Chemicals PETchip Recycling Hydrogen 25-02-2021

Chemicals PETchip Recycling Hydrogen

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend  Polyestertime

-Colors and sustainability in contract and automotive carpeting

RadiciGroup and Avient team up to create carpet samples based on the new ColorForward 2022 Palette

Despite added challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Avient ColorWorks™ and RadiciGroup once again worked together to create carpet samples that are part of Avient’s ColorForward 2022 trend-analysis and color-forecasting guide for the polymer industry. The 16th edition of the annual kit, announced in December, includes four societal trends and twenty related colors that can be expected to resonate with consumers consciously or unconsciously in the next few years.

The colors are rendered in several different forms, including traditional color chips, sample cards, various molded forms and fiber pom poms. RadiciGroup produced carpet samples aimed at contract and automotive applications.

For the first time, RadiciGroup used its proprietary Renycle® BCF yarn for the creation of the samples. Made from recycled nylon 6, Renycle® is a highly valued material because of its excellent resistance and versatility.

“This is the 5th year of collaboration between our companies,” says Heike Schmidt, Marketing & Carpet Application Manager at RadiciGroup Advanced Textile Solutions. “Avient ColorWorks is synonymous with reliability and innovation in the color sector. By working with them on the creation of the Renycle® carpets included in ColorForward 2022, RadiciGroup can create and propose new, inspirational and sustainable samples and yarns to its customers.”

Colors and sustainability in contract and automotive carpeting

-BOOSTING OUR TRANSFORMATION Eni strategic plan 2021-2024: towards zero emissions

“Eni is strongly committed to continue to play a key role in sustainability and innovation, supporting social and economic development in all our activities.

Today we are taking another step forward in boosting our transformation. We commit to the full decarbonization of all our products and processes by 2050. Our plan is concrete, detailed, economically sustainable and technologically proven.

Today we are also announcing the merge of our renewable and retail businesses. With this new entity, our large customer base will continue to grow in synergy with our renewable business.

Additionally, the combination of our bio-refining and marketing businesses will play an important role in delivering sustainable mobility. These initiatives will greatly contribute to the decarbonization of our products, impacting positively on our customers.

Finally, thanks to a strong financial discipline and a resilient cash generation, we can upgrade our distribution policy reflecting the strategic progress of our plan.”

BOOSTING OUR TRANSFORMATION Eni strategic plan 2021-2024: towards zero emissions

-Fiber prices extend higher: chemical fibers catching up with cotton and VSF

Overall fiber market witnessed an uptrend start after the Lunar Chinese New Year holiday, apparently earlier than past years.

On Feb 22, prices of many products moved up compared with Feb 19, the first trading day after Spring Festival, and the increment of VSF, PFY, PSF, spandex, polyester yarn and rayon yarn outpaced others. In fact, this round of increase could be described as the continuity and fermentation of the pre-holiday market. Prices of PSF soared by 20% compared with 1 month ago and those of spandex 40D surged by as high as 8,000yuan/mt.

Increment of PSF and PFY seemed to be too strong, while recent uptrend of chemical fibers such as polyester fiber was more like a catch-up.

From the angle of tempo, cotton prices touched bottom in Apr 2020 and started an upward trend since the National Day holiday. VSF prices bottomed out in Q3 2020 and rapidly extended gains at the end of 2020. Polyester fibers performed relatively milder, which rallied in end-2020 and gradually chased up afterward.

Chemicals PETchip Recycling Hydrogen

-ELIX Polymers launches E-LOOP brand for Circular Economy activities

E-LOOP covers all initiatives in sustainable products, design, and services

Tarragona, February 23, 2021 – ELIX Polymers, a global leader in specialised styrenic-based thermoplastics, has put all of its Circular Economy activities under a new brand name, E-LOOP.

The company made the transition towards a circular economy a pillar of its business strategy several years ago. The E-LOOP brand will in future represent all of its circular innovations and solutions for more sustainable business.

“E-LOOP includes two strategic programmes of ELIX Sustainable Portfolio Solutions – Circular Plastics and Responsible Innovation,” said Toni Prunera, Head of Business Development and R&D /IP at ELIX Polymers, at the unveiling of the new brand.

Chemicals PETchip Recycling Hydrogen

-The next step for fully circular plastic packaging

Traceability and transparent recycled content certification could help Europe achieve a fully circular economy, writes RecyClass Chairman Paolo Glerean.

As public concern over climate change has entered the mainstream in recent years, consumers are increasingly opting for products with lower environmental impact.Meanwhile, companies are striving to make the transition from a linear to a circular economy,which requires reliable certification of their environmental impact to prove the sustainability of their businesses.

