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Petrochemicals PETBottle PXmarket

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-Taghleef launches film effective against coronavirus

Laminating film specialist, Derprosa, part of Taghleef Industries, has confirmed that its Derprosa Antimicrobial film is effective against coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 disease.

Derprosa Antimicrobial is the new designation of Derprosa Bacterstop film. Taghleef Industries set out to verify its effectiveness for viruses by testing with different types of coronavirus. The laminating film was first tested with the feline coronavirus due to the availability and capabilities of independent specialized laboratories. Finally, the film was tested with the human coronavirus SARS-CoV2.

According to the company, in both trials, the performance of Derprosa Antimicrobial films has been outstanding. Tests have shown that after 24 hours, there is a reduction of more than 84 percent of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 on its surface area compared to a laminating film without our antimicrobial agent.

According to Taghleef, test results proved that Derprosa Antimicrobial inhibits proliferation and neutralizes bacteria and viruses’ survival on non-porous surfaces. It has been specifically tested by independent laboratories against the Methicillin-resistant bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and Escherichia Coli (E-Coli), the feline coronavirus (FCoV), and human coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

Taghleef launches film effective against coronavirus

-Bionaphta And Recycled Oil For A New Sustainable Certified Product Range

We live in a consumer society, meaning we have an urge to consume or possess goods and materials. Plenty of these goods come wrapped in plastics which we then dispose of. In Europe, about 30 million tonnes of plastic waste is collected every year. But still 85% of that ends up in landfill or is incinerated.

To fulfil a complete transition to a more sustainable and circular model, the chemical industry and the plastics value chain have committed to giving new value to plastics and plastic waste. One way of making plastics circular, is by using alternative feedstocks like organic waste, biomass or mixed plastic waste to generate sustainable raw materials for plastics. Petrochemicals PETBottle PXmarket

Versalis, the chemical company of Eni, has been using alternative feedstocks like bionaphta and those derived from chemical recycling of mixed plastic waste to produce a range of raw materials for plastics: monomers, intermediates, polymers and elastomers are just a few examples.

-Bionaphta And Recycled Oil For A New Sustainable Certified Product Range

-Extrusion PC Contract Prices in Europe Peak Since November 2018

Contract prices for European extrusion polycarbonate (PC) rose in April amid limited global supply and strong demand, ICIS reported .

This is the seventh consecutive hike in extrusion PC contract prices in Europe and the highest price since November 2018. A wide range of April contracts was discussed this month, but the final decision was made at EUR250-300 per tonne.

Contract quantities have been cut by some suppliers in recent months, forcing some buyers to look for additional PCs in the spot market. Petrochemicals PETBottle PXmarket

Consumer demand for PCs in Europe remains strong, especially in the construction industry, which has traditionally been stable in the second quarter.

Extrusion PC Contract Prices in Europe Peak Since November 2018

-S-Oil to enter hydrogen business by investing in next-generation fuel cell company

South Korea’s S-Oil has made an equity investment in a next-generation fuel cell company in a move to enter the hydrogen business, according to BusinessKorea.

Thus, S-Oil has acquired a 20% stake in Fuel Cell Innovations (FCI), a company that provides clean energy solutions based on fuel cells.

With the investment, S-Oil became the largest Korean shareholder of FCI, a Korea-Saudi Arabia joint venture. S-OIL is planning to promote the hydrogen business by forging a strategic partnership with FCI. Petrochemicals PETBottle PXmarket

FCI has about 40 patents on solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). It has been cooperating with various companies and research institutes, including Solid Power, an Italian fuel cell company with which it cooperated to develop products suitable for the Korean and foreign markets.

S-Oil to enter hydrogen business by investing in next-generation fuel cell company

-PX margins improves on PTA capacity expansion and PX supply disruption

PX price hiked this week, driven by the rise in crude oil and downstream PTA.

As of Apr 15, PX price advanced 6.6% over the week, compared to gains of 5.8% in crude oil, 3.5% in naphtha and 4.2% in PTA spots. PX-naphtha spread widened to $279/mt while PTA spot to PX spread narrowed by 17.5% to below 280yuan/mt over the week. Petrochemicals PETBottle PXmarket

PX and PTA margins diverge, as the capacity expansion does not coincide.

Since the fourth quarter of 2020, PTA capacity expansion has outpaced that of PX, which has also led to continuous PX inventory reduction from Nov 2020 to Mar 2021.

More specifically, PX market is supported by planned and unplanned plant shutdowns and operating rate cuts throughout the first quarter of 2021.

