Chemicalrecycling PETBottle GeneralNews 23-04-2021

Chemicalrecycling PETBottle GeneralNews

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend  Polyestertime

-Indorama companies prepare for biotransformation

Com Polypropylene producer FiberVisions and spunlaid nonwovens manufacturer Avgol – both members of Bangkok-headquartered  Indorama Ventures (IVL) – have worked closely with scientists at Polymateria to commercially harness the biotransformation technology pioneered by the UK-based company.

The patented technology alters the properties of polyolefins to make them biodegradable in a natural process. As such, it will allow the companies to introduce disposable products with uniquely managed lifecycles and further expand an already extensive catalogue of fibre and spunlaid offerings.

The focus will be on the launch of non-oxo-degradative components for personal protection masks and face coverings, as well as hygiene, agricultural, industrial and homecare applications.panies to introduce disposable fibres and nonwovens with uniquely managed lifecycles.

Indorama companies prepare for biotransformation

-BASF Issues Price Increases for Caprolactam, Nylon 6 & Copolymer

Increases reflect tight supply and increased demand.

BASF has announced increases for feedstock caprolactam, nylon 6 and nylon 6/66 copolymer in North America. Effective May 1, or as contracts allow, the increase of 30¢/lb applies to each of the three products. Chemicalrecycling PETBottle GeneralNews

Although the company did not attribute the increases to any one thing, PT has previously reported that prices were on an upward trajectory since early this year. Nylon 6 prices moved up 15¢/lb in the January-February timeframe as suppliers implemented their late 2020 fourth quarter announced increases, based on higher prices of raw materials and increased demand from automotive and the fiber/textile sectors. Industry sources ventured the potential for further increases in the April-May timeframe owing to the Gulf Coast winter freeze in February which resulted  in the shutdown of feedstock and resin plants, and leading to demand outpacing supply.

BASF Issues Price Increases for Caprolactam, Nylon 6 & Copolymer

-Prime Resin Still Playing Hard to Get

While most resin reactors are now back up and running, some plants are still spitting out lots of rough off-grade resin, indicating that prime production rates are far from optimal.

Spot resin prices ended the week of April 12 modestly mixed, further consolidating but at a lofty level, reports the PlasticsExchange in its Market Update. A moderate stream of off-grade railcars rolled in, but fresh prime material generally remained elusive in the spot market. Chemicalrecycling PETBottle GeneralNews

Most producers remain under force majeure with contract, still on allocation, absorbing prime production save for some inventory restocking and committed exports. Spot market liquidity has been aided by prime imported resins, with light volumes of most polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) commodity grades available in Houston for prompt shipment. Completed volumes at the PlasticsExchange were solid, just a tad off the previous week’s tally, and right in line with February’s elevated average, which was a record month . . . until March.

Prime Resin Still Playing Hard to Get

-Origin and PrimaLoft to develop carbon-negative fibres

Companies aim to develop carbon-negative insulating fibre for outdoor gear, bedding, and apparel.

Origin Materials, Inc. a leading carbon negative materials company, and PrimaLoft, a developer of high-performance insulations and fabrics, have announced a new program to develop carbon-negative, insulating, high-performance fibres. The fibres will be used across a diverse array of end products, including insulating fibre for leading outdoor, fashion, and lifestyle brands, as well as home goods applications such as hypoallergenic insulated bedding. Chemicalrecycling PETBottle GeneralNews

The companies will work to rapidly develop and commercialize new products derived from Origin Materials’ platform. The collaboration will leverage the leadership position of PrimaLoft as a specialty producer of insulating fibres and filaments with over 900 global brand partners, including iconic brands like Patagonia, Stone Island, L.L. Bean, Lululemon, adidas and Nike , as well as a large global network of manufacturers that employ a wide array of textile processes to make its products, including extrusion, carding, spinning, finishing, weaving, knitting, dyeing, airlaid, meltblown, and other technologies.

Origin and PrimaLoft to develop carbon-negative fibres

-Leeds manufacturer to reduce plastic use with six-figure investment

A West Yorkshire manufacturer has invested more than half a million pounds in a bid to reduce plastic waste.

LVF Packaging has invested £550k on a new thermoforming machine to create hybrid packaging for its customers.

The Leeds-based company, which manufactures packaging for a host of blue-chip brands and supermarkets, has seen demand for its products soar over the last 12 months. Chemicalrecycling PETBottle GeneralNews

Nigel Coates, managing director of LVF Packaging, said: “2020 was a busy year for us, especially in terms of the higher volume lines that we produce for many of the supermarkets, and it was apparent that production efficiency on our oldest Kiefel – a KMD 75 – was falling well behind our newer KMD 78s and that the time had come to replace it.

Chemicalrecycling PETBottle GeneralNews

-Kelheim Fibres joins the ZDHC “Roadmap to Zero” Program

The Bavarian viscose specialty fiber manufacturer Kelheim Fibres has joined the ZDHC program “Roadmap to Zero.”

