PET-recycling – Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches 25-01-2022

PET-recycling – Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches

-Ecoibéria & WorldPET are now part of Logoplaste

Logoplaste is proud to announce that Ecoibéria and WorldPET, two leading companies in the production of recycled PET flakes and rPET, are now part of the Logoplaste Group.

Both companies, located in the North of Portugal, have extensive experience in recycling PET, focusing on the transformation of post-consumer plastic bales into food grade recycled flakes and pellets. The transaction is still subject to customary regulatory approvals. PET-recycling – Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches

Currently, Ecoibéria manages 47.500 tons of plastic a year – sorting, grinding, washing and transforming it into usable raw material for the plastics industry. On the other hand, WorldPET recently installed a new Erema VACUNITE® 2 system that is able to supply 12.000 tons of food grade rPET per year.

Jorge Lemos will remain as CEO of both businesses, helping to drive growth as well as ramp up the recently added capacity. For him this new partnership means: “The possibility to continue to evolve and develop an activity that is vital for the green economy. The partnership with Logoplaste aims to ensure that the company I founded in 2005, under the name Ecoibéria, plays an increasingly important role in the evolution of the PET recycling industry globally. Together, we will help society reach a balance in its consumption habits reducing the consumption of finite natural resources and increasing the usage of recycled materials. Above all, we want to contribute to a sustainable planet today and enabling a safe environment for future generations.”  PET-recycling – Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches

This acquisition is a strategic step for Logoplaste towards a circular economy for plastic packaging. The combination of Logoplaste, a recognized innovation leader, with the extensive recycling knowledge of Ecoibéria and WorldPET, will allow the Group to provide its customers with truly circular packaging solutions that drastically reduce carbon footprint and the impact on the environment.

PET-recycling - Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches

-Q&A regarding PET bottle chip market pre-Spring Festival holiday

  1. What is the impact of the recent epidemic on the delivery of PET bottle chip?

Recently, due to the spread of epidemic nationwide, PET bottle chip delivery in some regions were affected to some extent. PET-recycling – Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches

First of all, for low-risk areas, pickup of PET bottle chip only requires the health code and itinerary code. If the travel code has a star or comes from a medium-to-high-risk area, nucleic acid reports within 48 hours are required.

Secondly, some areas are restricted to internal circulation. People cannot go out of the province or out of the city, and these cities mainly concentrated in the north. People once been to Tianjin and Henan are not allowed to pick up goods at Dalian factories; all logistics vehicles in Tianjin are only allowed to circulate in the city and are not allowed to leave Tianjin; Anyang (Henan) is faced with traffic control, and many logistics drivers are reluctant to go to the factory to pick up goods, in case there is a need for isolation due to changes in health codes and itinerary codes. Most other regions currently maintain normal operation, and there are no other additional regulations.

  1. Downstream beverage, edible oil and PET sheet plants operation condition enhances

According to CCFGroup statistics, operating rate of major downstream plants in January is higher than that in December. Several large beverage factories have raised their running rate to more than 70%, some 80%. Edible oil factories are mostly operating at full capacity. Sheet factories have been on the rise recently due to the rush of orders pre-holiday. PET-recycling – Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches

Q&A regarding PET bottle chip market pre-Spring Festival holiday

-Light Stabilizing Masterbatches for Polyolefin-Based Molded Automotive Components and More

CAI’s new HALS additives in concentrate form are concentrate form for compounders do not generate VOC or unintended odors.

Two new proprietary ‘premium’ light stabilizing additive concentrates targeted to the production of polyolefin-based compounds for automotive components and other applications are newly available from Massachusetts-based CAI Performance CAI Performance Additives, the sole North American distributor of China’s Starbetter Chemical Materials. PET-recycling – Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches

Both additives deliver hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS)) in a masterbatch format. Product ST-LST350 contains a single HALS while ST-LST850 contains two HALS in equal proportions. Both feature an additional active ingredient which can enhance polymer compatibility.  According to CEO Richard Marshall, the key to these additives is they are not made by compounding methods, but produced through a proprietary reactive process, so no heat-history is present when used by compounders. No dust or liquids need be handled and they do not generate VOC or unintended odors.

