Petrochemical Hydrogen LLDPE Automotive 29-10-2020

Petrochemical Hydrogen LLDPE Automotive

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend  Polyestertime

-Nylon: demand is the decisive factor this time

Since October 6, nylon market demand has suddenly warmed up and prices of CPL and nylon 6 high-speed spinning chips have risen by 500-700yuan/mt, nylon 6 conventional spinning chip by 1,000yuan/mt, and NFY by 500yuan/mt by Oct 22. As prices pushed up, two kinds of voices:

a) “An increase of 1,000-1,500yuan/mt is no problem this time, maybe it can go up by 2,000yuan/mt.”

b) “It has risen by about 500yuan/mt, and downstream procurement is not as active as the previous days.   The enthusiasm of downstream procurement may be almost ended at the end of the month. It is difficult for prices to continue to rise.”

The major difference between these two expectations is mainly due to the bias in the prediction of the duration of downstream demand. There are many factors in the prediction bias, such as their own order taking conditions, raw material supply and demand and trend expectations, and the impact of other fibers’ price trends. Finally, there is a time deviation in the expectations of downstream procurement and production.

Nylon: demand is the decisive factor this time

-China welcomes Japan’s 2050 goal for carbon neutrality

China appreciates and welcomes Japan’s announcement that it will achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, and is willing to strengthen discussions with Japan on green recovery in the post-pandemic era, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said Monday.

Earlier on Monday, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga sets a 2050 deadline for the world’s third-largest economy to become carbon neutral in his first policy address since taking office last month, significantly firming up the country’s climate change commitments. Petrochemical Hydrogen LLDPE Automotive

Petrochemical Hydrogen LLDPE Automotive

-Teijin and Safran sign master contract for composite materials

Teijin has signed a long term master agreement with Safran, the tier 1 supplier of systems and equipment in the aerospace and defence market.

The high performance materials supplier has worked with Safran for the last 25 years. The contract establishes the frame for the supply of Teijin’s high-performance materials dedicated to the manufacturing of equipment parts for new generation aircrafts.

The two companies intend to reinforce their collaboration to meet the challenges of the aviation market, creating advanced technologies that lower production costs and environmental impact. Petrochemical Hydrogen LLDPE Automotive

Teijin and Safran sign master contract for composite materials

-Extrusion Technology

Die plate line with reduced lead time

Nordson Corporation says it has built a dedicated production line for BKG die plates used in underwater pelletising, enabling the company to deliver a new electrically heated die plate in only three weeks after order placement, including order entry, engineering, and production. This is less than half of competitors’ delivery times, it adds.

While most common die plates are on stock and can be delivered within a couple of days, building a new plate requires a range of engineering and manufacturing steps. By creating a database of standard designs, Nordson claims it has eliminated upstream engineering processes that had contributed to longer lead times. To reduce manufacturing time, it has dedicated a complete production line to die plates.

The line is part of a new facility for BKG pelletising and melt delivery products completed in Münster, Germany, last year. Petrochemical Hydrogen LLDPE Automotive

Extrusion Technology

-Lucite International and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Advance Collaboration with Agilyx

Progressing development of circular solutions for PMMA

Lucite International (LI) and Agilyx Corporation , a pioneer in the advanced recycling of post-use plastics, announced today plans to pursue a commercial-scale trial for the recycling of PMMA, commonly known as acrylic, at Agilyx’s Tigard, Oregon facility. Following the success of an initial smaller-scale trial using Agilyx’s molecular recycling technology, LI, with the support of parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC), will further advance its collaboration with Agilyx to deliver fully circular PMMA.

Lucite International (LI) aims for commercial realisation of recycled PMMA production by 2023. Petrochemical Hydrogen LLDPE Automotive

In the interim, LI is working with all key stakeholders – including MMA (the building block of all acrylic-based products) customers, PMMA customers, manufacturers, distributors, fabricators and recyclers – to develop a robust value chain for all.

Petrochemical Hydrogen LLDPE Automotive

-Countries across Asia plan cost-reduction strategies to advance hydrogen fuel use


Australia targets becoming top 3 hydrogen exporter by 2030

Japan eyes importing 300,000 mt/year of hydrogen by 2030

Ammonia imports make inroads in Asia for power generation

As energy transition gains momentum in Asia, especially in the field of hydrogen, policy makers and industry professionals remained focused on finding low-cost production methods to reduce carbon footprints and create a transparent price discovery mechanism, leaders at the Singapore International Energy Week’s LNG and Hydrogen Gas Asia virtual conference said Oct. 28. Petrochemical Hydrogen LLDPE Automotive

Register Now Countries across the Asia-Pacific, notably Australia and Japan, have set up projects and devised policies to include hydrogen as part of their energy mix with lower costs.

