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PlasticRecycling Resinprices Automotive

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-Nanofibre filtration for automotive applications

Mann+Hummel is now applying its well-established nanofibre media in cabin air filters for automotive applications.

In the last few years, international studies have shown the impact of fine dust on health; the smaller the particles are, the more dangerous they are. PM2.5 particles that are smaller than 2.5 µm can go deeper into human respiratory system and can cause severe health issues and even death.

For the separation of finest particles Mann+Hummel has been successfully using nanofibre technology for a number of years in a number of applications for the commercial vehicles sector.

Now this technology is also used in cabin air filters for automotive applications reducing the number of pollutants that vehicle occupants breathe, and therefore improving the air quality in the vehicle cabin.

Nanofibre filtration for automotive applications

-StackTeck introduces new technology for overmolding PET preforms

The system incorporates two preform molds used in concert with a Niigon rotary cube injection molding machine.

StackTeck Systems Ltd., a Brampton, Ont.-based manufacturer of multi-cavity, high-volume production molds, has unveiled what it says is a new approach to overmolding cube applications. PlasticRecycling Resinprices Automotive

The system incorporates two preform molds used in concert with a Niigon rotary cube injection molding machine, using its horizontal rotating table and dual injection units. The rotary cube rotates 180 degrees during every cycle, bringing the first shot parts to a second cavity for overmolding the second shot.

According to Rick Unterlander, StackTeck’s general manager of PET, the technology is distinct from traditional co-injection, because an inner layer is initially molded on one side of the cube, then rotated 180 degrees where the outer layer is over-molded.

StackTeck introduces new technology for overmolding PET preforms

-Alpek bids for CarbonLite’s Pennsylvania recycling plant

The Alpek subsidiary DAK Americas has submitted a $96m bid to acquire a recycling plant in Reading, Pennsylvania, from the bankrupt company CarbonLite, according to court document that CarbonLite filed on Monday.

DAK Americas’s bid will serve as a floor or stalking horse bid. If CarbonLIte does not receive a better offer, then DAK Americas could acquire the plant.

In a statement, Alpek confirmed the timing set forth by the bankruptcy documents. It declined to comment further because it is company policy not to discuss ongoing negotiations. PlasticRecycling Resinprices Automotive

CarbonLite is scheduled to conduct an auction for the plant on 17 May. The court is scheduled to hold a sales hearing on 26 May. The sale could close by 3 June.

PlasticRecycling Resinprices Automotive

-Is nylon 6 CS chip industry facing a reshuffle?

CS chip margin shrinks significantly in 2021

Nylon 6 conventional spinning chip (hereinafter referred as “CS chip”) has been through a very difficult time in the past 5 months.

This is directly shown by the astonishing sharp fall in price spread between CS chip and CPL since late November 2020.

It is typically believed that he price spread between nylon 6 CS chip and its direct feedstock caprolactam should be more than 850yuan/mt to make chip production profitable. PlasticRecycling Resinprices Automotive

But the spread based on a hand-to-mouth mode of CPL replenishment indicates that CS chip plants are suffering heavy losses.

The spread in the above chart is only comparing prompt CPL spot prices and nylon 6 CS chip spot.

Yet in actual situations, most CS chip plants in East China purchase higher-end contracted CPL, and North China suppliers use cost-advantageous spot CPL. In the latter scenario, CS chip plants are taking the low cost edge of local CPL resources, and their actual margin is higher than the chart indicates.

PlasticRecycling Resinprices Automotive

-Magna commits to carbon neutrality in global operations by 2030

The auto parts maker has also signed on as a founding sponsor of XPrize Abundant Energy Alliance. PlasticRecycling Resinprices Automotive

Automotive parts maker Magna International has pledged to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations by 2025 in Europe and by 2030 globally.

“While sustainability has long been ingrained in Magna’s culture, this decade will be our most decisive yet as we accelerate our efforts to protect the planet for future generations,” said Swamy Kotagiri, CEO of the Aurora, Ont.-based company. “We believe achieving carbon neutrality is both a social responsibility and a business imperative in the fight against climate change. This ambitious – and achievable – goal is rooted in a science-based approach that aligns with the Paris Climate Accord and places us among industry leaders in Europe and North America.”