Petrochemicals PETBottle PXmarket

-Clariant collaborates with Indonesia’s Pertamina in advanced biofuels assessment

Indonesian oil & gas company Pertamina and Clariant collaboratively evaluate the feasibility of sunliquid® technology to convert available regional feedstocks into advanced biofuels

Technology evaluation and conceptual engineering study also cornerstone to the work

Pertamina presented project collaboration details at Hannover Messe

Munich, April 19, 2021 – Clariant, a focused, sustainable, and innovative specialty chemical company, is working with Indonesia’s state-owned oil and gas corporation, Pertamina, since 2018 to evaluate and test the feasibility of Clariant’s sunliquid® technology to process available regional feedstocks in Indonesia into the advanced biofuel, cellulosic ethanol. Petrochemicals PETBottle PXmarket

Indonesia has a vast potential of untapped biomass, from empty fruit bunches to palm leaves, that could be converted into cellulosic ethanol. Their present-day utilization is negligible and, until now, both feedstocks are frequently burnt, causing air pollution.

Clariant collaborates with Indonesia's Pertamina in advanced biofuels assessment

-Chemical Recycling: Advanced Recycling Process Turning “Used Plastic” into “Feedstock” for Petrochemical Plants

Plastic is a valuable material invented as a substitute for natural resources, especially forest resources. With a broad range of benefits, plastic is generally used to serve several modern society functions and needs. Plastic is, without question, valuable material for people’s lives. However, post-use plastic management has remained a challenge that needed to be addressed as a matter of priority.

Two million tons is the amount of plastic waste Thailand generates each year, with only 25 percent is reused.  Petrochemicals PETBottle PXmarket

Particularly during the school holidays and the spread of COVID-19 over the past year, plastic waste jumped 15 percent and 62 percent, respectively. If the situation is allowed to continue, the tendency of deterioration to the society and the environment inevitably follows. That is why all sectors have to join forces to reduce the impacts and bring about effective management solutions.

As a Thailand’s leading chemical manufacturer and Southeast Asia’s polymer specialist, Chemicals Business, SCG, is well aware of such an issue. Thus, it strives to create and develop technologies, innovations, and solutions to effectively and sustainably find the way out of such global challenges. Chemical Recycling is one of the company’s strategic plans to tackle the issue.

Petrochemicals PETBottle PXmarket

-Turkish engineers develop fiber that kills coronavirus in minutes

Transmission of COVID-19 via surfaces remains low, at least according to the United States Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), but you cannot be too careful when it comes to a mutating virus, Trend reports citing Daily Sabah. A company in western Turkey, which was already working on new sturdy material, has developed a fiber that it says “eliminates the viability of the coronavirus by 97.4% within a half an hour.” Petrochemicals PETBottle PXmarket

A brainchild of engineers at Aksa Akrilik’s research and development department, the fiber-containing zinc has antimicrobial features and can be used in textile production. Atakan Koru, the company’s marketing manager, told reporters that their zinc-based fiber named “Everfresh” can effectively kill the virus in half an hour according to multiple tests. It will primarily be used in the production of protective masks, but Koru says it can also be used in home textiles and clothes.

“It can be particularly useful for materials used in common, shared spaces, like dormitories, hotels or mosques. We believe it will address hygiene expectations of users,” he said.

Petrochemicals PETBottle PXmarket

-Recycling Plastic Waste Through Technology

Following the Path of Sustainability

Waste generation, disposal and recycling has been a major problem all over the world for the past many years. As the consumption of goods increase so does the production of waste, this waste has always been hard to deal with. As a result, this has been the root cause of many types of pollutions.

Air, water, soil and land pollution has been caused by discarded plastic. As it is a very difficult substance to deal with, it has been proven to be quite in corporative in nature while treating. Petrochemicals PETBottle PXmarket

Poisonous fumes are being produced whenever plastic is burnt, which has an even worse effect on the environment and the surrounding ecology.

Recycling plastic can be a difficult task but not an impossible one. There are some dedicated companies which have been successful in tacking this issue. One of the technologies which is expected to provide solution on this issue is known as ‘Chemical Recycling’.

Let us understand first, what is chemical recycling. It consists of a process which utilizes chemicals in order to break down plastic waste post consumption into its valuable chemical components. There chemical components are very useful as they can be used as fuels or are capable of being converted into new plastic products once again.

Petrochemicals PETBottle PXmarket

-Algeria ambassador to Ankara invites Turkey to invest

Algerian Ambassador to Ankara Murad Ajabi has called on Turkish businesspeople to invest in his country, promising that it could bring about distinctive commercial potential to both countries.

In statements to Anadolu Agency, Ajabi confirmed that Algeria hopes to increase Turkish investments in its lands.  Petrochemicals PETBottle PXmarket

He said that Algeria is Turkey’s second-largest trade partner in Africa, while Ankara ranks first among countries with the largest investments in Algeria.

The Algerian official added: “There are new opportunities, and I am very optimistic about the future, so we invite Turkish businessmen to invest in Algeria.”

Ajabi pointed out that Turkish-Algerian relations were established as early as the sixteenth century.

He highlighted that the Algerian state made great sacrifices until 1962 for freedom and independence, including 1.5 million martyrs, noting that Algeria renewed bilateral relations with Turkey after achieving independence.

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