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Car battery – Recycled plastic

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Car battery - Recycled plastic

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-“America and Germany are already in recession”

For years in the West we have criticized China for spreading false economic statistics. But are we sure that ours are more reliable? Or to be more precise, that the political authorities interpret them objectively? Maurizio Novelli, manager of the Lemanik Global Strategy Fund, collected a series of official data (underline the detail: official) and noted that the American and German authorities draw the conclusion that the recession is not upon us, while (according to by Novelli) from those same numbers we can deduce the opposite, i.e. that the USA is already in a recession and Germany as well, or at most it is experiencing zero growth. America Germany recession

“The United States and Germany recently released their growth data for the fourth quarter of 2022 – observes Novelli -. Oddly enough, despite all the calamities, the world economy seems to show anomalous resistance to recession. However, many doubts about the veracity of these data remain”.



America Germany recession

-‘Significant breakthrough’: This new sea salt battery has 4 times the capacity of lithium

Your electronics could soon be powered by an ultra cheap sea salt battery.Researchers have built a new cheap battery with four times the energy storage capacity of lithium.Constructed from sodium-sulphur – a type of molten salt that can be processed from sea water – the battery is low-cost and more environmentally friendly than existing options.It could be a ‘breakthrough’ for renewable energy, according to lead researcher Dr Shenlong Zhao, from the University of Sydney.“Our sodium battery has the potential to dramatically reduce costs while providing four times as much storage capacity [as Lithium],” he said.  Car battery – Recycled plastic


Car battery - Recycled plastic

-Hyundai L&C wins GR certification for recycled PET packaging sheets

This is the first time for recycled PET packaging sheet to receive GR certification in South Korea

Hyundai Living & Culture, Hyundai Department Store Co. Group’s building materials unit, said on Wednesday that it has received Good Recycled Product (GR) certification from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of S.Korea for its recycled PET packaging sheets.

The GR certification scheme was introduced in 1997 to improve consumer confidence in recycled products. This is the first time recycled PET packaging sheets received GR certification. Car battery – Recycled plastic

“We obtained GR certification for the first time among recycled PET packaging materials because the content of recycled materials reached 90% while meeting food sanitation requirements. We received high marks for the sheets’ quality, eco-friendliness, and the quality control system throughout the whole process,” said an official of Hyundai L&C.

Hyundai L&C has supplied food containers based on recycled PET sheets to Hyundai Department Store and Hyundai Green Food since 2021. The container has a three-layer structure, and the recycled PET is used in the middle layer where the plastic is not in contact with food.

Hyundai L&C plans to expand the range of its use of recycled PET sheets from food containers to cups and PET bottles.  Car battery – Recycled plastic

Seo-Woo Jang at


Car battery - Recycled plastic

-Koksan and Indorama announce force majeure for the supply of PET after the earthquake in Turkey

Koksan and Indorama Ventures, which own polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plants in Turkey, have declared force majeure due to logistics disruptions following the Feb. 6 earthquake in the country, ICIS reported. Car battery – Recycled plastic

It is not yet clear whether the factories of PET companies are operating at the moment.

Koksan has two PET production lines with a capacity of 216 thousand tons per year in Gaziantep, and Indorama Ventures has a line with a capacity of 270 thousand tons per year in Chorlu. Earthquake Turkey PET

The powerful earthquakes that shook southeastern Turkey earlier this week caused severe fuel shortages in the Middle East and disrupted ports.

In addition, there are disruptions in customs procedures, while financial banking institutions will also face problems, market sources said.

Earlier it was reported that Koksan PET Packaging Industry Co postponed the launch of its plant for the production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) with a capacity of 230 thousand tons per year in Gaziantep, Turkey. Car battery – Recycled plastic


Koksan and Indorama announce force majeure for the supply of PET after the earthquake in Turkey

-Chevron Phillips Chemical deepens collaboration with Nexus Circular, securing contracted long-term supply of advanced recycled plastic feedstocks from new facility

Chevron Phillips Chemical helps accelerate the circular economy for plastics by aligning with Nexus Circular’s proven, commercial-scale advanced recycling technology to convert landfill-bound plastics into high-quality materials for the production of virgin-quality circular plastics. Car battery – Recycled plastic

Nexus Circular today announced that the company has signed a long-term commercial agreement with Chevron Phillips Chemical (CPChem) for the supply of a significant volume annually of circular liquid feedstocks from a new advanced recycling facility.

This long-term contractual commitment further strengthens CPChem’s relationship with Nexus for advanced recycled plastic feedstocks to produce Marlex® Anew™ Circular Polyethylene.


Chevron Phillips Chemical deepens collaboration with Nexus Circular, securing contracted long-term supply of advanced recycled plastic feedstocks from new facility

-Seasoning for bioplastics makes chemical sense

Cream of tartar does the trick

Adding seasoning to food often vastly improves the result. And now, a team of researchers from Korea and the Nordic countries has shown that what goes for dinner, apparently also goes for biobased, biodegradable plastics.

A study published in the ACS journal Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering under the title Toward Sustaining Bioplastics: Add a Pinch of Seasoning reports that adding seasoning to the recipe for biobased, biodegradable plastics can boost the strength of the polymer to a measurable degree.Car battery – Recycled plastic

Biodegradable polymers, by their very nature, tend to lack strength, as they are built to disintegrate. As the researchers pointed out, the more easily these materials break down, the flimsier they are, tearing apart from the slightest pressure.


Seasoning for bioplastics makes chemical sense

-So Japan wants to become an electric motor power

Sfe Steel invests 350 million euros to double the production of electric steel. It is essential for battery-powered cars
If China is the leading country for the production of batteries, Japan is trying to carve out a place in the sun in other production sectors related to the mobility of the future. Specifically, Sfe Steel has announced that it intends to double its investments to produce more plates of non-oriented electrical steel, a material necessary for the construction of permanent magnet motors.  Car battery – Recycled plastic
To achieve this result, the Japanese company said it was ready to invest about 50 billion yen, equal to about 350 billion euros. But what is non-oriented electric steel? And why is it so important?
What is electric steel
Electric steel, an alloy which also has a percentage of silicon, is necessary for the construction of the stators of electric motors. In addition to this, it is used for generators, transformers, industrial machinery and household appliances.
In general, electrical steel plays a vital role in the generation, transmission and distribution of energy and an energy efficient alloy heavily affects the performance of the device in which it is used.
Crucial to torque and efficiency
We come, specifically, to the use of this material in electric motors. Electric steel (which is part of the soft magnetic materials) makes it possible to strengthen the magnetic field created by an electric motor, increasing the flux density. This translates into higher torque output.  Car battery – Recycled plastic
But in addition to a question related to performance, there is also one related to efficiency. On electric cars, non-oriented electrical steels suitable for use on high-frequency motors are required. And they must therefore contain losses to guarantee lower consumption and greater autonomy.

So Japan wants to become an electric motor power

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