Magna commits to carbon neutrality in global operations by 2030

-Europe ACN demand strong through into H2

European acrylonitrile (ACN) demand is strong for most end-use applications but most customers are covering requirements on contracts only and reducing run rates to avoid paying record high spot numbers.

Spot prices in Asia, the US and Europe have come off the March peaks, but remain historically high. PlasticRecycling Resinprices Automotive


Globally supply is still tight, though there is less pressure than in February and March.

Demand for virtually all applications is strong.

Those buyers that leave a proportion of volume to be covered in the spot market spoke of tweaking rates lower to avoid exposure to the high numbers.

“Our run rates are 80% – we have more demand but it does not make sense to buy spot [at the moment],” one buyer said.

Europe ACN demand strong through into H2

-Coca-Cola bottler will be up against green gauntlet

ENVIRONMENTALISTS will be keeping a keen eye on the plastic waste initiatives of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA), which plans to soon list on the JSE and in Amsterdam.  PlasticRecycling Resinprices Petrochemicals

An initial public offering will pave the way for CCBA to operate as an independent Africa-focused, South African-head-quartered, managed and domiciled business.

Global bottling giant Coca-Cola Company, which in April announced plans to list its CCBA unit, said turning off the tap on plastic pollution was a priority as it aims to make all its consumer packaging 100 percent recyclable globally by 2025, and reduce its carbon footprint.

Coca-Cola, which emerged as the number one Top Global Polluter, according to the 2020 Break Free From Plastic survey, said it also aimed to use at least 50 percent recycled material in its packaging by 2030.

PlasticRecycling Resinprices Automotive

-Arkema Completes Divestment of PMMA

Trinseo now owns the venerable Plexiglass PMMA business

Arkema  and Trinseo teams have carried our all the steps leading to the closing of the previously reported proposed transaction which involved Arkema’s divestment of the venerable Plexiglass PMMA business. PlasticRecycling Resinprices Automotive

For Arkema, the deal is a new step in the Group’s transformation, and is fully in line with Arkema’s ambition to become a pure specialty materials player by 2024, centered only around adhesive solutions, advanced materials, and coating solutions.

The divested business, which employs some 860 people and operates seven production sites (four in Europe and three in North America), will thus be joining Trinseo, a company specialized in the production of plastics, synthetic rubber and latex binders.

Arkema Completes Divestment of PMMA

-INEOS Styrolution delivers bio-based materials for nora by Interface rubber flooring

Styroflex® ECO is based on bio-attributed styrenics

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, announces today that nora by Interface, the commercial rubber flooring brand of Interface, has selected Styroflex® ECO 2G66 B60 to support the company’s efforts to lower the carbon footprint of its products as it endeavors to become a carbon negative enterprise by 2040.

Marcela Villegas, Director Product Management Specialties EMEA at INEOS Styrolution, comments: “We are proud to work with nora systems. Our two companies share the same entrepreneurial spirit and the same passion for sustainable solutions.” PlasticRecycling Resinprices Automotive

Styroflex ECO is the recently introduced[1] extension to the Styroflex product line with materials based on bio-attributed styrenics. Styroflex ECO 2G66 B60 is a RSB[2] compliant product leading to a 100% substitution of fossil-sourced styrene with an RSB-certified bio-attributed styrene, and 74% lower greenhouse gas footprint when compared to styrene produced from fossil feedstock.

INEOS Styrolution delivers bio-based materials for nora by Interface rubber flooring

-Biodegradation can provide meaningful end-of-life option

Alternatives from biodegradable plastics were also found for 24 of the 25 applications

With the support of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), the nova-Institut has found plastic products in the project “BioSinn”, for which biodegradation is a good way to exploit them after use. The results will be presented at two online conferences on 28 and 30 April. PlasticRecycling Resinprices Automotive

Some plastic products cannot be recycled, but end up in nature, in water or in compost. These include mowing threads of lawn trimers, flower binding yarns, flocculant from sewage treatment plants, the clips for attaching tomato plants and many more.

Especially for such applications, the use of biodegradable plastics from renewable raw materials is predestined. The project “BioSinn: Plant-profiles of meaningfulbiodegradable products based on nawaRo” has investigated this: Applications were sought in which the collection of the products, their separation of organic waste and cleaning or material recycling is not feasible even from a sustainability point of view.

Biodegradation can provide meaningful end-of-life option

PlasticRecycling Resinprices Automotive

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