Polymers Bioplastic CrudeOil PETBottle 19-02-2021

Polymers Bioplastic CrudeOil PETBottle

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend  Polyestertime

-Loop Industries receives Reach registration for its chemically recycled MEG and DMT

Loop Industries’ chemically recycled monoethylene glycol (MEG) and dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) has been given Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (Reach) approval by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), said Plasticstoday.

ECHA issued confirmation of Reach registration for MEG on 17 November, and DMT on 7 December. The two feedstocks are produced via the company’s depolymerisation technology, which uses recycled plastic to produce monomer material with virgin-like quality.

By achieving Reach certification, the company said its monomers are of a purity equal to what is currently recognised within Europe and entitles Loop to manufacture/import the monomers into Europe.

As part of the 14 December announcement, Loop said: “It should be noted that MEG and DMT are on the positive list for plastic materials, which means that the two monomers can be used as food-contact materials.” EU regulation states that all polyethylene terephthalate (PET) beverage bottles must contain 25% recycled content by 2025, and all plastic bottles must contain 30% recycled content by 2030.

However, under the current legislation, these targets can only be met by using mechanically recycled material. Earlier this month, a European Commission spokesperson said EU approval of chemical recycling practices will be contingent on cradle-to-grave life cycle analysis (LCA).

Loop Industries receives Reach registration for its chemically recycled MEG and DMT

-BASF raises bioplastic product prices in Europe

BASF has hiked its prices in Europe for its range of biodegradable bioplastics with immediate effect or as contracts allow, according to Chemweek.

No reason for the increase has been given. Polymers Bioplastic CrudeOil PETBottle

Prices for several grades of the company’s bioplastic compound ecovio have been increased by EUR350/metric ton (USD422/metric ton), it says.

The bioplastic products are used mainly in bag applications for organic waste, fruit and vegetables, cling films, and agricultural mulch films, as well as for packaging solutions for paper coating, shrink films, and thermoformed and injection-molded applications.

As MRC wrote before, late last week, BASF said it was restarting one of its steam crackers at its Ludwigshafen complex in Germany after operations were halted last Wednesday due to a technical issue. The naphtha cracker produces ethylene and propylene, and is one of two crackers on the site. One has a production capacity of 420,000 metric tons/year, with the other’s capacity at 240,000 metric tons/year, according to IHS Markit data.

Ethylene and propylene are feedstocks for producing polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP).

BASF raises bioplastic product prices in Europe

-Tecnicas Reunidas S A : Técnicas Reunidas signs a contract for a PTA plant to be built in Turkey

Técnicas Reunidas signs a contract for a PTA plant to be built in Turkey

Técnicas Reunidas officially signed last week with SASA POLYESTER the contract for the execution of a new petrochemical project for the production of PTA (Purified Terephtalic Acid) in Adana, Turkey.

The new plant will have a capacity of 1.5 million tonnes per year. The project was announced at the end of 2020.  Polymers Bioplastic CrudeOil PETBottle

Total project investment was estimated by the client at 935 M$. This amount includes the value of the contract of Técnicas Reunidas. The scope of the contract includes engineering, procurement and construction supervision and management. The contract has already been launched and will be executed under a fast track scheme.

The project has a high compromise regarding environmental and social compliance, compiled in the ESIA Report (Environmental and Social Impact Assessment) approved in November 2020, that Técnicas Reunidas will observe during the project development.

Tecnicas Reunidas S A : Técnicas Reunidas signs a contract for a PTA plant to be built in Turkey


TOMRA and STADLER delivered the fully automated sorting plant for Sysav Industri AB, which sorts pre- and post-consumer mixed textile waste in southern Skåne, in Sweden. Four of TOMRA’s AUTOSORT® units are an integral part of the plant built and designed by STADLER. The plant is part of the Swedish Innovation Platform for Textile Sorting (SIPTex) government-funded project, which aims to develop a sorting solution tailored to the needs of textile recyclers and the garment industry.

Automated sorting: key to achieving a textile circular economy

Sorting textiles according to the various types of fibers they contain requires a high degree of precision.Polymers Bioplastic CrudeOil PETBottle

It is currently done manually, but the result doesn’t meet the requirements of recycling companies and the fashion industry. As a result, only a small quantity of discarded textiles is recycled and the potential for increasing it is enormous. The SIPTex project is exploring how to achieve the required quality through automation.

The plant in Malmö is the third phase in the SIPTex project, and follows an initial theoretical study and, in phase two, the construction of a small pilot plant in Avesta, also designed and supplied by TOMRA and STADLER in 2017. In this second phase, the project collected 700 tonnes of used textiles from recycling centers. Following a manual pre-sorting of reusable textiles, the waste material was fed into the Avesta pilot plant.

