Petrochemical GeneralNews GreenHydrogen 23-01-2021

Petrochemical GeneralNews GreenHydrogen

-NOVA Chemicals will raise polyethylene prices in February

NOVA is targeting a 7 cents / lb (USD154 / t) increase in polyethylene (PE) prices from February 1, according to the company’s letter to customers.

The letter said the increase complements the  company ‘s earlier announced price hike of 6 cents per pound in January.

Polyethylene demand in the United States remained strong throughout the pandemic, driven by heavy use of non-durable consumer goods such as food packaging.

In recent weeks, supply has faced constraints amid stronger demand from Mexico and some other key overseas regions, as well as some manufacturing difficulties in North America.

Previously reportedthat LyondellBasell will raise polyethylene (PE) prices in North America by 7 cents / lb (USD154 / t) on the back of higher ethylene feedstock. The price increase will take effect on February 1, in addition to any previously announced price changes. The letter also said the company is confirming a previously announced 6 cents / pound increase in January.

Petrochemical GeneralNews GreenHydrogen

INEOS Styrolution plans to build a demonstration polymerisation plant for production of ABS plastic from recycled feedstock

  • Plans are part of the “ABSolutely Circular” project
  • Project is supported by the EU LIFE programme
  • Technology partners welcome to join

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, announced today plans to build a demonstration plant at its Antwerp, Belgium, site to test production of ABS[1] plastic from recycled feedstock.

The plans for the new plant are part of the project “ABSolutely Circular”, which is supported by the EU LIFE programme. INEOS Styrolution’s plant is intended to complement a demonstration unit planned by project partner Indaver, making Antwerp the leading European center for the recycling of styrenics. Petrochemical GeneralNews GreenHydrogen

Petrochemical GeneralNews GreenHydrogen

Canada is set to have one the world’s biggest green hydrogen plants

  • Canada could eventually be home to a number of large-scale green hydrogen facilities.
  • At the moment, so-called “green hydrogen” is expensive to produce, with the majority of hydrogen production based on fossil fuels.Petrochemical GeneralNews GreenHydrogen

A major green hydrogen project in Canada took another step forward with an engineering contract awarded to a subsidiary of German industrial giant Thyssenkrupp.

The agreement, announced on Monday, will see the green hydrogen product division of Thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers carry out the installation of an 88 megawatt water electrolysis plant for Hydro-Québec, an energy firm backed by the provincial government.

Electrolysis splits water into oxygen and hydrogen, and if the electricity used in the process is from a renewable source — like wind — then it’s termed “green hydrogen.”

Petrochemical GeneralNews GreenHydrogen

-Sumitomo enters ‘green hydrogen’ business in Australia

Japanese trading house to use solar power in tie-up with plant engineer JGC

Japanese trading company Sumitomo Corp. will begin producing “green hydrogen,” which is made without emitting carbon dioxide, Nikkei has learned.Petrochemical GeneralNews GreenHydrogen

Sumitomo will set up a production facility in Australia with Japanese engineering company JGC Holdings and produce hydrogen using small solar-powered electrolyzers.

The project is estimated to cost less than 1 billion yen ($9.6 million). Each device produces 300 tons of hydrogen annually, which can power about 3,000 fuel cell vehicles. The gas will be supplied to local factories and fuel cell buses.

Hydrogen is seen as a green energy source during use, but its production results in the emission of greenhouse gases.

Hydrogen does not generate these gases even when burned, but CO2 is emitted in the process of extracting it from fossil fuels and producing it in large quantities. Making it by electrolyzing water using renewable energy does not produce CO2 but has been prohibitively expensive.

Petrochemical GeneralNews GreenHydrogen

-From Trash to Your Dash: JLR Plans to Use Recycled Nylon for Its Cars’ Interiors

Recycling should be a huge part of our lives by now but for certain manufacturers, using plastic is a cheaper and faster solution. Luckily, some of them chose to set an example, spending time and money on clean, renewable solutions.Petrochemical GeneralNews GreenHydrogen

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has recently revealed plans to use ECONYL nylon to develop high-quality interiors made from the ocean and landfill waste.

