Chemicals SmartTetiles Recycling Hydrogen 27-02-2021

Chemicals SmartTetiles Recycling Hydrogen

-ExxonMobil tests advanced recycling of plastic waste at Baytown

ExxonMobil has completed the initial phase of a plant trial of an advanced recycling process for converting plastic waste into raw materials for production of polymers, said Chemweek.

ExxonMobil intends to use results from the trial, at existing facilities in Baytown, Texas, to scale-up advanced recycling capabilities at other global facilities, targeting a circular solution for converting difficult-to-recycle plastic waste into feedstock for virgin-quality plastic.

ExxonMobil also announced today that it has formed a joint venture with Agilyx’s Cyclyx International business to develop solutions for aggregating and pre-processing large volumes of plastic waste that can be converted into feedstocks. ExxonMobil holds a 25% equity interest in Cyclyx with Agilyx owning the remaining 75%. Advanced recycling involves breaking down plastic waste to its molecular building blocks which are then used as raw material in the process of making virgin-quality plastic.

“This advanced recycling initiative brings together the strength of ExxonMobil’s integrated petrochemical facilities and our deep technology expertise in chemical processing to capture value from plastic waste and meet our customers’ growing demand for high-performance, certified circular polymers,” said Karen McKee, president of ExxonMobil Chemical.

ExxonMobil tests advanced recycling of plastic waste at Baytown

-New initiative launched to promote place of mono PET flexible packaging in circular economy

BOPET Films Europe and Searious Business have launched Vita Nova – a new consortium of industry players promoting the use of mono-PET flexible packaging in the circular economy. Chemicals SmartTetiles Recycling Hydrogen

The consortium hopes to deliver valuable results which will enable the European flexible packaging market to respond to growing pressures from both the public and governments to improve the recyclability of flexible packaging.

BOPET Films Europe vice chair Michael Kreuter comments: “We cannot achieve these goals in isolation, and through this Vita Nova initiative we hope to pull together knowledge from across the value chain to improve the circularity of flexible packaging.”

New initiative launched to promote place of mono PET flexible packaging in circular economy

-Braskem invests US$61 million to increase biopolymer production

Braskem is expanding its production capacity of green ethylene, the main feedstock derived from sugarcane ethanol which is used in the production of renewable resins. These materials can therefore claim to capture CO2, a greenhouse gas. This raw material is produced at the company’s plant in Triunfo, Rio Grande do Sul, whose capacity will be increased from the current 200 kton/year to 260 kton/year. The expansion project, budgeted at US$61 million, will be rolled out in 2021 and should be concluded in the fourth quarter of 2022. Chemicals SmartTetiles Recycling Hydrogen

“The increase in biopolymer capacity and production reflects healthy growth in demand from society and our partners for sustainable products, which has increased significantly in recent years. It’s also a strong signal of Braskem’s commitment towards sustainable development which reflects the values of our supply chain partners and our customers. Our business expansion aims to consolidate Braskem’s leadership of the biopolymers market,” said Marco Jansen, global biopolymers leader at Braskem.

Chemicals SmartTetiles Recycling Hydrogen

-ELIX POLYMERS – Circular economy operations consolidated under new brand

Spanish ABS manufacturer Elix Polymers (Tarragona; said it will centralise all its circular-economy activities under the new “E-Loop” brand name. The supplier said it made the transition towards a circular economy a pillar of its business strategy several years ago, and going forward E-Loop is to represent all circular innovations and solutions for a more sustainable business.

“E-Loop includes two strategic programmes of Elix Sustainable Portfolio Solutions: Circular Plastics and Responsible Innovation,” said Toni Prunera, the company’s head of business development and R&D. Elix said it is a member of several industry sustainability initiatives, including Styrenics Circular Solutions and Plast2bCleaned .

Chemicals SmartTetiles Recycling Hydrogen

ELIX POLYMERS - Circular economy operations consolidated under new brand

-RepescaPlas achieves new high value-added products from marine litter

The RepescaPlas project has ended its third year with a total of 4,218kg of marine litter recovered from three Spanish ports by fishermen’s guilds and associations.

As in previous years, the items recovered were classified by marine litter type using the MARNOBA platform at the ports of Marín, Galicia; La Restinga, Canary Islands; and Gandia, Valencia. Samples of the most abundant type, i.e. plastics, were sent to AIMPLAS to be categorised by the nature of the materials and to gain more knowledge about the plastics found, and to the Universidade de Vigo for toxicological analysis. The routes taken by the boats that delivered most marine litter to the port were monitored to allow the Asociación Vertidos Cero (Zero Waste Association) to draw up a map of the areas where this litter is being recovered and to establish the litter density (items/km2). Chemicals SmartTetiles Recycling Hydrogen

The samples received by AIMPLAS, most of which consisted of PET and LDPE, have helped the institute make progress towards the development of technologies to recover these materials and convert them into new resources, despite their extreme damage from exposure to the marine environment and the difficulty of reintroducing them into the value chain through mechanical recycling.

