Petrochemicals BiobasedFilm Composites 17-03-2021

Petrochemicals BiobasedFilm Composites

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend  Polyestertime

-China PE market consolidates at highs supported by strong overseas market

After the Spring Festival holiday, China domestic PE market rushes up as a whole. Taking LLDPE as an example, LLDPE jumps directly from around 8,200yuan/mt before the holiday to around 8,800yuan/mt after the festival, and then fluctuates higher to around 9,000-9,200yuan/mt. At present, market mindset is mixed. PE CFR China market is strong, and China domestic market is consolidated at highs.

As for LLDPE, the average price of the RMB market in East China is basically around 9,200yuan/mt, and Sabic LLDPE 218WJ are offered at around 9,450yuan/mt, while the LLDPE is basically offered at around $1,200-1,240/mt in the overseas market, and the Sabic LLDPE 218WJ are offered at above $1,250/mt. The price spread between China domestic market and the PE CFR China market is at around 500-600yuan/mt.

China PE market consolidates at highs supported by strong overseas market

-Tecnaro commissions ips underwater and strand pelletising systems

Tecnaro GmbH has placed its trust in pelletising plants from ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG.  Petrochemicals BiobasedFilm Composites

The company, which specialises in the production of bioplastic pellets, has now commissioned both an ips-SG 220/2 strand pelletising plant and the ips-UWG 75 S underwater pelletising system.  Petrochemicals BiobasedFilm Composites

Tecnaro develops and produced bioplastics and biocomposits based on renewable raw materials for use around the world, catering to almost all markets including automotive, construction, renewables, and packaging.

Tecnaro MD Jürgen Pfitzer said: “The innovative solutions and the realisation of our individual requirements in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability, the huge flexibility and the fast and simple changeover between underwater and strand pelletising, are what convinced us to choose ips.”

Tecnaro commissions ips underwater and strand pelletising systems

-Equipolymers lowers PET production in Germany

The Swiss company Equipolymers has reduced utilization at its polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plant in Sckhopau, Germany due to a shortage of raw materials, ICIS reported . Petrochemicals BiobasedFilm Composites

According to market sources, production at the 335 ktpa plant was reduced in February due to the closure of two main suppliers of purified terephthalic acid (TPA).

Earlier it was reported that in 2019 Equipolymers carried out preventive maintenance at the PET plant in Schkopau in October.

According to ScanPlastof the company MRC, in Russia, the estimated consumption of PET in January 2021 increased by 3% compared to the same indicator a year earlier. In total, according to the results of the first month of the year in Russia, the total estimated consumption of PET amounted to 57.42 thousand tons.

Equipolymers is a joint venture between the Petrochemical Industries Company and the Dow Chemical Company. Both companies have a 50% stake in Equipolymers. The company manufactures and markets PET and terephthalic acid (TPA). The company is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. The enterprise has a PET and TPA production facility in Ottana (Italy), as well as two PET production facilities in Schkopau (Germany).

Equipolymers lowers PET production in Germany


Maire Tecnimont S.p.A. (Rome, Italy) announced that its subsidiary NextChem, and Agilyx Corp. (Tigard, Ore.), a wholly owned subsidiary of Agilyx AS have entered into an agreement to support the development of advanced chemical recycling facilities globally. This agreement combines Agilyx’ s leading pyrolysis technology with NextChem’s expertise, as a leader in licensing, implementation, and EPC services for plastics recycling solutions. Petrochemicals BiobasedFilm Composites

Under the agreement, NextChem will act as a technology and EPC partner for Agilyx. The aim of this partnership is to accelerate the implementation of chemical recycling facilities globally, utilizing Agilyx advanced pyrolysis technology in the conversion of mixed waste plastic into circular olefins and circular fuels. With a longstanding expertise in the advanced recycling of plastics, Agilyx’s proprietary chemical recycling process can turn post-use plastics back into their original chemical components for continued use, increasing the recovery of plastics that cannot be recycled with traditional recycling processes.


-US yarn company PurThread extends distribution agreement with Mitsui

Mitsui USA and PurThread Technologies have renewed their distributorship agreement for Mitsui USA to bring PurThread’s patented permanent antimicrobial fibres and yarns to textiles and soft goods across Mitsui’s vast production and distribution networks in Japan. PurThread is known for its durable, highly effective antimicrobial fibre and yarn technology. Petrochemicals BiobasedFilm Composites

Amidst heightened awareness during the current global pandemic and the rise of future health concerns, consumers and businesses alike are seeking solutions to reduce their exposure to pathogens that can cause odour and potential illness. Developed with manufacturers and product designers in mind, PurThread’s innovative fibres and yarns embed pure, natural silver and copper salts to enhance its partners’ products with unsurpassed antimicrobial capability, durability, and freshness without any special handling requirements. Mitsui’s commitment to the development and market introduction of state of the art technologies in functional textiles creates a strong foundation from which its collaboration with PurThread is built and poised to continue, according to PurThread.

