Carbonfibre Petrochemicals Graphene 21-06-2021

Carbonfibre Petrochemicals Graphene

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Carbonfibre Petrochemicals Graphene

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-Hyundai Engineering Signs MOU with 6 Partners to Produce Green Hydrogen

Kim Chang-hak (left), CEO of Hyundai Engineering, and POSCO vice president Yoo Byung-ok (right) pose for a commemorative photo after signing an MOU at the POSCO Center in Seoul on June 16. Carbonfibre Petrochemicals Graphene

Hyundai Engineering announced on June 16 that it has signed an MOU on the development of green hydrogen production technologies with six partners, including POSCO, the North Gyeongsang Province government, the Uljin County Office, the Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology (RIST) in Pohang and the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute. Green hydrogen refers to hydrogen produced using renewable and nuclear energy without generating carbon dioxide.

The MOU signing ceremony was held through a video conferencing system among the seven entities. They will work on seven sectors — the development of high temperature hydrogen production technology; the development of high temperature water electrolysis technology; the development of high temperature water electrolysis line design, analysis and production technology; the development of technology for heat exchangers for small reactors; the development and commercialization of nuclear power-based high temperature water electrolysis; verification of the production of hydrogen through the use of nuclear; and the promotion of the local hydrogen economy and the creation of jobs.

Carbonfibre Petrochemicals Graphene

-NanoXplore enters agreement to Supply Techmer PM with GrapheneBlack™

NanoXplore has announced that it has entered into a multiyear agreement to supply GrapheneBlack™ grade of products to Techmer PM, a large U.S-based plastic compounder specializing in modifying and fine-tuning the properties of technical polymers. Techmer PM will market its graphene-enhanced plastic compounds to a variety of industries in a number of diverse end uses and applications.

Techmer PM’s aim is to provide the highest performance properties possible across a wide spectrum of compounds and end products. Carbonfibre Petrochemicals Graphene

Michael A. McHenry, Chief Executive Officer of Techmer PM, commented: “We are a materials design company using leading-edge technologies to design customer and market-focused solutions. The long-term agreement with NanoXplore complements our approach, which is to customize solutions to maximize performance through collaborations and the leveraging of leading-edge technology.”

Carbonfibre Petrochemicals Graphene

-UL researchers find way to create car parts from paper waste

Researchers at UL’s Bernal Institute have produced carbon fibre from waste bio-resources, paving the way in sustainable material production.

Carbon fibre, a common material in cars, aircraft and sports equipment, has been made from recycled forestry by principal investigator Dr Maurice N Collins and colleagues at the Bernal Institute in University of Limerick (UL).

“Our technology drastically reduces energy usage and carbon emissions during production, as well as the cost of carbon fibres. Carbonfibre Petrochemicals Hydrogen

This is particularly significant as carbon fibres are known for their high performance and their high cost. In the future we can expect higher performance goods at lower cost to the consumer,” he said.

Carbonfibre Petrochemicals Graphene

-North American plastic recycling rates highlight need for investment in collection and infrastructure

North American recyclers continue to recycle the majority of the post-consumer plastic recovered for recycling.Carbonfibre Petrochemicals Graphene

Recycling of plastics in North America has risen approximately 8 percent since 2017. However, the recycling industry faces ongoing challenges according to a 2019 survey sponsored by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), the Foundation for Plastic Recycling, and the American Chemistry Council (ACC).

Most of the material recovered for recycling in the United States in 2019 was purchased by reclaimers in the United States or Canada (87.9 percent combined) with just 12.1 percent exported overseas. Within the 12.1 percent of exports, bottle exports rose slightly by 26 million pounds; non-bottle rigid exports stayed flat; and post-consumer film exports dipped by 28.5 million pounds.

The 2019 U.S. Post-Consumer Plastic Recycling Data Report presents the findings of the major plastic categories recovered for recycling, by destination, with changes over time. In 2019, a total of 5,094 million pounds of post-consumer plastic sourced in the United States was recovered for recycling.

North American plastic recycling rates highlight need for investment in collection and infrastructure

-Dutch/Swedish consortium gets go ahead to continue study into SAF production

The Swedish Energy Agency announced it will grant funds to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Södra, Växjö Energi, SkyNRG, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and 2030-sekretariatet to continue research into Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in the Växjö region in Småland, Sweden.

The funding will support the consortium to continue their study on an integrated Fischer-Tropsch SAF production facility using forestry residues.

The envisioned facility has the potential to be an important step forward in making aviation more sustainable. Carbonfibre Petrochemicals Graphene

The Swedish Energy Agency awarded the consortium a grant of 5.1 million SEK (€502,000) to fund the project.

This first-of-its-kind Fischer-Tropsch SAF production facility integrated with existing bio-based energy production has the potential to produce high quality sustainable fuels and reduce GHG emissions in the aviation sector.

The realisation of the plant could serve as a proof of concept for many future plants.