These additives  have been shown to be particularly useful in durable applications like automotive parts that need to withstand long periods of light exposure, and have been shown to be highly effective in PP, PE and TPO. PET-recycling – Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches

Light Stabilizing Masterbatches for Polyolefin-Based Molded Automotive Components and More

-Faurecia streamlines international procurement process with OpenText

OpenText announced that Faurecia, a global leader in automotive interiors and emission control technology, implemented OpenText Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) for SAP Solutions to manage and access high volumes of information and drive efficiency of procurement operations. PET-recycling – Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches

Headquartered in France, Faurecia operates more than 300 sites in 35 countries, with close to 115,000 employees worldwide. The company develops automotive technology to advance safe, personalized transportation that is environmentally responsible. Faurecia needed a solution to enhance and standardize key points of its financial process and implemented OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions.

“The pandemic was a challenge for everybody, and we could not imagine maintaining our accounts payable without implementing OpenText Vendor Invoice Management. For us, this solution was key to our business continuity,” said Salomé Silva, Accounts Payable Team Leader and SAP Business Analyst at Faurecia. “We streamlined our document-centric processes, increased cash visibility, strengthened cross-collaboration, and we’re now well equipped to respond efficiently during the pandemic and beyond.”

OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions streamlines procure-to-pay and order-to-cash operations for SAP customers. By optimizing the process of receiving, managing, monitoring, and routing all invoices, quotations, order confirmations, delivery notes, sales orders, remittance advices and related documentation, Faurecia has successfully digitized 80% of its 2 million annual pieces of financial operations information. PET-recycling – Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches

“Many companies were forced to examine their business processes when the pandemic struck,” said Muhi Majzoub, Chief Product Officer at OpenText. “With the implementation of OpenText Vendor Invoice Management, Faurecia is now able to take advantage of a solution that helps them ensure consistent, accurate, timely and compliant financial payments to all their vendors worldwide.

PET-recycling - Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches

-Euratex report: “Brexit has been a lose-lose deal for the textile industry”

The European Apparel and Textile Confederation Euratex has looked at the latest trade data from January to September 2021 and found a “dramatic drop” of imports and exports of textile goods between the EU and UK, with exports falling by 44 percent to almost 2 billion euros and exports by 22 percent, corresponding to 1.6 billion euros. PET-recycling – Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches

This means significant losses for companies on both sides.

“The situation is likely to get worse, as the full customs regime between UK and EU has entered into force on 1 January 2022,” warns the Confederation. Thus, Euratex calls on the European Union and the United Kingdom to effectively cooperate to remove the issues in the EU-UK trade agreement that prevent smooth trade flows.

Billion euro losses on UK and EU side

The most impacted EU countries on the export side are Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany according to the data, while on the import side, the most impacted countries are Germany, Ireland and France.

Among the textile and clothing sectors, clothing articles are facing the most severe drop in both imports and exports, corresponding to a total trade loss of more than 3.4 billion euros over the nine months period. “Despite these alarming figures, the UK continues to be the most important export market for EU textiles and clothing,” states Euratex. PET-recycling – Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches

PET-recycling - Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches

-MonforClean brings big savings for Albarrie

Radical reduction in the conventional heat supply required for drying processes.

Albarrie – a major player in North America’s industrial nonwovens industry – is now benefiting from one of the first Monforts Montex stenter installations equipped with the full range of MonforClean heat recovery and exhaust air purification technologies.

With the new three-chamber Montex stenter at its plant in Barrie, Ontario, the Canadian company is treating specialised needlepunched nonwovens up to 4mm thick. These have applications in a wide range of filter media and performance fabrics. PET-recycling – Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches

The new Montex is enabling Albarrie to heat set and dry its materials to produce denser, higher quality fabrics which can also be finished and delivered to customers more rapidly.

