PlasticRecycling PETPolymer CrudeWTI 30-04-2021

PlasticRecycling PETPolymer CrudeWTI

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Using microbes to remove microplastics from the environment

At the Microbiology Society’s Annual Conference, Yang Liu, researcher at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, will discuss a new technique to trap and recover microplastics.

The method uses bacterial biofilms, a sticky substance created by micro-organisms, to trap microplastic particles. The biofilm is then processed and dispersed, releasing the microplastic particles for processing and recycling.

Liu and colleagues used the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa to capture microplastics in a bioreactor. This species of bacteria is found in all environments and has previously been shown to colonise microplastics in the environment.

  1. aeruginosa biofilms cause the microplastics to aggregate together, eventually causing them to sink. In bioreactors, this makes the microplastics more convenient to collect, according to Liu. Once the microplastics were captured by the biofilms and had sunk to the bottom of the reactor, the researchers used a biofilm-dispersal gene, which caused the biofilm to release the microplastics.

Liu explained that this “allows convenient release of microplastics from the biofilm matrix, which is otherwise difficult and expensive to degrade, so that the microplastics can be later recovered for recycling.”

PlasticRecycling PETPolymer CrudeWTI

-SABIC Partners with NUDEC to Launch Renewable PC

The SABIC-NUDEC collaboration targeted to building & construction applications.

A collaboration underway between SABIC and Spain’s NUDEC, S.A., a leading manufacturer of clear plastic sheets for numerous industries such as construction, personal and machinery protection, entails the latter’s use of Lexan PC based on certified renewable feedstock in several end applications for these industries.

As previously reported, SABIC’s certified renewable Lexan PC is part of the company’s Trucircle portfolio and services. Based on a cradle-to-gate peer-reviewed LCA study, use of SABIC’s renewable PC has the potential for carbon footprint reductions of up to 61% and fossil depletion reduction of up to 35%. PlasticRecycling PETPolymer CrudeWTI

SABIC Partners with NUDEC to Launch Renewable PC

-New Bio-Based, Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Compound Delivers Sustainability and Performance

A new flame-retardant, carbon-fiber-reinforced compound with a reduced carbon and energy footprint is suited for use in the electrical/electronics, healthcare, and other sectors. PlasticRecycling PETPolymer CrudeWTI

Bio-based LNP Thermocomp DC0041PE-7M1D145W delivers sustainability while exhibiting the same properties as the incumbent compound, said Sabic.

The entire value chain, from the raw materials to finished goods, are certified through ISCC and are compliant with regional and global regulations, according to Joshua Chiaw, Director, Business Management, LNP Compounds & NORYL Resins. “The success of our first bio-based compound is inspiring us to accelerate our innovation efforts to develop totally new ways to support customers and protect the planet,” added Chiaw.

New Bio-Based, Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Compound Delivers Sustainability and Performance

-Recycler builds European presence

A new location in Barcelona, Spain represents the latest stage in Vanden Recycling’s growth, as the company seeks to strengthen its presence in southern Europe.

With an agenda to achieve true circularity in Italy, France, Portugal and Spain, Alex Moreno March, who has long-term experience in the plastics recycling industry, has been named business development lead at the Spanish site.

In previous roles, Moreno March has been instrumental in expanding commercial activity in North America, Canada and across Europe, focusing on the sales of flexible PVC, PE, PP, rPE and rPP, said Vanden Recycling in a press statement. He has played a crucial role in the development of sustainability and circular economy initiatives and the evolution of environmental social governance.  PlasticRecycling PETPolymer CrudeWTI

Moreno March also spent time as chair of the Technology and Equipment Subcommittee of the North American Plastic Association’s Plastics Recycling Committee, and held an advisory position within Plastics Recyclers Europe.

Recycler builds European presence

-‘Covid-resistant’ food tray from fishing industry waste

Dutch biotech start-up Parx Materials has partnered with Norwegian-based hygiene specialist ZincIn to develop an antibacterial food tray made from recycled fishing industry waste.

Through a combination of Parx’s Saniconcentrate antimicrobial additive and ZincIn’s self-cleaning technology, the tray is said to offer an over 99.9 per cent reduction in bacteria when compared with a typical food tray. PlasticRecycling PETPolymer CrudeWTI

Norwegian Plastic Recycling (NORPEC) granulate, created from the plastics tanks and other waste discarded by the fishing industry, is used to manufacture the tray.

Fishing is currently responsible for at least 10 per cent of all marine litter – the equivalent of 640,000 tonnes a year, according to Greenpeace Germany.

In partnering with Parx, ZincIn said it was able to develop its self-cleaning products on a mass scale – catering to the currently changing needs of the food and hospitality sectors.

Covid-resistant’ food tray from fishing industry waste

-LDPE film prices in China continue to be low

LDPE film prices in East China may remain low due to weak buying activity from wire and cable manufacturers, ICIS reported .

LDPE film prices in eastern China fell 10.4% to CNY10,750 / t on April 27 from CNY12,000 / t on February 22, when they peaked in 2021.

Market sources said that LDPE buying activity by wire and cable manufacturers was significantly reduced by the high price of copper and LDPE in February.

