PlasticsRecycling Petrochemicals PA12 15-07-2021

PlasticsRecycling Petrochemicals PA12

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-MEGlobal nominates ACP for August 2021 at USD840 per tonne

MEGlobal has announced its Asian Contract Price (ACP) for monoethylene glycol (MEG) to be shipped in August 2021, according to the company’s press release.

Thus, on 12 July, the company said ACP for MEG would be at USD840/MT CFR Asian main ports for arrival in August 2021, up by USD10/tonne from the previous month.

The August 2021 ACP reflects the short term supply/demand situation in the Asian market.

As MRC reported earlier, MEGlobal announced its July ACP for MEG at USD830/MT CFR Asian main ports, as in June and May, when the company’s MEG prices went down by USD100/tonne from April 2021.

MEG is one of the main feedstocks for the production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

MEGlobal nominates ACP for August 2021 at USD840 per tonne

-Ineos Styrolution factory in Illinois sees development delays

The company says it plans to open a plant in Channahon, Illinois, in the next three years but has encountered pandemic-related delays.

Ineos Styrolution America LLC, a polystyrene (PS) manufacturer based in Aurora, Illinois, has experienced some delays in the development of its PS recycling plant in Channahon, Illinois, says Cassie Bradley, the company’s sustainability manager. The facility is expected to open in about three years. PlasticsRecycling Petrochemicals PA12

Bradley says the plant is still in the development and engineering stages. This is because Ineos was not able to get people out for engineering surveys in light of the pandemic. Bradley says the company wanted to make sure it follows COVID-19 protocols and kept its workers safe last year.

The plant is part of a partnership between Ineos and Agilyx. The 100-ton-per-day facility will use Agilyx chemical recycling technology to convert discarded PS into virgin-equivalent styrene monomer through depolymerization, Bradley says.

Ineos Styrolution factory in Illinois sees development delays

-World’s largest PA 12 complex by Evonik to start soon

Evonik has crossed a milestone with the near completion of a new and the world’s largest polyamide (PA) 12 complex at Marl Chemical Park in Germany. Operation at the €500-million ($594 million) facility will start in Q4 this year.

Seen as its largest investment in Germany to date, the new complex increases Evonik’s production capacity for the high-performance polymer by more than 50 per cent. PlasticsRecycling Petrochemicals PA12

Construction for the modern PA 12 complex buttressed by Evonik’s sites in Asia.

Commenting on the milestone, Armin Laschet, Minister President of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, said: “This complex stands for the future viability of our state. Investing in this state-of-the-art complex creates new, highly skilled jobs. Policymakers need to do everything they can in the future to ensure such investments are made here in Germany and not in other countries.”

PlasticsRecycling Petrochemicals PA12

-Lotte Chemical to invest 4.4 tln won in hydrogen business by 2030

Lotte Chemical Co., a major South Korean petrochemical company, said Tuesday it will invest 4.4 trillion won (US$3.8 billion) in the hydrogen business by 2030 to cut its carbon emissions and foster the new growth driver.

The petrochemical unit of Lotte Group said it aims to generate 3 trillion won in annual sales and achieve 10 percent of its operating profits from the hydrogen business over the next decade. PlasticsRecycling Petrochemicals PA12

Lotte Chemical said it will pump out about 600,000 tons of clean hydrogen using its eco-friendly production technology, setting a goal of taking up 30 percent of the domestic hydrogen market by 2030.

The company plans to supply hydrogen to Lotte’s logistics and retail affiliates, as well as fuel cell electric vehicles, to expand its presence in the domestic market.

-ACC calls for 30% recycled plastic by 2030, scaling of chemical recycling

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) on Tuesday announced its comprehensive five-point plan to accelerate the growth of recycling to reduce plastic waste.

The plan includes what the ACC calls “bold steps” to bolster a regulatory system and enable the rapid scaling of chemical recycling in order to reach a target of 30% recycled plastic in packaging by 2030. PlasticsRecycling Petrochemicals PA12

“It’s time to accelerate the circular economy for plastic packaging,” said the ACC’s Joshua Baca, vice president, plastics. “We need Congress to act on a comprehensive national strategy that will capture the value of used plastic by engaging the entire plastics value chain, from plastic makers to brand companies to all Americans,”

The proposals for congressional action centre around a national strategy that aims to encourage a circular economy to divert plastic waste from landfills and help drive down greenhouse gas emissions.

PlasticsRecycling Petrochemicals PA12

-Chinese scientists develop fabric they say can cool the body

Ziyu Zhang and Maryann Xue, South China Morning Post

Chinese researchers have designed a fabric they say can cool the body by nearly 5 degrees Celsius and could help people cope with rising temperatures.

