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Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend  Polyestertime

-MEGlobal keeps June contract price of MEG in Asia at USD830 per tonne

MEGlobal, the world leader in the production of monoethylene glycol (MEG) and diethylene glycol (DG), on May 10 nominated the June contract price of MEG for Asia at USD830 per ton, which is in line with the May level, the company’s press service said.

The price was quoted on terms of delivery CFR Asia.

According to market sources, the near-term outlook for the MEG market in the region leaves much to be desired, as forthcoming shipments of material from China may continue to weigh on market sentiment.

Earlier it was noted that MEGlobal lowered the May contract price of MEG for Asia by USD100 per tonne compared to the level of the previous month – to USD830 per tonne, CFR Asia.

MEG, along with terephthalic acid (TPA), is one of the main raw materials for the production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

According to the ICIS-MRC Price Survey , in Russia the vast majority of prices for contract clients in the current month are in the range of 103,000-117,000 rubles. per ton, CPT Moscow, VAT included.

MEGlobal keeps June contract price of MEG in Asia at USD830 per tonne

-Revolution renamed NanoLayr after expansion

Following a large-scale expansion carried out over the past year, nanofibre manufacturer Revolution Fibres has now renamed itself NanoLayr.

The New Zealand company, founded in 2009, has moved into a new 5,50-square-metre facility in Auckland equipped with five of its customised sonic electrospinning machines. Masterbatches Automotive Chemicals

“An increasing number of industries are embracing what nanofibres can do to make products better and stronger, to maximise performance, and establish competitive advantage,” said CEO Ray Connor. “We have been a pioneer of advanced nanofibre technology using our proprietary sonic electrospinning process to manufacture nanofibre products, including filter media for N95 and N99 face masks and the collagen skincare product ActivLayr. Our focus is to maximise the potential of our platform technology.”

Revolution renamed NanoLayr after expansion

U.S. crude oil production will decline more significantly in 2021 than forecast

U.S. crude oil production is expected to fall by 290,000 barrels per day (bpd) in 2021 to 11.02 million bpd, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) said, a steeper decline than its previous forecast for a drop of 270,000 bpd, said Hydrocarbonprocessing.  Masterbatches Automotive Chemicals

U.S. oil producers have been gradually increasing drilling activity as oil prices have rebounded but output growth has been muted as investors pressure companies to rein in spending and focus on returns. In 2022, output is expected to rise by 820,000 bpd to 11.84 million bpd, unchanged from the EIA’s estimate last month.

“Because the average price of West Texas Intermediate crude oil remains above USD55 per barrel in our forecast, we expect producers will drill and complete enough wells in the coming months to offset declines at existing wells,” the agency said in a monthly forecast.

The EIA said it expects U.S. petroleum and other liquid fuel consumption to rise 1.39 million bpd to 19.51 million bpd in 2021, compared with a previous forecast for a rise of 1.32 million bpd. The agency expects that gasoline consumption in the United States will average almost 9 million bpd this summer, between April and September, which is 1.2 million bpd more than last summer but almost 600,000 bpd less than summer of 2019.

U.S. crude oil production will decline more significantly in 2021 than forecast

-Resin Market : Demand Rises to Start the Month, and So Does Pricing

A renewed surge in demand in the spot resin markets the first week of May sparked a rise in prices for both polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). This was a reversal from the latter part of April, when buyers mostly procured minimal volumes expecting the relatively mild easing in prices to pick up steam with additional discounting, reports the PlasticsExchange in its Market Update.

Price levels did slide a bit the previous few weeks, even amid tight supplies, as some air was let out of the top end of the market in response to waning buyer enthusiasm. However, few month-end PE or PP deals materialized as April drew to a close. Market sentiment shifted back into bullish territory, as supplies remained very tight, a new PE force majeure was issued, PGP monomer prices jumped, additional production disruptions were triggered in Mexico, and North American resin producers reiterated their intent to raise PE and PP contract prices further in May. They also nominated new increases for June. Masterbatches Automotive Chemicals

Resin Market : Demand Rises to Start the Month, and So Does Pricing

-Clariant’s “70 grade pigment series supports China’s transition to lead-free paint

The United Nations Environment Programme is committed to strengthening the safe management of school products and waste from 2020

China’s new rules restrict toxic substances in industrial coatings

Clariant helps small and medium-sized enterprises to cross the lead-free paint market  Masterbatches Automotive Chemicals

Clariant has launched its lead-free “70” product line as the United Nations Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) significantly strengthens the safe management of chemicals and wastes from 2020.

Clariant is an advocate for the SAICM project, sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which aims to phase out lead paint through regulatory and legal measures. At the same time, China’s new rules, which come into effect in December 2020, also impose strict limits on toxic substances found in industrial coatings.

Clariant's "70 grade pigment series supports China's transition to lead-free paint

-True-Form Plastics launches weather-proof cradle solution made from 100% rPET

Tru-Form Plastics, a supplier of thermoformed plastics, announced the availability of the Roll Stop™ roll cradle for the safe transport of circular and cylindrical products.