The company’s next-generation vehicles will feature floor mats, and interior trims made from this fabric, which is sourced from recycled industrial plastic, offcuts from clothing manufacturers, or fishing nets abandoned in the ocean.

Created by Aquafil, a global leader in the synthetic fibers industry, this regenerated nylon has already been used by fashion designers, sportswear, and luxury watch brands to manufacture items like handbags, backpacks, or watch straps.

The company claims that it recycles around 40,000 tons of waste from all over the world every year and that this process reduces the global warming impact of nylon by 90%.

ECONYL is produced in Aquafil’s state-of-the-art treatment centers, where the waste is analyzed, treated, and prepared. It’s then transported to a chemical plant, where it is broken down into raw material using depolymerization.

Petrochemical GeneralNews GreenHydrogen

-SINOPEC Yizheng selects INVISTA P8++ PTA Technology

INVISTA’s technology and licensing group, INVISTA Performance Technologies (IPT), and China Petrochemical International Co., Ltd. (“Sinopec Yizheng”) have reached an agreement for licensing of INVISTA’s industry leading PTA P8++ technology for Sinopec Yizheng’s third PTA line. This plant will be installed in Jiangsu province, China, with an annual name-plate capacity of 3 million tonnes.

Sinopec Yizheng previously utilised IPT’s P6 PTA technology for its 450,000 te/annum second PTA line. Sinopec Yizheng and INVISTA are pleased to once more leverage this technology to create long-term value for both parties.Petrochemical GeneralNews GreenHydrogen

SINOPEC Yizheng selects INVISTA P8++ PTA Technology

-US economic stimulus may squeeze already tight chem markets

The economic stimulus packages being proposed in the US could further tighten in markets for several plastics and chemicals.

Prices for many of these materials were already rising amid a boom in US residential construction and a change in consumer buying habits.

US President Joe Biden intends to propose a two-part stimulus package. The first, worth $1.9tr, is made up mostly of direct payments, such as the $1,400 the government would give to many consumers.

If approved, this $1.9tr proposal would come on top of the $900bn package that the US adopted in December. This package includes checks worth up to $600.Petrochemical GeneralNews GreenHydrogen

US economic stimulus may squeeze already tight chem markets

-VIDEO: Upwards pressure growing on Europe R-PET prices

Senior Editor for Recycling Matt Tudball discusses the increasing upwards pressure on European recycled polyethylene terephthalate (R-PET) prices, including:

Stronger-than-expected demand

Falling stock levels of R-PET flake  Petrochemical GeneralNews GreenHydrogen

Some higher numbers already being heard for February

Upwards pressure growing on Europe R-PET prices

-Blow Molder Bets on New Options in Large PET & HDPE Containers

Priority Plastics is thinking big—large, wide-mouth containers and drums, that is—to offer new concepts to the U.S. market. The company is launching lines of industrial and consumer packaging made on machinery said to offer capabilities not seen before in the U.S.

How does a company whose business is primarily in stock blow molded containers create excitement in the market? For Priority Plastics, the answer today is to offer new choices to packers and brand owners that present opportunities for product differentiation, enhanced quality and cost savings. Petrochemical GeneralNews GreenHydrogen

Is the midst of a global pandemic the right time to explore new technology and expand production in new directions? That’s evidently not holding back Priority Plastics, which is just now introducing its second major product line in two years, while trying on a different type of manufacturing technology for the first time. Its first foray into PET injection stretch-blow molding (ISBM) has something in common with its introduction of new high-speed HDPE tight-head container production a year ago: Both are made possible by imported machine technology not seen previously in North America.

Blow Molder Bets on New Options in Large PET & HDPE Containers

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