The “metafabric” – designed by a team of scientists from across the country – looks like ordinary T-shirt material and uses technology that causes it to emit mid-infrared radiation (MIR) to reduce the temperature of the wearer, according to their paper published in the journal Science on Thursday.

“Tests showed that a person wearing our metafabric could be cooled down 4.8 degrees [40.6 degrees Fahrenheit] lower than when wearing commercial cotton,” the researchers said. “The cost-effectiveness and high-performance of our metafabrics present great advantages for intelligent garments, smart textiles, and passive radiative cooling applications.”  PlasticsRecycling Petrochemicals PA12

Human skin naturally emits MIR, which – like other infrared radiation – is invisible to the eye but can be felt as heat. While normal skin temperature is around 37 degrees, the scientists said wearing the metafabric could cool the skin to 31-32 degrees.

PlasticsRecycling Petrochemicals PA12

-Asian High Density Polyethylene Prices May Rise Moderately: TexPro

CFR Far East (FE) Asia, the price of high density polyethylene (HDPE), is reasonable in the coming months as countries immunize their citizens and deregulate the growing demand for products around the world. Is expected to rise. Crude oil prices are also rising as demand rises, helping to maintain prices for their derivatives.

HDPE prices could also rise by the end of this year as China managed a very high COVID case in April 2021. HDPE is a popular choice for non-woven fabrics.

HDPE, CFR (Cost and Freight) FE Asia prices were $ 931.43 per ton in January 2021 and rose 24.63% to $ 1,160.87 per ton in March 2021. However, it fell in the second quarter due to the sudden rise in COVID. PlasticsRecycling Petrochemicals PA12

Incident and blockade imposition in China. Prices fell to $ 1,020.45 per metric ton in June 2021, according to the report.

Asian High Density Polyethylene Prices May Rise Moderately: TexPro

-Mass balance approach serves Aptar in Germany

Aptar Food + Beverage’s Freyung site in Germany has achieved ISCC PLUS Certification, a chain of custody certifications based on the mass balance model. It enables the use of resin from recycled mixed plastics feedstock or bio-based renewable feedstock.

Consumer Product Goods companies are increasingly searching for recycled polypropylene (rPP) materials for food products, but currently, rPP is not approved for food-grade products in Europe by the European Food Safety Authority and Food Standards Agency in the UK.  PlasticsRecycling Petrochemicals PA12

However, for companies in Europe that want access to recycled content polyolefins for food packaging, there is a solution that involves the ISCC PLUS ‘mass balance approach’. Aptar’s approach verifies, along the entire supply chain, the flow of materials.

ISCC is a certification system that ensures traceability, feedstock identity, and can help to validate sustainability claims around recycled content. Aptar’s Freyung site is the first Aptar Food + Beverage plant to achieve this distinction in Europe.

PlasticsRecycling Petrochemicals PA12

-IMA DAIRY & FOOD launches tools to facilitate shift to mono-material packaging

IMA Dairy & Food USA, whose equipment solutions comprise the brands Gasti, Hamba, Hassia, Fillshape, Corazza, Erca and Intecma, has introduced a set of tools aimed at food brands that are utilizing mono-material packages.

The company’s patented ZERO Technology tools are designed for manufacturers hoping to transition their packaging to materials such as PET, PP and PLA.

Working on form-fill-seal (FFS) machines, ZERO Technology utilizes a patented punch process that provides cutting and precutting of PET, PP and PLA. This reportedly facilitates the easy breaking of multipacks into individual units – a process that the company says has previously limited the use of mono-material packaging materials in many applications.  PlasticsRecycling Petrochemicals PA12

ZERO Technology uses independent sleeves, which allows cup design changes without the need to manufacture an entirely new thermoforming mold. The solution can apparently be easily dismantled for hassle-free maintenance, which IMA says can significantly extend the mold’s lifespan while maintaining peak performance.

PlasticsRecycling Petrochemicals PA12

-New swimwear and lingerie collection from Italian knitter

Brugnoli Giovanni S.p.A., introduces new swimwear and lingerie collection – Extrasize extrajacquard.

Leading Italian circular knitted fabrics manufacturer Brugnoli Giovanni S.p.A., is further developing its well-known ExtraJacquard technology dedicated to swimwear fabrics. ExtraJacquard is a Brugnoli technology engineered to create extra flat the fabric.  PlasticsRecycling Petrochemicals PA12

It is said to be the best solution for unparalleled colour definition, flexibility in creativity, creating logos or any other design, as well as also being visible on the back of the fabric.

During this season Brugnoli says it is going even further with the creation of ‘extralarge’ design.

New swimwear and lingerie collection from Italian knitter

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