Ecofriendly Plastics Petrochemicals LDPEFilm 03-06-2021

Ecofriendly Plastics Petrochemicals LDPEFilm

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

-Senege launched a new PET production technology

The plant of new polymers Senege (part of the OP “Europlast”) has launched the FTR (Flakes-to-Resine) technology, which has no analogues in Russia, which allows adding up to 35% of secondary raw materials to the primary to create food granules, said Europlast.

It is noted that upon reaching the design capacity, the plant will produce 130,000 tonnes of granules per year, involving about 35,000 tonnes of recycled PET bottles in the production cycle.

“After the launch of FTR, Senege became the second (after the Plarusa plastics processing plant, part of the Europlast holding) Russian plant producing food granules from recovered raw materials,” the statement says.

General Director of the plant Maxim Tyurin noted that thanks to the FTR recycling technology, the company will significantly increase the production of granules containing recovered raw materials. “FTR will help meet the growing market demand for packaging using recycled materials. Packaging manufacturers will have an additional opportunity to meet environmental trends,” he said.

As per ICIS-MRC Price Report, Senege will not have free spot volumes of material in the first half of next month, according to a representative of the producer. The contract prices of Russian plants for most buyers this month were in the range of Rb103,000-117,000/tonne CPT Moscow, including VAT.

Senege launched a new PET production technology

-Nexeo Plastics Acquires Italian Thermoplastics Compounder

Nexeo’s acquisition of Nevicolor expands its global offerings of value-added thermoplastics compounds and application development services.

Global resin distributor Nexeo Plastics, an affiliate of GPD Companies, Inc., has acquired Nevicolor S.p.A. a leading Italian distributor and compounder of thermoplastics.  Ecofriendly Plastics Petrochemicals LDPEFilm

A family-founded business with broad geographic reach throughout the country, Nevicolor has provided value-added thermoplastic resins, compounds and application development services for over 57 years.

The company’s products serve a variety of customers and suppliers in the industrial components, healthcare, automotive, advanced packaging, agriculture and electrical sectors. Nevicolor serves more than 800 customers with a portfolio of over 3,000 grades of high-quality polymers, including recycled materials.

Ecofriendly Plastics Petrochemicals LDPEFilm

-Nanocompound in the bodywork

Formulated by R&P Polyplastic was adopted to mass-print the mudguards of a new line of commercial vehicles.

R&P polyplastic GAZ mudguard Russian compounder R&P Polyplastic has developed a nanofill modified polyamide-based material for vehicle manufacturer GAZ, which was adopted to mold the fenders of the new Gazelle NN line of commercial vehicles produced at the Nizhniy Novgorod plant.  Ecofriendly Plastics Petrochemicals LDPEFilm

The addition of electroconductive carbon nanofillers to the plastic material (polyamide 6) allows the fender to be decorated using electrophoretic paint lines for metals.

Nanotechnologies have made it possible to modify the properties of the polyamide in terms of electroconductivity (resistivity of 106-108 Ω cm) without negative effects on the physical-mechanical characteristics.

Nanocompound in the bodywork

-May contract prices of PE in the USA rose by USD110 per ton

May contract prices for polyethylene (PE) in the United States rose 5 cents per pound (USD110 per tonne) amid strong demand and limited supply, ICIS reported .

PE contract prices in the US have been rising for the past six months in a row Supply remains limited due to the impact of a winter storm in mid-February, which resulted in significant losses in the production of ethylene, polyethylene and various catalysts and additives used in polyethylene production.  Ecofriendly Plastics Petrochemicals LDPEFilm

Demand remains strong, supported by the growing US economy, as well as increased demand for plastic packaging, fueled by the increase in shopping and dining from home due to the coronavirus.

Previously reportedthat April contract prices for polyethylene (PE) in the US rose by 7-9 cents per pound (USD154-198 per tonne) amid consistently strong demand and continued supply constraints. Linear low density polyethylene (LDL) and high density polyethylene (LDPE) contracts rose 9 cents / lb at the top of the range and 7 cents / lb at the bottom. Low-density polyethylene (HDPE) prices rose 7 cents a pound at both ends of the range.

Ecofriendly Plastics Petrochemicals LDPEFilm

-Evergreen to acquire CarbonLite’s PET recycling facility in Riverside, California

Evergreen, the PET recycling division of Greenbridge, has announced its intent to acquire CarbonLite’s PET recycling facility in Riverside, California, in a deal that will significantly enhance the company’s position as a leading PET recycler and manufacturer of food-grade RPET. The acquisition will give Evergreen a larger presence in North America with locations in the Midwest and West Coast. Terms of the purchase were not disclosed.  Ecofriendly Plastics Petrochemicals LDPEFilm

The announcement comes just weeks after Evergreen unveiled a major expansion at its Clyde, Ohio facility that will double manufacturing capacity of food grade RPET from 40 million pounds to more than 80 million pounds annually by mid 2022. The expansion includes construction of a 54,000-square-feet addition, bringing the Ohio plant to just under 300,000 square feet. Existing RPET pelletizing lines will be retrofitted with solid-state polycondensation reactors to meet rigorous specifications required by the FDA and food and beverage customers.

Ecofriendly Plastics Petrochemicals LDPEFilm

-Versalis’ Strategic Guidelines for Circular Economy Development

Versalis considers circularity to be a strategic driver that is applied to processes and products throughout their life cycle.

