Chemicals Biotechnology PolyesterFDY 06-03-2021

Chemicals Biotechnology PolyesterFDY

-US firm promises compostables at low-cost

US-based Novomer is to begin the design and engineering of a commercial facility after demonstrating a low-cost polymerisation process for the manufacture of compostable polymers.

Called Rinnovo, the polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) polymer will use Novomer’s COEth catalyst technology, which is designed to convert ethylene oxide and carbon monoxide to produce lactones. The facility is slated to have a capacity of 80,000 tonnes when completed in 2022.

The compostable material is being manufactured in sample quantities at Novomer’s Innovation Centre in Rochester, New York.

“As a company focused on scalable materials for the circular economy, Novomer has committed significant resources towards its mission to cost effectively address the plastics waste challenge,” said Novomer’s chief executive Jeff Uhrig. “We are beyond excited that our technology can lower the cost barrier to implement changes needed in the plastics waste management infrastructure.”

US firm promises compostables at low-cost

-Russia’s SIBUR boosts European exports

Integrated petrochemicals company SIBUR has increased its European exports of PE produced at the newly launched ZapSib complex in Tobolsk, Russia.

Since 2020, when ZapSib was launched, 24 PE grades have been successfully homologated, serving more than 1,400 customers in over 60 countries.

This year, SIBUR began exporting a wide range of PE to European processors through its sales office in Vienna, Austria, and the company operates a wide network of warehouses in Europe.  Chemicals Biotechnology PolyesterFDY

Russia’s SIBUR boosts European exports

-EXXONMOBIL – Initial phase of proprietary recycling process for difficult-to-recycle plastics waste complete / JV with Agilyx subsidiary

ExxonMobil (Baytown, Texas / USA; has completed an initial plant trial test of a proprietary advanced recycling process that converts difficult-to-recycle plastics waste into feedstock to produce virgin-quality polymers.

Results from the trial, held at the company’s Baytown, Texas facility, will be used to scale-up advanced recycling capabilities at other global facilities, according to Karen McKee, president of ExxonMobil Chemical. Chemicals Biotechnology PolyesterFDY

EXXONMOBIl - Initial phase of proprietary recycling process for difficult-to-recycle plastics waste complete / JV with Agilyx subsidiary


Corbion (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) is launching a multi-faceted initiative to substantially increase its capacity for producing lactic acid and lactic-acid derivatives ahead of its previously announced major expansion in Thailand scheduled for 2023. The global initiative, involving capital expenditures at four existing Corbion facilities to maximize efficiencies and leverage synergies, is expected to produce a combined additional output roughly equivalent to a new production site without actually having to build one. Chemicals Biotechnology PolyesterFDY

Projects at Corbion’s production sites in Gorinchem (Netherlands), Rayong (Thailand), Campos (Brazil) and Montmeló (Spain), come on the heels of other recently announced capacity expansion efforts in Blair (Nebraska), but in advance of the construction of an entirely new lactic acid plant at the company’s existing site in Rayong (Thailand).


-Teijin Team Develops Polycarbonate Solar Roof for Future Mobility

Teijin Ltd. and partner Applied Electric Vehicles (Applied EV) have developed a polycarbonate (PC) solar roof for future mobility applications. The green solution marks another major step toward the companies’ shared vision of zero-emission mobility.  Chemicals Biotechnology PolyesterFDY

The new solar roof uses Teijin’s Panlite PC resin glazing for its surface. Teijin used its proprietary know how in PC glazing and technologies to integrally mold the roof’s curved surface into an ideal shape, an extremely challenging process when using glass. Not only is the Panlite glazing roof ideally shaped, it achieves the strength and rigidity required for the application.

Conventional PC offers excellent impact resistance, but it must be specially processed to realize the level of weather resistance needed for long-term outdoor use. Teijin’s Panlite glazing, however, can easily be given a proprietary hard coating to achieve the 10-year weather durability required for automobiles.

