Chemicals BioPolymer Recycling Hydrogen 24-02-2021

Chemicals BioPolymer Recycling Hydrogen

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend  Polyestertime

-Nova Chemicals debuts film structure designs formulated with post-consumer resin

The film structures can be tailored to meet customer-specific application demands.

Calgary-based Nova Chemicals Corp. has developed a series of customizable film structure designs formulated with post-consumer resin (PCR).

The film structures, which incorporate post-consumer low-density and linear low-density polyethylene (rLDPE/LLDPE), can be tailored to meet the demands of film applications including heavy-duty sack, collation shrink, stretch film, agricultural film, trash bags and liners, food packaging and protective packaging for e-commerce, such as bubble wrap and air pillows.

Nova Chemicals debuts film structure designs formulated with post-consumer resin

-Aliplast film waste recycling initiative yields success

A plastics film waste recycling initiative between Aliplast and ceramics maker Panariagroup has resulted in an almost 95 per cent recovery rate.

The initiative – where Aliplast collects LDPE shrink film used to wrap pallets at Panariagroup before recycling it into packaging film – saves more than 450 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, the companies claimed.  Chemicals BioPolymer Recycling Hydrogen

Aliplast said that when compared with the production of virgin plastics, the saving per kg of film produced using Aliplast technology is 2.03kg. Under the closed-loop system, approximately 230,000kg of PE waste is collected each year.

The partnership between the two Italian firms has also given Panariagroup excellent savings in the purchase of virgin material, Aliplast added.

A further advantage is that project falls under Aliplast’s PARI (Plan for the Autonomous Management of Packaging Waste) system. In Italy, PARI companies quality for a reduced environmental contribution to the Government, resulting in economic savings for Aliplast customers.

Aliplast film waste recycling initiative yields success

-Can PX remain strong with plants restarting?

PX price has been rising since Feb, as China PX inventory started to decline in Nov 2020 and some unplanned plant hiccups interrupted PX supply. Meanwhile, crude oil price soared during Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, further driving up PX prices. As a result, PX-naphtha spread widened obviously to 9-month high of $210/mt on Feb 17, and Feb’s average spread was $197/mt as of Feb 19, up 15% from Jan.

In terms of downstream PTA, though the price tracked the rise in crude oil, PTA-PX spread narrowed rapidly to 309yuan/mt on Feb 19, new low since Oct 2018. Meanwhile, acetic acid price has spiked to above 5,400yuan/mt in East China, which means acetic acid constitutes 160~190yuan/mt. In addition, other costs including water, electricity power, steam, labor, etc. amount to more than 150yuan/mt. It testifies to the losses for PTA producers. Chemicals BioPolymer Recycling Hydrogen

However, Feb Asian PX Contract Price was settled at $705/mt CFR, compared to spot price at $750/mt on Feb 19. Based on 50% PX spot price and 50% ACP, Feb PTA-PX average spread was around 457yuan/mt as of Feb 19, above break-even level and providing some relief to PTA producers.

Chemicals BioPolymer Recycling Hydrogen


-Lexus creates a bespoke interior concept for online gamers

Lexus has unveiled what it is calling the Gamers’ IS, which it says is the first vehicle designed by and for the Twitch online game streaming community. In a livestream last month, more than 554,000 unique viewers watched and weighed in on their favorite features, and voted to decide the car’s final form. Lexus then worked with fabrication specialist SCPS in Los Angeles to realize the design.

More than half (55%) of Twitch voters selected a ‘Neon Tokyo’ style for the interior, featuring an electrified, Japanese pop art aesthetic. Chemicals BioPolymer Recycling Hydrogen

The ceiling of the cabin is fitted out with a clear layer of acrylic embedded with resin ‘raindrops’, backlit with programmable RGB LED lights, which give the effect of driving under the lights of downtown Tokyo at night in a light rain. Behind the rear seats, LED panels project programmable content onto the rear window, creating an animated backdrop.

Lexus creates a bespoke interior concept for online gamers

-Sustainability drives innovation in packaging

When it comes to sustainable packaging, the idea of “reduce, reuse, recycle” is something that all manufacturers should think about

For almost everything we buy (the exceptions might be cars and houses), packaging is essential. It protects items when they are being transported and preserves them when they are stored or on shop shelves. And it acts as a platform for important messages to be communicated to consumers. Chemicals BioPolymer Recycling Hydrogen

We need packaging. But we also need packaging that is sustainable. On average, packaging accounts for about 5 per cent of the energy used in the life cycle of a food product, making it a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also a major source of pollution on land and in oceans. Consumers around the world are increasingly concerned about the problems that packaging causes. And that’s why retailers and manufacturers are addressing the issue.