Chemicals SmartTetiles Recycling Hydrogen

-Will direct-spun PSF fall back after surging?

Direct-spun PSF fluctuated upward to high level since 2021. Especially before and after Spring Festival holiday (Feb 11-17), it rose from 6,000yuan/mt to 7,800yuan/mt with an increase of 30%. Polyester yarn was pushed up by the rise of raw materials with an increase of 1,500-2,000yuan/mt. Chemicals SmartTetiles Recycling Hydrogen

Alongside the surge of prices, the cash flows of different products have changed.

The cash flow of direct-spun PSF expanded obviously compared with that before the holiday and stayed at about 1,000yuan/mt at present. Polyester yarn had seen cash flow compressed due to stable price before the holiday. With quick increase in price after the holiday, its cash flow enlarged gradually and averaged at 700-800yuan/mt now.

Chemicals SmartTetiles Recycling Hydrogen

-Biomaterial production using Coperion’s ZSK technology

Swedish innovation company RenCom has started production of its Renol thermoplastic biomaterial that can be used to replace fossil-based plastics, utilising German firm Coperion’s twin-screw extruder. Following comprehensive studies in Coperion’s extrusion test lab in Stuttgart, Germany, RenCom and Coperion have developed the innovative extrusion process for Renol, a lignin-based material. Using Coperion’s ZSK twin-screw extruder technology lignin can be transformed into durable, reusable biomaterial. Chemicals SmartTetiles Recycling Hydrogen

Coperion has delivered a ZSK twin-screw extruder, gravimetric feeders, a strand pelletising system, a lignin bag dump station and a big bag station to RenCom. The system has now been successfully commissioned and production has already started, according to schedule. RenCom will be able to produce more than 1,000 tonnes/year of biomaterial.

Chemicals SmartTetiles Recycling Hydrogen

-drinktec postponed until September 2022

New dates: September 12 to 16, 2022

Industry representatives and Messe München make timely decision in view of the extensive planning trade fairs for industrial goods require and drinktec’s 4-yearly cycle    Chemicals SmartTetiles Recycling Hydrogen

Global reach is key to success: Intercontinental travel for fall 2021 still too uncertain

The drinktec advisory board and Messe München have taken a joint decision today to postpone the world’s leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry until the fall of 2022. The new dates are September 12 to 16, 2022. This action was prompted by the international nature of the drinktec event. The decision could not be delayed given that industrial goods trade fairs involve extensive planning and complex high-tech construction work.

Despite the coronavirus crisis, drinktec is registering high demand for floorspace from customers both in Germany and abroad. Three quarters of the available exhibition floorspace has already been booked. “This confidence in the brand and drinktec’s reputation as the world’s leading trade fair in its field are precisely why we need to ensure that we meet our customers’ expectations,” says Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Messe München. “Until recently, we assumed that the pandemic situation would improve, making international travel possible. The latest developments have quashed these expectations. Two thirds of all drinktec visitors come from abroad. Of these, half come from other continents.

Chemicals SmartTetiles Recycling Hydrogen

-Europe R-PET March outlook bullish on high demand, tight supply

Senior Editor for Recycling, Matt Tudball, looks at March monthly price discussions in the European recycled polyethylene terephthalate (R-PET) market, and discusses:

Bullish outlook for flake and post-consumer bottle prices

High demand levels from sheet and bottle sectors

Limited availability a growing concern  Chemicals SmartTetiles Recycling Hydrogen

Europe R-PET March outlook bullish on high demand, tight supply

-There is also a lack of technopolymers ( Italian Language only)

Low supply and rising prices from the third quarter of 2020. New alarm from the French association Polyvia on the short market for plastics.

Those who transform technopolymers in Europe have already taken into account, starting from the third quarter of last year, significant price increases, a trend that continued in the first months of 2021 accompanied by a scarcity of supply, which is compressing the margins of companies of the sector.

ABS, polycarbonate and polyamides are the polymers most affected by this phenomenon.  Chemicals SmartTetiles Recycling Hydrogen

According to Polyvia, Union of French polymer converters, various elements play against, in part already found in the commodities market: interruptions in the production of some polymers or their precursors, growth in exports to Asia, global shortage of containers (with consequent increase in shipping costs) and a marked slowdown in imports to the old continent.

In a period, above all, of decisive recovery in industrial activity, after the slowdowns due to Covid-19, now close to returning to pre-crisis levels.

In fact, the French association notes that, while polyolefins could return to flow into Europe, the short market for engineering plastics could last for many months, also because planned shutdowns of plants, especially in the case of monomers, are expected between spring and the summer.

Increases and low availability would have already been recorded by converters of polycarbonate and polyamide 66, which in some cases had to temporarily suspend supplies or look for alternatives (for example PMMA for transparent parts or PA6 instead of PA66).

However, this scenario is partly mitigated by the slowdown in demand for plastics by the automotive industry, struggling with difficulties in procuring microchips for vehicle electronics.

There is also a lack of technopolymers

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