The non-profit organization with more than 160 contributors worldwide has set itself the goal of completely eliminating harmful substances from the textile value chain. The ZDHC guidelines provide producers of Man-made Cellulosic Fibres (MMCF) with uniform criteria for measuring indicators such as wastewater, air emissions and other process-related parameters. The measured data is independently monitored and published. Chemicalrecycling PETBottle GeneralNews

Kelheim Fibres, the world’s first EMAS-validated viscose fiber producer, sees its ZDHC contributorship as another building block on the road to even more sustainable fiber production. “We want to develop our industry with our know-how towards a greener future. Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate philosophy and strategy. We fully support ZDHC’s vision of a widespread implementation of sustainably chemistry, driving innovations and best practices in textile, apparel and footwear industries to protect consumers workers and the environment,” said Craig Barker, CEO at Kelheim Fibres.

Chemicalrecycling PETBottle GeneralNews

-California provides funding to boost thermoform recycling

PET reclaimers have been awarded millions of dollars from the state of California to help finance recycling projects.

The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) on April 19 approved a $3 million grant to Green Impact Manufacturing and a $1.6 million grant to Global Plastics Recycling. CalRecycle also approved $863,000 to Innovive, partially funding the company’s application for money to recycle single-use PET cages holding laboratory animals. Chemicalrecycling PETBottle GeneralNews

Green Impact Plastics is opening a PET thermoform recycling facility in Vernon, Calif., in the Los Angeles area. Using advanced sorting and processing technologies, the $7 million facility takes in bales of post-consumer thermoforms and produces RPET for food-contact applications. The company opened an earlier location in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

According to CalRecycle, the $3 million grant will help Green Impact develop the facility, which will recycle over 30 million pounds of PET per year.

Located in Perris, Calif., which is outside of Los Angeles, Global Plastics Recycling takes in post-consumer PET bales and produces RPET flakes, pellets, sheets and thermoforms.

According to CalRecycle, the company’s grant will help boost optical sorting capabilities and upgrade grinding and washing lines so Global Plastics Recycling can better handle thermoforms. The end product will be a mix of thermoform-bottle flakes, which will be shipped to packaging manufacturer Sonoco.

California provides funding to boost thermoform recycling

-Asian benzene sees crazy jump, Sinopec raises price

Sinopec revised up benzene listed price by 300yuan/mt today April 21, 2021. After the adjustment, all marketing branches of Sinopec quoted at 7,300yuan/mt.

The price hike followed the jump in FOB Korea benzene. FOB Korea benzene price surged $75/mt day on day April 20 to $1,050/mt. The day-on-day jump was the biggest in 15 years. Many market participants said the rise was “crazy”. And the price level was the highest since Feb 2017. FOB Korea benzene-CFR Japan naphtha spread widened to $466/mt. Chemicalrecycling PETBottle GeneralNews

US benzene price hiked on Apr 19 on low inventory and recovery demand from downstream. Most styrene plants in the US have resumed normal production back from the shutdown caused by the Texas cold snap in mid-Feb.

Korea-US arbitrage window remains open. However, in the US market, benzene price has stood around $6/mt higher than styrene. Some market participants thought the further increase for benzene might be limited.

Chemicalrecycling PETBottle GeneralNews

-Iran nuclear talks make progress in Vienna: Update

Updates with comments from the US, Iran

Diplomats negotiating the revival of the Iran nuclear deal in Vienna today gave the strongest indications to date that Washington and Tehran are ready to set aside maximalist demands and work toward the eventual lifting of US sanctions that have crippled Iran’s oil exports. Chemicalrecycling PETBottle GeneralNews

The joint commission that oversees the nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), has “decided to create a third expert group to start looking into the possible sequencing of respective measures,” said the EU External Action Service’s Enrique Mora, who is coordinating the meeting.

The talks to this point have focused on technical discussions in two separate groups, one looking at what Iran needs to do to return to compliance with the agreement and another looking at the US steps. Publicly, Washington and Tehran each has insisted that the other party take the first step to return to full compliance.

Chemicalrecycling PETBottle GeneralNews

-Advanced Plastic Recycling from INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA Receives ISCC PLUS Certification

  • International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) supports commercial-scale trial and lays the groundwork for INEOS’ commercial offering of next generation polymer products.
  • Chocolate Bayou, Battleground and Carson become the first INEOS sites in the US to receive ISCC PLUS certification.
  • Advanced recycling allows key raw materials ethylene and propylene to be manufactured from mixed plastic waste. Chemicalrecycling PETBottle GeneralNews

INEOS now marketing new High Density Polyethylene and Polypropylene products derived from recycled plastics.

INEOS has today announced that its manufacturing sites in Texas and California have been awarded ISCC PLUS certification from ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification).

This certification supports recent successful, commercial-scale trials of Advanced Recycling technology for the production of ethylene, propylene, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP).

Advanced Recycling converts waste plastic, which was destined for a landfill, back into a liquid raw material for use again in next generation plastic production.  Also known as Chemical Recycling, this technology can be used for many types of plastic including mixed plastic waste streams that are normally difficult or impossible to process with traditional recycling.

Advanced Plastic Recycling from INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA Receives ISCC PLUS Certification

Chemicalrecycling PETBottle GeneralNews

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