Chemicals BioPolymer Recycling Hydrogen

-SABIC aims to be world’s largest petchem company by 2030, set up plants in NEOM: Al-Benyan

The ambition is supported by Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which is considered a compass for SABIC to achieve its goal

SABIC intends to set up plants in NEOM, the CEO said, indicating that it is planning to set up ammonia and hydrogen plants in the megacity, since it is exploring new technologies Chemicals BioPolymer Recycling Hydrogen

Saudi Basic Industries Corp. (SABIC) is seeking to become the largest petrochemical company in the world in 2030 after moving to the third place this year, said company Vice Chairman and CEO, Yousef Al-Benyan.

The ambition is supported by Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which is considered a compass for SABIC to achieve its goal, while offering excellent growth opportunities for the petrochemical industry.

The company’s expertise on the global level, employees’ determination and the recent discoveries of oil and gas will help achieve the goal, the CEO said in an interview with Rotana Khalejia TV channel.

Chemicals BioPolymer Recycling Hydrogen

-Bally Ribbon Mills to bring smart textiles to commercialization

Pennsylvania based company is incorporating E-Webbings e-textile product base into new designs. Chemicals BioPolymer Recycling Hydrogen

Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM), an industry leader in the design, development, and manufacture of highly specialized engineered woven fabrics, announces it is bringing to commercialization a variety of smart textile products – those that incorporate electronics or other actuation mechanisms into traditional fibre technology.

Working with developers or fabricators making products for OEMs, BRM is using its proprietary E-Webbings e-textile product base as the foundation layer to which electronic intercommunicative technology is integrated directly.

BRM’s recent work includes using LED lights to provide illumination embedded within a textile; embedding fibre optics technology that measures mechanical/thermal stress applied to a fibre optic monofilament; and adding metallic coatings on standard textile fibres, especially for applications requiring more than electrical conductivity.

Bally Ribbon Mills to bring smart textiles to commercialization


-Iran plans petrochemical BOOM despite US sanctions

Iran’s petchems sector now accounts for over 30 percent of all its non-oil exports and Tehran is planning to boost this further through the build-out of a number of dedicated hubs. Chemicals BioPolymer Recycling Hydrogen

Given the extreme unlikelihood of the US returning to the currently structured Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and Iran’s unwillingness to renegotiate the deal any time soon, the Islamic Republic remains focused on three key areas where it can make money despite ongoing sanctions form Washington.

Alongside the continued development of its huge West Karoun oil fields, the completion of the supergiant South Pars non-associated gas offshore sector (including the implementation of Phase 11 operations), and the finalisation of the crude oil transfer pipeline from Guriyeh to Jask, Iran’s core focus in the current sanctions environment is to optimise the output and revenues from its already world-scale petrochemicals sector.

This has always played a key role in Iran’s ‘resistance economy’ model, the concept of generating value-added returns by leveraging intellectual capital into business development wherever possible.

Iran’s petchems sector now accounts for over 30 percent of all its non-oil exports and Tehran is planning to boost this further through the build-out of a number of dedicated petchems hubs.

Chemicals BioPolymer Recycling Hydrogen

-EU-China trade has significant growth potential, says EUCCC head

According to Joerg Wuttke, president of the European Union (EU) Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC), the opening up of the services sector and more pro-trade measures could help EU businesses as well as Chinese enterprises further expand their growth.  Chemicals BioPolymer Recycling Hydrogen

In an interview with Xinhua on Thursday, Wuttke reacted to the EU statistical office Eurostat’s Monday announcement that China overtook the U.S. as the EU’s top trading partner for the first time last year. Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the EU and China have both seen an increase in exports to each other’s markets.

Wuttke said he saw opportunities for both sides to further boost bilateral trade ties.

“We need to keep in mind that the U.S. remains the EU’s number one trading partner when you include services,” he said, adding that this really highlights the untapped potentials of EU-China trade.

Chemicals BioPolymer Recycling Hydrogen

-Baerlocher to feature additive solutions at SPE International Polyolefins Conference

Baerlocher will highlight the contributions of its advanced resin stabilisation technology (RST) to the circular economy at the virtual 2021 SPE International Polyolefins Conference, from 23-24 February through the company’s virtual exhibit and presentation. Chemicals BioPolymer Recycling Hydrogen

As a Gold event sponsor, Baerlocher will exhibit detailed information on Baeropol T-Blend stabilisers, based on Baerlocher’s RST platform, which can help increase the percentage of recycled content that can be successfully incorporated in extrusion blow moulded HDPE bottles and PE film.

Baerlocher USA’s presentation, titled ‘Advances in Extrusion Blow Molding of Post-consumer Resin’, will focus on the use of stabilisation to prevent thermal and oxidative degradation of polyolefins during both the mechanical recycling and molding processes.

Baerlocher to feature additive solutions at SPE International Polyolefins Conference

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