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AdvanSix Honeywell polyamide films

AdvanSix plans to close PA film factory in the USA

AdvanSix Honeywell polyamide film

MOSCOW – The American company AdvanSix, a division of Honeywell, a corporation engaged in the production of resins and chemical products, intends to close the plant for the production of polyamide films in Pottsville (Pottsville , Pennsylvania, USA) in the third quarter, the manufacturer said. AdvanSix Honeywell polyamide film

At the same time, the company announced a strategic alliance with the Oben Group, a manufacturer of films for the production of flexible packaging. These measures will allow AdvanSix to “increase productivity in this industry,” added Erin Kane, CEO.

Earlier it was reported that AdvanSix still did not remove force majeure for the supply of phenol from the plant in Frankford (Frankford, Pennsylvania). The company in early March of this year was forced to announce force majeure on the supply of these products because of problems with the supply of raw cumene. Then problems with the supply of cumene were caused by weather conditions on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and restrictions on suppliers in the previous few weeks before the announcement of force majeure. AdvanSix Honeywell polyamide film

The plant’s capacity is 1.1 billion pounds of phenol per year (about 500 thousand tons per year) and 608 million pounds of acetone per year (308.4 thousand tons per year). This plant is the third largest producer of phenol and acetone in North America. AdvanSix uses cumene derived from benzene and propylene to produce phenol and acetone.

Phenol is the main raw material component for the production of bisphenol A (BPA), which, in turn, is used to produce polycarbonate (PC).

According to Scan Report Company Market Report, the total estimated PC consumption in Russia in January-May 2019 was 33.8 thousand tons, which is 20% less than in the same period of 2018 (28.2 thousand tons).

Honeywell International, Inc. – a large American corporation, known for its developments in the field of aerospace equipment, technologies for the operation of buildings and industrial structures, automotive equipment, turbo-compressors and specialized goods. The corporate headquarters is located in Morristown (New Jersey, USA).

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