Across timezones

It took a crew of skilled millwrights, electricians and product specialists to build the line which was delivered in 11 shipping containers to Albarrie’s production facility. The line was originally scheduled to be fully operational in the Spring of 2020, but the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic inevitably led to several delays during the start-up and commissioning process. PET-recycling – Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches

PET-recycling - Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches

PET-recycling – Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches

PET-Bottle-Grade – Non-biodegradable-plastics 24-01-2022

Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches-Plant-based-nylon 25-01-2022


Crude Oil Prices Trend  

Crude Oil Prices Trend  Polyestertime

-Toray introduces 100% plant-based nylon

Ecodear N510 is made by polymerizing sebacic acid from castor-oil plants and pentamethylenediamine from corn and spinning waste.

Toray Industries, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, has developed a nylon 510 fibre that incorporates 100% biobased synthetic polymer content as defined under ISO 16620-1: 2015, the international standard for the biobased content of plastics.

Ecodear N510, will be the first 100% plant-based nylon fibre in Toray’s Ecodear lineup. Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches-Plant-based-nylon

The company has created diverse potential applications for Ecodear N510 as a sustainable offering for high-end markets. While primarily for sports and outdoor fabrics, they extend to lightweights, cut-and-sew fabrics amd innerwear lace materials.

Toray plans to begin Ecodear N510 textile sales for Autumn/Winter 2023 with an initial production volume to be 200,000 metres by the end of March 2023 growing to 600,000 metres in March 2026. Ecodear N510 fibre sales are targeted for Autumn/Winter 2023 2024, with an expectation of a monthly supply of three metric tons monthly in the year ending March 2024. Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches-Plant-based-nylon

In the early 1950s, Toray became the first Japanese company to manufacture nylon. Apparel and other wide-ranging applications over the years have reflected the fibre’s excellent flexibility, durability, wrinkle resistance and washability.

Toray already offers partially plant-based polyester, nylon and other polymers. It developed Ecodear N510 by polymerizing sebacic acid from castor-oil plants and pentamethylenediamine from corn and spinning waste.

Unlike other wholly plant-based nylons, Ecodear N510 has a high melting point and outstanding dimensional stability. It is as strong and heat-resistant as nylon 6, the company says. Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches-Plant-based-nylon

Toray introduces 100% plant-based nylon

-ISCC-Plus for biomass-acrylonitrile

Recent demand has been particularly robust in applications for carbon fibre.

Tongsuh Petrochemical, a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Kasei based in Ulsan, South Korea, has acquired ISCC Plus certification for its acrylonitrile (AN) as a sustainable product, and production of AN using biomass propylene is scheduled to begin in February 2022. Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches-Plant-based-nylon

The certification system enables TSPC to produce and sell AN using biomass raw material allocated by the mass-balance method.

AN is used as a raw material to make acrylic fibre, ABS resin, acrylamide and various other chemical products. Recent demand has been particularly robust in applications for carbon fibre for composites and nitrile rubber for medical gloves.

In order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, measures to reduce CO₂ emissions throughout the product chain of fossil fuel-derivatives are gaining momentum, and AN customers are increasingly seeking to manufacture products using AN with low CO₂ emissions in order to contribute to GHG reduction.

Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches-Plant-based-nylon Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches-Plant-based-nylon

Toray introduces 100%plant-based-nylon

ISCC-Plus for biomass-acrylonitrile

Ecoibéria & WorldPET are now part of Logoplaste

-Q&A regarding PET-bottle-chip market pre-Spring Festival holiday

Light-Stabilizing-Masterbatches for Polyolefin-Based-Molded Automotive-Components and More

Faurecia streamlines international procurement process with OpenText

Euratex report: “Brexit has been a lose-lose deal for the textile-industry

MonforClean brings big savings for Albarrie


PET-Bottle-Grade – Non-biodegradable-plastics 24-01-2022