Chemicals Biotechnology PolyesterFDY

-Europe R-PET prices bullish on tight supply, high demand – Video

Matt Tudball, senior editor for Recycling, discusses the ongoing March price talks in the recycled polyethylene terephthalate (R-PET) market, and gives us his take on:

Securing of supply becomes a priority  Chemicals Biotechnology PolyesterFDY

Limited availability and higher March offers

Bullish outlook for April and beyond

Chemicals Biotechnology PolyesterFDY

-Snips chooses Tritan™ Renew for a new sustainable line of housewares

New food storage containers and hydration bottles will contain 50% certified recycled content.  Chemicals Biotechnology PolyesterFDY

In line with its eco-friendly principles, Italian-based Snips has partnered with Eastman to launch a line of water bottles and food storage containers made with Eastman Tritan™ Renew copolyester, a durable, BPA-free material that contains 50% ISCC-certified recycled content* made possible through innovative molecular recycling.

Snips sustainable water bottles and food storage containers are available today and support the company’s eco-friendly initiatives.

“Sustainability is at the core of our business,” says Snips owner Raffaele Piacenza. “Reusable housewares are a practical way to eliminate single-use plastic waste.

We need to start thinking about new solutions to enjoy the advantages that plastic offers while reducing waste.

Eastman shares our commitment to sustainability and recycling. Now and in the future, Snips will be a steadfast participant in the circular economy.”

Chemicals Biotechnology PolyesterFDY


Sika has developed a new, ground-breaking recycling process for old concrete. The old concrete is broken down into the individual parts gravel, sand and limestone in a simple and efficient process, which also binds about 60 kg of CO2 per ton of crushed concrete demolition waste. This innovation – with the brand name «reCO2ver» – will make a significant contribution to reduce the ecological footprint of the construction industry.  Chemicals Biotechnology PolyesterFDY

According to the European Commission, 25–30% of all waste generated in the EU consists of construction demolition waste materials, many of which could be recycled. Recycling these materials is particularly crucial in dense urban areas, as this is where most old concrete accumulates.

Sika has succeeded in developing a highly efficient process that will allow to separate and reuse the components of old concrete as well as increase the recycled aggregates’ quality.


-Novomer Develops ‘Industry’s Lowest-Cost’ Process to Produce Compostable Plastics

Compostable polymers raise a set of issues, which have been noted in various articles in PlasticsToday, but research into the technology steams ahead nonetheless. Today, Novomer announced that it has successfully demonstrated what it calls “industry’s lowest-cost polymerization process to make compostable polymers that satisfy brand owner requirements for circular economy solutions.” The compostable polymer, tradenamed Rinnovo, will use Novomer’s catalyst technology to manufacture world-scale production quantities, said the company, which is focused on the development of sustainable materials from renewable feedstocks.  Chemicals Biotechnology PolyesterFDY

Now proven at demonstration scale, Rinnovo is being manufactured in sample quantities at Novomer’s Innovation Center in Rochester, NY. The company plans to begin the design and engineering of an 80,000-tonne commercial facility. Construction is slated to commence in 2022.

Chemicals Biotechnology PolyesterFDY

-Pivot for Techtextil North America and Texprocess Americas

Beyond 2022 Techtextil and Texprocess Frankfurt and the North American editions will undergo cycle changes.  Chemicals Biotechnology PolyesterFDY

Techtextil North America and Texprocess Americas will change their event cycle and shift permanently to odd years after the 2022 editions.

Last year, the two co-located shows postponed their 2020 editions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The largest co-located event for technical textiles, nonwovens, machinery, sewn products, technology and equipment in the Americas will next be held May 17-19, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Beyond 2022, however, due to a shift of parent shows Techtextil and Texprocess Frankfurt to an even-year cycle, the North American editions will also undergo a cycle change, with the subsequent events scheduled for May 10-13, 2023 in Atlanta, and remaining in the odd year thereafter

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