According to data from the Shanghai Futures Exchange, the target price of major copper contractual futures rose 21.4% in February and peaked at CNY71,960 / ton on April 27, 2021. PlasticRecycling PETPolymer CrudeWTI

The sharp rise in LDPE prices in February, which rose 14% due to limited foreign supplies, also increased costs for wire and cable manufacturers and led to lower margins.

According to some Chinese LDPE suppliers, the productivity of wire and cable manufacturers has declined and the purchase of raw materials has dropped significantly.

Market participants in China expect wire and cable makers to replenish LDPE stocks to recover ahead of the May holidays.

PlasticRecycling PETPolymer CrudeWTI

-May paraxylene contract prices in Asia nominated at USD950 per tonne

Several major Asian paraxylene producers have announced their material contract prices for May shipments at USD950 per tonne, which is USD10-40 per tonne higher than the April contract price quotes, market sources told ICIS .

Prices were nominated on CFR Asia delivery terms. PlasticRecycling PETPolymer CrudeWTI

The final result of the May agreement on paraxylene contract prices in Asia will be determined by the end of the working day on April 28.

Earlier it was noted that the participants in the negotiation process to agree on the April contract prices for paraxylene in Asia could not reach an agreement for the current month.

Paraxylene is a raw material for the synthesis of terephthalic acid – an intermediate product for the production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

PlasticRecycling PETPolymer CrudeWTI

-Avient focuses on paint elimination, recyclability with new materials

Improved materials based on ABS and thermoplastic elastomers have expanded the product mix at Avient Corp. PlasticRecycling PETPolymer CrudeWTI

An Artisan-brand pre-colored ABS has a metallic effect that can help electronics manufacturers eliminate secondary painting to reduce VOC emissions, time and cost, officials with Avient in Avon Lake, Ohio, said. The new material offers a high-gloss metallic look and enhanced scratch performance.

“Customers want the look and feel of paint without the extra steps,” Senior Marketing Manager Russ Danielson said in an interview with Plastics News. “Interest in that area continues to grow.”

A new, nonblooming Versaflex-brand TPE allows brands and OEMs in consumer electronics to achieve a “silky-soft” overmolded surface without surface blooms, officials said. The new material also offers UV and stain resistance to endure everyday wear and tear. Overmolding onto polycarbonate and PC/ABS with a smooth surface also eliminates the need for secondary coatings, officials added.

Avient also recently commercialized ColorMatrix Optica PET-brand blue toners and colorants, which enhance recyclability of PET packaging. The new materials work to correct and reduce yellowing or color variation that can occur during recycling. Optica PET also can provide improved bottle mechanical strength; reduced stoppages, blowouts and scrap rates; and reduced energy consumption during bottle blowing, officials said.

Other new product developments at Avient include:

  • Trilliant Healthcare compounds with longer device life. The materials guard against cracking from disinfectants.

Avient focuses on paint elimination, recyclability with new materials

-Sinopec raised the price of benzene in China by CNY300 per ton

China China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. (Sinopec), Asia’s largest oil refinery, has raised domestic selling prices for benzene in China by 300 yuan (CNY) or USD46 per tonne, a company source told ICIS . PlasticRecycling PETPolymer CrudeWTI

Thus, from April 21, the selling prices of the company’s benzene for the delivery of the material to all regions of China are now CNY7,300 (USD1,123) per tonne, ex-works (ex-works).

The company’s benzene selling price at CNY7,300 per ton, ex-works, corresponds to the cost of imported material at USD983 per ton, CFR China, payable immediately on L / C, or USD996 per ton, CFR China, with a deferred payment on L / C 90 days.

Earlier it was noted that this month Sinopec alreadyraised its benzene prices on April 1, then the increase amounted to CNY150 per ton – to CNY6 500 (USD989.3) per ton, ex-works, and also increased them on April 6 by CNY200 per ton – to CNY6 700 (USD1,020) per ton, ex-works, and on 15 April – at CNY150 per tonne to CNY6 850 (USD1,049) per tonne, ex-works. In addition, for the fourth time, the company raised its quotes for material on April 19 by CNY150 per tonne – to CNY7,000 (USD1,077) per tonne, ex-work.

Benzene is a raw material for the production of styrene, which, in turn, is the main raw material for the production of polystyrene (PS).

PlasticRecycling PETPolymer CrudeWTI

-Andritz technology aids raw material consumption

International technology Group Andritz has developed a new system aimed at helping its customers optimize their raw material consumption.

As Andritz notes, the optimization of resource management, especially reducing the consumption of raw materials and other substances used and also keeping resources in use for as long as possible, are decisive factors in enabling nonwovens producers to offer competitive and sustainable products. PlasticRecycling PETPolymer CrudeWTI

A key factor here is the need to maximize the evenness of the product across the entire production line. With this in mind, the weight profiling product range from Andritz, which consists of ProDyn and ProWid, has now been extended with the addition of ProWin.

This new development, which is a combination of the two existing systems ProDyn and ProWid, allows nonwovens producers to achieve optimum weight profiling at the crosslapper delivery and increase their process speed by up to 15% at the same time.

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