Polymers Bioplastic CrudeOil PETBottle


The board gives its green light to this new company to be set up this year in Poland: “Sumika Polymer Compounds Poland Sp.z o.o.”(SPCP). With historical locations in France and UK, as well as the recent acquisitions in Turkey and this creation in Poland, SPC is able to cover the whole of Europe and reduce carbon emissions from transport by delivering locally. Polymers Bioplastic CrudeOil PETBottle

SPC EU proudly announces creation of a new branch in Poznan. The city located in the west of the country has easy access to the motorway network. One particular strength of the location is its proximity to their customers in Poland as well as in Germany and Czech Republic: a highly industrialized geographical area containing many manufacturers of automobiles and white goods appliances. SPC EU’s overall expansion strategy is to promote adequate-sized units as close as possible to their business partners.


-Origin Materials to go public via $1.8 bln SPAC merger

Carbon-negative products maker Origin Materials said on Wednesday it has agreed to go public through a merger with blank-check firm Artius Acquisition Inc, in a deal that values the equity of the combined entity at $1.8 billion.

The deal will provide Origin with gross proceeds of $925 million, including a private investment of $200 million from Danone SA, Nestlé SA, PepsiCo Inc and affiliates of Apollo Global Management among others.  Polymers Bioplastic CrudeOil PETBottle

Sacramento, California-based Origin helps turn carbon found in biomass into useful products, its website showed, capturing carbon in the process.

The company formed an alliance with Nestle and Danone in 2016 to produce and commercialize plant-based PET plastic, which has a low carbon footprint. PepsiCo joined two years later.

Origin Materials to go public via $1.8 bln SPAC merger

-PET to PET increases capacity for food-grade rPET with new Starlinger line

PET to PET, the Austrian recycling company recently announced the installation of another Starlinger bottle-to-bottle recycling system, including solid-state polycondensation (SSP) reactor at their production site in Müllendorf, Austria.

Having a throughput of 1,800 kg/h, the recoSTAR PET 165 HC iV+ bottle-to-bottle recycling system is the second line from Starlinger in operation at PET to PET. The recycling system is known to achieve excellent decontamination results. The regranulate produced could replace virgin PET at a rate of 100 percent.

The solid-state polycondensation in the viscoSTAR 180 SSP reactor at the end of the recycling process is decisive for decontamination. Polymers Bioplastic CrudeOil PETBottle

It restores the mechanical characteristics of the recycled PET and increases the intrinsic viscosity to the level of virgin material.

Polymers Bioplastic CrudeOil PETBottle

-Economic meltdown threatens Europe’s war on plastic waste

  • Lower oil prices mean lower virgin plastic prices — and that spells trouble for the recycling industry

OUREM, Portugal: Giving a new life to plastic trash gets Carlos Bento out of bed every morning. But the coronavirus pandemic has seen revenues drop up to 40 percent at Micronipol, the large recycling facility he runs in central Portugal, and it faces an uncertain future.

Micronipol produces recycled polyethylene, the base for plastic bags and bottles. The product is piling up at its warehouses as clients, facing their own economic struggles, shelve their recycling goals. They are opting for cheaper alternatives: non-recycled plastics made from hydrocarbons.  Polymers Bioplastic CrudeOil PETBottle

As lockdowns were put in place worldwide, a drop in demand for oil pushed prices to historic lows, making virgin plastics — already becoming cheaper than the recycled equivalent — even more affordable.

Polymers Bioplastic CrudeOil PETBottle

-BCF S8 Tricolor meets need for trend towards multiple colours

Solution for the carpets industry is once again in the spotlight at this year’s Domotex Asia / Chinafloor from 24-26 March 2021 in Shanghai.

Oerlikon Neumag says it has found the right approach for its customers with the efficient BCF S8 carpet yarn system in Monocolor and Tricolor versions.

Their solution is once again in the spotlight at this year’s Domotex Asia / Chinafloor from 24-26 March 2021 in Shanghai. The audience of professionals can see the advantages for themselves at Oerlikon Neumag exhibition stand W3 D26, the company says.  Polymers Bioplastic CrudeOil PETBottle

Whether Monocolor or Tricolor, the performance data and technological details of the BCF S8 versions have already made a huge impression at numerous exhibitions and road shows, says Oerlikon. With up to 700 filaments per thread, the BCF S8 significantly outperforms its sister, the BCF S+ (400 filaments), also guaranteeing finer titres of up to 2.5 dpf, the Neumuenster based company explains.

Polymers Bioplastic CrudeOil PETBottle

-Carrington Textiles Secures Joint Venture in Asia and Announces Growth in Europe

This new venture with Sapphire Textile Mills will increase the company’s capacity to 130 million square metres a year and it’s the start of a series of investments that Carrington Textiles’ parent company, the RTS Group, are implementing across the rest of its production facilities in Europe. Polymers Bioplastic CrudeOil PETBottle

Adlington, United Kingdom: Carrington Textiles and Sapphire Textile Mills have announced a joint venture in Pakistan under the name of Carrington Textiles International, with new textile dyeing and finishing operations that will provide up to 20 million metres a year of dyed and white fabric to its global customer base.

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