The plastic waste crisis has shown that these claims, which are based on guiding principles like clarity and straightforwardness, are of particular importance for plastic products. Transparency plays a key role here in recyclability and recycled content reporting.

The next step for fully circular plastic packaging

-Werner & Mertz increases rPET share in its bottles to 50% from Yellow Bag

Werner & Mertz, the Mainz-based manufacturer of detergents and cleaning products, together with its cooperation partner ALPLA in the Recyclate Initiative, has increased the share of recyclates from the Yellow Bag in its product bottles to 50 percent.

The PET Recycling Team Wolfen GmbH has achieved what many considered impossible. The first 200,000 bottles for the Frosch brand will be in use as of March 2021.

By the end of the year, all PET bottles will be converted to the new composition.

Advanced mechanical recycling with fully automated system

Werner & Mertz increases rPET share in its bottles to 50% from Yellow Bag

-OQ’s New Luban High-speed Raffia Grade Performs “Exceptionally Well” in Commercial-Scale Trials

Luban Homopolymer PP added to the most coveted ‘Recommended’ Starlinger list after successful trials

OQ – the global integrated energy company has completed trials of its homopolymer PP grade, Luban HP 1102LC, for the production of high-speed raffia tapes, demonstrating significantly improved line speed and lower processing temperatures.

Sergej Stryuk, Product Development & Application Manager for Lummus Novolen Technology explains, “The newly developed 1102LC enables raffia producers to operate high-speed lines at maximized output”, while maintaining excellent physical properties of the produced raffia tapes. This includes higher tenacity and elongation combined with reduced residual shrinkage compared to standard grades. The successful development of new grade for raffia application is the result of a close collaboration between Lummus Novolen Technology and OQ (Oman), and is an impressive example of the strong partnership between Lummus Novolen Technology and its licensees.

Chemicals PETchip Recycling Hydrogen

-Agthia and Veolia reinforce their commitment for a more circular economy in the UAE

Initiatives of the cooperation include enhancing recycling of PET bottles and assessing the opportunity to include recycled PET (rPET) in Agthia’s water bottling industry

2 tons of recyclables from over 1,000 users were collected using the Recapp app within the first 3 months of its soft launch.

Abu Dhabi: Agthia Group PJSC, a leading regional food and beverages company announced that it continues to propel its partnership with Veolia, a global leader in optimized resource management, via successful sustainability initiatives launched over the past year. The MoU between Agthia and Veolia was first signed during the 2020 edition of Gulfood and underscores the shared commitment of the two companies to drive sustainability efforts by working together with the community.

One such initiative was the launch of the Recapp mobile application, an innovative digital service developed by Veolia to provide a free of charge door to door collection for recyclables in Abu Dhabi. Agthia and Veolia worked hand in hand to promote the service and to provide a generous rewarding scheme that has been implemented since the launch of the project in November 2020. In just 3 months, the app has garnered more than 1,000 users and has helped collect more than 2 tons of recyclables.

Agthia and Veolia reinforce their commitment for a more circular economy in the UAE


Borealis Group AG (Vienna, Austria) announced that it is investing EUR 17.6 million in a new Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) for its polyolefins plants in Porvoo, Finland. This equipment will significantly lower the site’s CO2 emissions, reduce flaring and save around 60 gigawatt hours (GWh) energy each year. Project kick-off is in February 2021, with completion planned for 2023.

Using the year 2015 as the baseline, Borealis aims for a 20% improvement in energy efficiency by 2030. The installation of a new RTO – a piece of air pollution control equipment designed to treat exhaust air – along with the requisite piping for the polyolefins plants, will generate approximately 16 bar steam. This newly-won steam will replace around 50% of the heat energy currently required for Porvoo Polyolefins operations in a cleaner and more efficient way. Projected annual energy savings are approximately 60 GWh.

Chemicals PETchip Recycling Hydrogen

-China’s PE, PP futures rise on Texas plant shutdowns

Linear-low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and polypropylene (PP) futures on China’s Dalian commodity exchange rose by another 4pc and 6pc, respectively, today — increasing for a third consecutive day after the 11-17 February lunar new year holiday — on the back of market talk that large-scale unplanned shutdowns of US petrochemical plants will lead to a severe shortage of PE and PP supplies.

May LLDPE futures rose by the maximum daily limit of 8pc on 18 February, the first trading day after the holiday, and by another 4.3pc on 19 February. PP futures moved up by 7pc on 18 February and by another 2.9pc the next day.

Physical prices soared along with the higher futures and crude values. LLDPE in east China is trading at 8,850-9,100 yuan/t ($1,370-1,410/t) today, up by Yn850-950/t from 10 February. PP prices in east China increased by Yn900/t to Yn9,300-9,400/t over the same period.

Chemicals PETchip Recycling Hydrogen

Chemicals PETchip Recycling Hydrogen

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