The three pillars of circular economy development are based on innovation:

  • eco-design to maximise resource efficiency at all stages of the life cycle and product recyclability
  • polymer recycling through the development of innovative technologies from in-house research and innovation (R&I) and external partnerships
  • diversification of raw materials including, among others, those derived from renewable sources.  Ecofriendly Plastics Petrochemicals LDPEFilm


Bag to Bag: Recycled industrial packaging for Versalis products

The project was developed to help recover and recycle industrial polyethylene packaging, such as bags and liners, used for shipping Versalis products on pallets and in trucks/containers.

Bags and liners are collected and recycled to produce a secondary raw material that is suitable for making new packaging. It is a circular and efficient scheme called “Bag to Bag” and “Liner to Liner”, and is carried out in collaboration with supply chain operators. Adopting the scheme leads to resource savings, less plastic waste and improved supply chain sustainability.

Versalis has developed and launched an innovative grade of expandable polystyrene (EPS) under the registered trademark Extir® FL 3000.

Versalis’ Strategic Guidelines for Circular Economy Development

-New enzyme technology for environmentally friendly plastic recycling

An enzyme called tyrosinase, which is responsible for triggering a protective mechanism in plants and turning apples brown, even possesses further, previously unknown properties: For the first time, acib researchers have used the proteolytic abilities of tyrosinases to improve another enzyme – so that it can degrade plastic.

The paradigm “one enzyme – one function” valid for many decades, has changed dramatically in the past years. Ecofriendly Plastics Petrochemicals LDPEFilm

Technical achievements like genome sequencing revealed that actually only a limited number of enzymes catalyses hundred thousands of reactions in a cell. One approach how nature deals with the disproportion between enzymes and biochemical reactions is the usage of so called “multifunctional enzymes”. Multifunctional enzymes are proteins that perform at least two distinct enzymatic activities whereby the different substrates might be bound in one or more active sites. In vivo, the multifunctionality allows enzymes to play multiple physiological roles whereas in vitro, multifunctional enzymes became interesting biocatalysts for industrial biotransformations.

New enzyme technology for environmentally friendly plastic recycling

-VFSE project develops circular application for automotive rPVC

VFSE has announced the successful finalisation of its EATS recycling project together with the project partner CIFRA and additional stakeholders from the automotive industry. Ecofriendly Plastics Petrochemicals LDPEFilm

VFSE project develops circular application for automotive rPVC

The project was co-funded by VinylPlus and successfully developed a product for the automotive industry, made of recycled PVC from the automotive industry.

The EATS recycling project was set up in 2019 by the EATS subgroup of Vinyl Films and Sheets Europe that comprises three companies active in the automotive trim market: the Cotting Group, TMG Automotive, and Vulcaflex.

Roberto Bozzi, President of VFSE and CEO of Vulcaflex, said: “The entire plastics industry is fully committed to the transition towards a more circular and sustainable economy. We as an association wanted to contribute to this transition by demonstrating the potential for the use of recycled PVC as a raw material for the creation of new products for the automotive industry.”

Ecofriendly Plastics Petrochemicals LDPEFilm

-SK Global Chemical plans to recycle 100% of plastic products

SK Global Chemical’s objective is to re-circulate plastic waste, which will lead to an eco-friendly plastic ecosystem. Ecofriendly Plastics Petrochemicals LDPEFilm

The P4G, a global group investing in market based partnerships for sustainable and resilient economies, held its Seoul Summit May 30-31, 2021. The theme of the summit was Inclusive Green Recovery Towards Carbon Neutrality.

SK Global Chemical CEO Na Kyung-soo participated at the P4G Seoul Summit in the panel discussion on Circular Economy  where he shared the company’s Green Business practices including its key strategy “3R” (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), which is designed to establish a circular plastic waste system, and put forward solutions to the global plastic waste problem as well as measures toward an eco-friendly plastic ecosystem, per Jung Jun-ho of Korea IT Times.

“SK Global Chemical’s objective is to re-circulate plastic waste, which will lead to an eco-friendly plastic ecosystem. With a focus on developing core technologies, the company is strongly pushing ahead with Green Business,” said CEO Na Kyung-soo. “In addition, the company will do its part in establishing an eco-friendly plastic ecosystem by making 100% of its future plastic products directly and indirectly recyclable.”

SK Global Chemical plans to recycle 100% of plastic products

-SK, Lotte agree to set up hydrogen JV this year

The JV will be established by the groups’ subsidiaries SK Gas and Lotte Chemical.

The SK Group and Lotte Group agreed to establish a joint venture (JV) within 2021 to strengthen their existing hydrogen infrastructure and create new revenue streams using hydrogen.  Ecofriendly Plastics Petrochemicals LDPEFilm

The JV will be established by the groups’ subsidiaries SK Gas and Lotte Chemical.

The JV will supply byproduct hydrogen produced at SK Advanced’s Ulsan plant and at Lotte Chemical’s Yeosu, Daesan, and Ulsan plants to hydrogen charging stations across South Korea and other industries that require hydrogen.

The JV is set to build 100 hydrogen charging stations in South Korea mainly using SK Gas’s LPG charging station sites and Lotte Group’s distribution centers.

Ecofriendly Plastics Petrochemicals LDPEFilm

Ecofriendly Plastics Petrochemicals LDPEFilm

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