Australia has crafted a national strategy for hydrogen with the aim of becoming a major global player by 2030, a key element of which is to create clusters of large-scale demand and use hydrogen in transport, industry and gas distribution networks.

“The emerging hydrogen industry requires an economic license as the industry needs to scale up, a social license for trusted customer and community relationships, and a regulatory license to establish stable, meaningful and efficient regulatory settings,” Australian Hydrogen Council CEO Fiona Simon said.

Countries across Asia plan cost-reduction strategies to advance hydrogen fuel use

-L’Oréal x LanzaTech x Total Debut Carbon-capture Plastic Bottle

LanzaTech, Total and L’Oréal have debuted a cosmetic plastic bottle made from captured and recycled carbon emissions. Petrochemical Hydrogen LLDPE Automotive

Previously: Envisioning Climate-positive Beauty

Together, the companies have taken a proactive approach to develop a sustainable circular economy for plastics. Each company has a specific role in bringing the packaging to life.

LanzaTech, a carbon recycling company, is capturing industrial carbon emissions and converting them into ethanol using a biological process.

Petrochemical Hydrogen LLDPE Automotive

-Recycling Technologies, Neste and Unilever combine expertise to test and validate systems to chemically recycle waste plastics

The alliance will demonstrate new added-value applications for hard-to-recycle waste plastic materials, such as films, sachets and pouches

Recycling Technologies, a specialist plastic recycling technology provider; Neste, the world’s leading provider of renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel, and a forerunner in drop-in renewable and circular chemical solutions; and Unilever, the consumer goods manufacturer of leading global brands, will collaborate to further develop and harness chemical recycling to recover and reuse plastic packaging that is currently either incinerated, buried in landfill or exported from the UK.

A joint project involving these three companies has been awarded a £3.1m grant from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) to develop chemical recycling by combining the expertise of these global leaders in their respective business areas to make hard-to-recycle plastic packaging recyclable.Petrochemical Hydrogen LLDPE Automotive

Recycling Technologies, Neste and Unilever combine expertise to test and validate systems to chemically recycle waste plastics

-Stay focused: Algae-inspired polymers light the way for enhanced night vision

Researchers from the University of Tsukuba synthesize an elastic polymer from low-cost, sustainable materials, that can be used it to fabricate lenses that help keep infrared cameras focused in the dark  Petrochemical Hydrogen LLDPE Automotive

Tsukuba, Japan – In a study recently published in ACS Applied Polymer Materials, researchers from the University of Tsukaba synthesized an infrared-transmitting polymer–based on low-cost, widely available materials–that retains its shape after stretching. The properties of this polymer are highly applicable to the preparation of cheaper night-vision lenses that retain focus while imaging at variable distances.

Cameras that function in the dark are common in many fields, including the military, security, firefighting, and wildlife tracking. However, infrared night-vision lenses are typically expensive, and the camera images tend to appear flat. Consequently, there is a need for lenses based on commonly available, cheap materials that are useful for more realistic vision in three dimensions.

Petrochemical Hydrogen LLDPE Automotive

-AIMPLAS relies on Leistritz to expand its capabilities

Since August, a ZSE 18 HP-PH has been in operation inside a cleanroom ISO7/GMP at AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Center. Petrochemical Hydrogen LLDPE Automotive

With the versatile small extruder from German extrusion expert Leistritz Extrusionstechnik GmbH, the research and development facility is now taking the step towards pharmaceutical applications.

Raquel Llorens, Health Senior Researcher at AIMPLAS, said: “We have more than 30 pilot lines we develop or test various plastics applications with. We want to expand our field of activity in the pharmaceutical (HME) and cosmetics industry, materials for bone and tissue regeneration and medical device developments among others.”

AIMPLAS already has a Leistritz ZSE 27 MAXX pilot line, on which research and development in the field of reactive extrusion, recycling and other compounding applications are carried out.

Petrochemical Hydrogen LLDPE Automotive

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