Petrochemicals BiobasedFilm Composites

-Hot News in Plastic Packaging Sustainability

Breaking developments: 100% PCR cups, advanced recycling, new plastic from used oil, Aussie PS phaseout, PCR vendors, tube technology honored, Amcor news, capsule wars. Petrochemicals BiobasedFilm Composites

The amount of news related to sustainable packaging developments is overwhelming.

In fact, the majority of content posted at PlasticsToday involves sustainability in some way. Yet there are as many features we publish as there are opportunities for more.

The amount of news related to sustainable packaging developments is overwhelming.

In fact, the majority of content posted at PlasticsToday involves sustainability in some way. Yet there are as many features we publish as there are opportunities for more.

That’s the idea behind this regularly updated newsfeed of Tweets that center on plastics’ recycling, bioplastics, and other closely related news, issues, and innovations surrounding circularity for plastic packaging.

Hot News in Plastic Packaging Sustainability

-Distinguishing Nylon 6 from Nylon 66 at the Push of a Button

BASF’s subsidiary trinamiX adds new application for plastic sorting to its mobile NIR spectroscopy solution.

The ability to distinguish nylon 6 from nylon 66 at the push of a button in the latest application for plastic sorting added to the Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution from Germany-based trinamiX GmbH. Founded in 2015 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of BASF, Germany-based trinamiX GmbH ( develops and sells cutting-edge 3D vision and infrared sensing solutions for use in both consumer electronics devices and industrial designs. Petrochemicals BiobasedFilm Composites

Launched last year, trinamiX’s solution combines robust hardware with intelligent data analysis and a mobile app. NIR spectroscopy is a proven technology that trinamiX has integrated into a portable format for on-site analysis. In doing so, trinamiX relies on cloud-based data processing, which ensures continuous development of the solution – there is no need to replace hardware.

Petrochemicals BiobasedFilm Composites


-Shay Sethi talks about the future of fabric recycling

The cofounder and CEO of Ambercycle wants to shake up the fashion industry with a new textile recycling process  Petrochemicals BiobasedFilm Composites

Clothing might not come to mind when people think of plastic pollution. But polyester, derived from crude oil, makes up half the total fiber used in the global manufacture of textiles for apparel, upholstery, and other products, according to an analysis by IHS Markit. Less than 1% of garments get recycled into new clothing, and around 38 million metric tons of polyester from the fashion industry ends up in landfills each year, according to Shay Sethi, CEO of the start-up company Ambercycle.

Adding value to textile trash is the only way to keep the world from drowning in it, he says. He and his former college roommate, Moby Ahmed, developed a way to recover the natural and synthetic polymers in textiles while they were students at the University of California, Davis.

They cofounded Ambercycle in 2015 to scale up the process and show that it could be done cost effectively. In 2016, they won the H&M Foundation’s annual Global Change Award, which helped fund technology development. The company launched a product line of recycled garments with Los Angeles–based street-wear brand Come Back as a Flower in December.

-Is oil at $70 a barrel the magic number

LAST month, OPEC-Plus’ discipline in terms of the crude oil production pushed the oil price closer to the level of $70 per barrel. It led Saudi Arabia and its other partners to put its production in order and keep the oil prices climbing up … But at what level? Will OPEC-Plus continue with its full commitment for another month and beyond April?  Petrochemicals BiobasedFilm Composites

Will Saudi Arabia continue withholding back one million barrels well into April? Or is it time to relax production … but when? Strangely, the US shale producers are not yet willing to pour more oil into the market or retain its 13-million production target. It is taking advantage of the strong oil prices for generating cash fl ow and paying dividends to its shareholders, after years of lack of profits. The February production figures of the 13 OPEC members and 8 non-members stood firm and prevented any leakage of extra oil into the world. They emulated their leader Saudi Arabia in its sacrifice and in keeping its one million barrel away from the world market and losing an income of about $65 million per day.

The challenging question here is – At what level should oil price reach in order for countries to relax and pour more volume? Will it be until the US oil consumers start complaining, and the oil prices hit the US gasoline consumers’ pocket with $4 per gallon, or when they become so angry that some sort of pressure will fall on the US shale producers to pour and produce more oil?

Petrochemicals BiobasedFilm Composites

-New Hong Kong recycling plant a timely boost for ‘closed loop’ waste management, carbon-neutrality goals

Can recycle almost all PET bottles that Hong Kong produces, plus a large proportion of HDPE, New Life executive says

Plant has sealed a three-year partnership with P&G and Watsons Hong Kong for supply of plastic waste  Petrochemicals BiobasedFilm Composites

The opening of Hong Kong’s first advanced plastic recycling plant mid-this year could kick-start a “closed loop” of turning household resin waste into recycled material, in line with the government’s waste blueprint.

New Life Plastics will process up to 100 tonnes of plastic waste a day, and turn it into secondary raw material to be reused in the manufacture of new resin products. It is a joint venture between Swire Coca Cola, Baguio Waste Management & Recycling and Alba, a German recycling giant.

“We have the capacity to manage virtually all PET [polyethylene terephthalate] bottles that Hong Kong produces, plus a large proportion of HDPE [high-density polythene],” said Nigel Mattravers, joint venture representative of New Life.

Petrochemicals BiobasedFilm Composites

Petrochemicals BiobasedFilm Composites

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