop chemical recycling by combining the expertise of these global leaders in their respective business areas to make hard-to-recycle plastic packaging recyclable.

In this three-year project, Recycling Technologies will take waste plastic packaging and process it using its recycling machinery to turn it into an oil, called Plaxx®.

Petrochemical PETBottle PP Automotive

-Can PP powder rise in the late market?

After the National Day holiday, PP powder market is relatively stable compares with the PP granule market. On Oct 19, mainstream offers are at 7,900-8,000yuan/mt in Shandong province, and 7,950-8,100yuan/mt in East China.Petrochemical PETBottle PP Automotive

At present, the cash flow of powder plants has not yet achieved a positive value (the processing cost is 600yuan/mt, excluding propylene transportation cost), and the loss is about 100-150yuan/mt. Thus it can be seen that the cost pressure of powder plants is still quite heavy. Similarly, under the high cost, the ex-works price of powder plants moves higher.
Can PP powder rise in the late market?

-Nordmann launches distribution partnership with Biofibre

Nordmann, the international chemical distributor, assumes responsibility for sales and marketing of the Biofibre product range in a large number of European countries. The partnership will begin with immediate effect. Petrochemical PETBottle PP Automotive

Headquartered in Altdorf, Germany, Biofibre was founded in 2011 and produces Biofibre granules. The granules are a compound of natural fibres and a (bio-)polymer matrix. In the manufacturing process, natural fibre and matrix combine to form a natural fibre-reinforced biomaterial for thermoplastic processing to produce moulded products. The applications are many and varied – from alternative packaging concepts, technical workpieces through to use in the concrete industry.

Nordmann launches distribution partnership with Biofibre

-PET; treasure not trash

Our Earth can’t keep up with us. According to the Global Footprint Network, it takes one year and eight months for the Earth to produce what we consume in one year. We truly have to look beyond the take–make–waste model, and this includes looking even more closely at one of the world’s most controversial materials, plastic.

Not all plastics are recyclable. However, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) – easily identified by the number “1” placed inside the recycling symbol is the most recycled plastic in the world and according to research conducted by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) PET amounts to more than 57% of global recycled plastic market. The growing importance placed on the contribution of PET to the economy is further emphasized by its fact that the market for recycled PET is anticipated to be worth approximately USD 66.9 billion by the end of 2025 (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, 2017) Petrochemical PETBottle PP Automotive

Petrochemical PETBottle PP Automotive

-Covid slams brakes on Indian automobile sales

Ratings agency says consumption and investment demand are likely to remain depressed for an extended period Petrochemical PETBottle PP Automotive

Vehicle sales in India fell in the first half of the financial year to September 30, hurt by a Covid-hit economy, job losses, working from home and an uncertain outlook.

However, September provided a silver lining with sales of passenger vehicles, including cars, utility vehicles and vans, increasing 26.5% over the same month last year.

Sales of two-wheelers, including motorcycles and mopeds, rose 11.6% in the month but sales of three-wheeled vehicles plunged 72%, according to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM). It didn’t give September data for commercial vehicles.

Petrochemical PETBottle PP Automotive

-RadiciGroup -UPCOMING WEBINAR: Innovative polymers solutions in a fast evolving market – Part two

Presented by RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers

RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers presents its latest innovations in two separate webinar sessions. Petrochemical PETBottle PP Automotive

Second session topics :

Sustainable approach and consolidated experience in the design of materials with a lower environmental impact : at RadiciGroup, sustainability has always meant traceable and transparent measure for process improvement, implemented with reliable metrics shared internationally. Since the 1990s, adherence to voluntary protocols and standards has guided the evolution of RadiciGroup in the responsible use of resources and maximum attention to the surrounding environment without neglecting the expected technical performance of the product. A widespread, and currently widely consolidated approach, which allows not only to control, but also to direct development towards a production system with an ever lower impact. The presentation will illustrate the RadiciGroup guidelines for sustainability. Subsequent applications with post-industrial recycled polyamide-based materials will be presented.

-OPEC+ pledges to support oil markets in pandemic’s second wave

Another wave of coronavirus infections could clobber demand and depress prices once again. Petrochemical PETBottle PP Automotive

OPEC and allied producers on Monday pledged action to support the oil market as concerns mounted that a second wave of COVID-19 infections could hobble demand and an earlier plan to raise output from next year would further depress prices.

Saudi Arabia, the biggest member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), said no one should doubt the group’s commitment to providing support, while three sources from oil-producing countries said a planned output increase from January could be reversed if necessary.

-OPEC+ pledges to support oil markets in pandemic’s second wave

-New Breathe by Milliken® Fabric Offerings on Rowe Furniture

Milliken’s Specialty Interiors business announces its partnership with Rowe Furniture to offer the Breathe by Milliken® collection across Rowe’s furniture and slipcover lines. The eco-elegant performance fabrics partnership launches at the High Point Fall Market, where Rowe debuts Breathe’s New Delhi, a 100 percent cotton slub fabric, on its Robin Bruce Boden sofa. Petrochemical PETBottle PP Automotive

“This partnership highlights our Breathe by Milliken collection, an ideal choice for consumers who want fabric solutions that offer protection without sacrificing aesthetics or the environment,” said Chad McAllister, executive vice president of Milliken & Company and president of the Textile Division.

Rowe’s latest product launch, Boden, focuses on sustainability, wellness and modern yet practical design that includes easy cleaning options. The Breathe collection is a perfect fit, featuring cleanable cottons, cotton/linens and polyesters made from recycled plastic bottles.

New Breathe by Milliken® Fabric Offerings on Rowe Furniture

-IIT Madras develops antimicrobial wrapping material

The antibacterial coated polymer wrapper was tested to wrap paneer, meat, and chicken.

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) announced that its researchers have developed a sustainable antimicrobial wrapping material that can prevent packaged food contamination by bacteria and reduce the plastic waste generated in the environment when disposing of the wrappers. The researchers said that this biodegradable food wrapper has an in-built antibacterial compound and is safe for consumption.

“We have developed a biodegradable wrapping material with in-built antibacterial activity to prevent bacterial growth in stored food,” study author Mukesh Doble from the Department of Biotechnology, IIT Madras, said in a statement. “The antibacterial compound should be safe for consumption as it is approved by the authorities and does not cause any toxicity,” Doble added. Petrochemical PETBottle PP Automotive

The films developed by the IIT Madras team were made with polymeric blends containing starch, polyvinyl alcohol, cyclic beta glycans (CBG). The composition was optimized to achieve the best film with a smooth texture, flexibility, uniform thickness, and good clarity.

Petrochemical PETBottle PP Automotive

-Biotech sector can play a critical role in supporting Europe’s economic recovery

The bioeconomy sector can provide sustainable new jobs while also protecting public health and the environment, explains Maria Spyraki.

The EU’s ambition to transform Europe to become more green, climate-neutral, sustainable and digitalised has been profoundly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The EU is now not only looking at ways to recover but also to invest in the future, enhancing its resilience while increasing its strategic autonomy.

The biotechnology sector has long been recognised as an essential part of the knowledge-based economy, and has grown rapidly in recent years. According to a study by the Bio-based Industries Consortium, Europe’s bioeconomy boasts a €2.4tn turnover and supports 18.5 million jobs. Petrochemical PETBottle PP Automotive

Petrochemical PETBottle PP Automotive

Petrochemical PETBottle PP Automotive

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