By 2026, the plant could be operational with a production volume of 16 kilo tonnes SAF annually.

The consortium, which represents the whole value chain of the production, joins forces in order to increase the availability of SAF in Sweden and North Europe.

Carbonfibre Petrochemicals Hydrogen

-Nylon Fiber Market Next Big Thing : Major Giants AdvanSix, Toray Industries, Aquafil S.p.A

The nylon fiber is a general term for a family of synthetic polymers, based on semi-aromatic polyamides or aliphatic. The nylon fiber is semi-crystalline thermoplastics with high performance and attractive mechanical & physical properties, which offer a wide range of end-use performances important in many industrial applications. In addition, nylon fiber is exceptionally strong elastic, abrasion resistant, lustrous, and easy to wash.

If you are a Nylon Fiber manufacturer and would like to check or understand policy and regulatory proposal, designing clear explanations of the stakes, potential winners and losers, and options for improvement then this article will help you understand the pattern with Impacting Trends. Click To get SAMPLE PDF (Including Full TOC, Table & Figures) Carbonfibre Petrochemicals Graphene

The Latest Released Nylon Fiber market study has evaluated the future growth potential of Global Nylon Fiber market and provides information and useful stats on market structure and size. The report is intended to provide market intelligence and strategic insights to help decision makers take sound investment decisions and identify potential gaps and growth opportunities.

Nylon Fiber Market Next Big Thing : Major Giants AdvanSix, Toray Industries, Aquafil S.p.A

-Coca-Cola Europacific Partners recognised for its transition to 100% rPET in Australia

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners takes Gold at the WorldStar Global Packaging Awards for its work in producing Australia’s first 100% recycled PET (rPET) bottle for carbonated beverages.

CCEP in Australia has been awarded  Gold in the Beverage category, as well as receiving a Special Award in the Sustainability category at The WorldStar Global Packaging Awards. Carbonfibre Petrochemicals Graphene

The awards are an international packaging design competition that continues to evolve and shape the packaging design community by highlighting the global trends and challenges within the packaging industry. Each year, WorldStar receives more than 300 entries from more than 34 countries around the world.

In 2019, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Australia was the first beverage manufacturer and Coca-Cola bottler in the world to have all single serve packs produced from 100% rPET. This includes plastic packaging for water, soft drinks, aseptic dairy and warm-fill sensitive beverages, and equates to 7 out of 10 bottles sold in Australia.

By converting all plastic single serve packs to 100% rPET packaging, CCEP in Australia reduced the amount of virgin fossil-based plastic used in our PET bottles by an estimated 10,000 tonnes per year.

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners recognised for its transition to 100% rPET in Australia

-SABIC and Local Motors study recycling scrap thermoplastics

Both parts and scraps deriving from LFAM of composite THERMOCOMP materials

With the desire to improve the circularity of large format additive manufacturing (LFAM), SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, and Local Motors, a next-generation vehicle manufacturer, completed a joint study on the feasibility of recycling scrap thermoplastics, both parts and shavings, from the LFAM 3D printing process. Carbonfibre Petrochemicals Graphene

The study explored more sustainable alternatives to landfilling large, printed parts in anticipation of wider adoption of LFAM. It included analyzing the printability and mechanical properties of SABIC’s LNP THERMOCOMP AM reinforced compound, used by Local Motors, after being printed, reclaimed, ground and reprocessed into pellet form. The study determined that material from post-production parts and scrap can potentially be reused in LFAM or other processes, such as injection molding or extrusion, at amounts up to 100 percent. These insights can help identify a feasible path to circularity and an extended lifecycle for materials used by the LFAM industry.

SABIC and Local Motors study recycling scrap thermoplastics

-New project aims to turn urban waste into graphene and other useful materials

Graphenea will be taking part in a flagship project called CIRCULAR BIOCARBON, which was kicked off this week and has been awarded over €23 Million, to develop a first-of-its kind flagship biorefinery designed to turn the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) and sewage sludge (SS) into added-value products, from mechanical moving parts, to night vision cameras and devices for 5G telecommunications. Carbonfibre Petrochemicals Graphene

The project, which received full marks from the European Commission, involves 11 partners from five European countries (including Spain, Italy, Denmark, France and Germany) and is a milestone for the whole Europe owing to its implementation scale (industrial level) as well as to its replicability potential.

The biorefinery is a unique and integrated model with the process lines for the OFSMW and SS to be implemented in two locations, namely Zaragoza (Spain) and Sesto San Giovanni (Italy).

Construction of the site in Spain will start in 2022 in the facilities of “Alfonso Maíllo” R&D+i center, and in the Center for Urban Waste Treatment of Zaragoza (CTRUZ), owned by the Municipality of Zaragoza and located in the Technological Park for Recycling (PTR). At the end of the project, a commercial scale biorefinery will be in full operation designed in order to treat all the biowaste produced by a medium-size city.

Carbonfibre Petrochemicals Hydrogen

Carbonfibre Petrochemicals Graphene

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