Designed for a standard 48” x 48” pallet, the Roll Stop uses a unique interlocking system to keep layers from sliding during packaging and stacking. The Roll Stop is made from 100% recycled polyester (rPET) and unlike pulp-based cradles, is weather-proof, durable, and can be reliably used to transport rolled products throughout a distribution network from manufacturers to national and regional distributors to end customers.  Masterbatches Automotive Chemicals

“Safety is our first priority,” said Jim Goode, president, and CEO at Tru-Form Plastics. “We are pleased to offer our customers a superior roll cradle product that keeps packages from moving or falling during transport, keeping your employees and your products safe from load shifting.”

Masterbatches Automotive Chemicals

-Four certification schemes join PolyCert Europe

Four independent certification schemes have joined the PolyCert Europe umbrella technical platform with the objective of harmonising their methodologies for the verification of the uptake of secondary raw material in converted polymeric products as recycled content.

QA-CER, Belgium; AENOR, Spain; Plastica Seconda Vita, Italy; and Wertstoff PET (RAL), Germany all met the PolyCert Europe standard and are convinced that working together will increase transparency in claims made by companies about the secondary material, as well as l support the transition to circular economy for plastics and other industries.  Masterbatches Automotive Chemicals

PolyCert Europe certification schemes are working together to design a harmonised independent audit methodology across the EU Member States. An important aspect to be approved by PolyCert Europe is that certification schemes work with third party accredited certification bodies such that impartiality and independency in auditing and issuing the certificate is guaranteed.

Plastics converters and compounders using secondary raw material in their products can demonstrate compliance of their practices by auditing their production processes. The harmonisation contributes to a level playing field among the certification schemes across the EU Member States to ensure their mutual recognition.

Masterbatches Automotive Chemicals

-Coca-Cola progresses on 100% recycled or renewable journey in Germany

Coca-Cola in Western Europe today takes another step forward in removing virgin fossil-based plastic as Coca-Cola in Germany announces it will achieve a share of recycled material of around 70 per cent for PET non-refillable bottles in 2021 as part of its journey towards 100% rPET for its entire locally produced portfolio.

A central principle of Coca-Cola’s sustainability strategy is bottle-to-bottle recycling of beverage bottles as part of a low carbon, circular economy. That is why it is taking another big step in Germany towards 100% recycled or renewable content for its PET non-refillable bottles: the PET bottles of the ViO, Fuze Tea and Powerade brands will be completely converted to 100% rPET. For all other brands, all bottles up to a size of 0.5 litres as well as the 1.5-litre and the 2.0-litre bottles will transition to be made entirely of 100% rPET.  Masterbatches Automotive Chemicals

In its efforts to make PET non-refillable bottles more sustainable, Coca-Cola is also investing continuously in returnable packaging in Germany including investment in new refillable production lines, returnable containers, the expansion of the refillable bottle pool and new returnable crates in Germany. Most recently, two new refillable bottles were introduced to the German market in 2019 with the 1-litre glass bottles for Coca-Cola Classic, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and the mineral water ViO. These investments are to be continued this year, including a new 0.4-litre refillable glass bottle.

Masterbatches Automotive Chemicals

-NIRI installs new meltblown technology

The UK-based Nonwoven Innovation & Research Institute (NIRI) has recently completed an upgrade to its existing meltblown system, installing new equipment and expanding their extensive facilities to further help clients across a whole host of applications.  Masterbatches Automotive Chemicals

The latest meltblown system will be of particular relevance for research and development, pilot projects, sampling and prototyping, proof of concept testing, as well as designing cost-effective products.

The availability of meltblown technology has been high on the nonwoven agenda over the last year given its critical usage in medical grade textiles throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, including Type II and Type IIR face masks, FFP2, FFP3 and N95 respirators, and PPE more generally.

Masterbatches Automotive Chemicals

-Groz Beckert to offer in-person and virtual experience at ITMA Asia

Nonwovens systems supplier Groz Beckert will offer both an in-person and a virtual service to visitors at next month’s ITMA Asia + CITME exhibition.

The 7th edition of the show takes place from 12–16 June 2021 in Shanghai, China with Groz-Beckert presenting the new products from all six of its key product areas.

The products will be presented both physically as exhibits and in extended form via augmented reality in Hall 4, Booth C31.

However, with travel restrictions still in place in some parts of the world, the company is also inviting all visitors who cannot travel to the trade fair the opportunity to visit its virtual booth. Masterbatches Automotive Chemicals

The three-dimensional virtual space has been designed to match the original booth with the Albstadt, Germany, based firm developing a digital service specifically for the trade fair. Visitors can move through the virtual space alone or together with a Groz-Beckert employee and view all exhibits in 3D. Free registration is required to attend the digital trade fair, which is possible approximately two weeks before the start of the show. Further information can be found on the Groz-Beckert website.

Groz Beckert to offer in-person and virtual experience at ITMA Asia

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