Chemicals Circular Economy Polyamide 02-03-2020

Chemicals Circular Economy Polyamide

Petrochemical Plastics Polyamides CPL Prices

Chemicals Circular Economy Polyamide

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

-Forging ahead in 2020 with the Coca-Cola world without waste vision

Coca-Cola meets 2020 with reignited passions and an ever-steadfast commitment to their World Without Waste vision—signifying a renewed focus on the entire packaging lifecycle, from how bottles and cans are designed and made, to how they’re recycled and repurposed. Forging ahead through programs and initiatives that are impactful, relevant, and inclusive, the goal and challenge remains: to help collect and recycle a bottle or can for every one they sell by 2030.

While initial strides are steadily being felt towards this end, Coca-Cola continues to work towards transforming how recyclable packaging is perceived and defined: a valuable resource of limitless use and possibilities. Chemicals Circular Economy Polyamide

Chemicals Circular Economy Polyamide

-AIMPLAS launches LIFE CIRC-ELV to recycle plastics from end-of-life vehicles

AIMPLAS has launched its LIFE CIRC-ELV project, with the aim of creating a new technically and economically viable network in Europe where centres can separate vehicle parts such as fuel tanks and bumpers made of high-interest materials such as PE and PP.

One of the goals of the project is to obtain 12 tonnes of recycled plastic from every thousand vehicles, which by implementing the process and using recycled plastic, the carbon footprint is expected to be reduced by 75 per cent.Chemicals Circular Economy Polyamide

Chemicals Circular Economy Polyamide

-China is preparing a package of measures to restore export

For Russia, this is very important: from the Chinese supply depends on the production of many types of products – from electronics to food. The protracted effects of the virus Chinese “new year holidays” may have an impact on the Russian producers.

For Russia, the Chinese import is not only consumer goods. Delivery from China is critical for some Russian automakers and electronics manufacturers

In the structure of Russian import the share of China exceeds 22%. Basically China exports to Russia machinery, equipment and vehicles (57,04% of the total volume of imports from China, according to the portal “Foreign trade of Russia”), textiles and footwear (10,81%), chemical industry products (10,14%) and food and agricultural products (3,18%). Russia’s imports from China in 2019 exceeded 54.1 billion dollars, and China remains our main trade partner.Chemicals Circular Economy Polyamide

Chemicals Circular Economy Polyamide

-Asia Pacific Rayon selects STeP by OEKO-TEX

Asia Pacific Rayon (APR), with TESTEX, a Swiss testing and certification organisation for textile and leather testing, has selected STeP by OEKO-TEX certification to communicate its commitment to sustainability. Speaking to TESTEX about choosing STeP for sustainability, Ben Poon, business head, APR, spoke about its strategy for sustainable production.

“Sustainability is fundamental to APR. We firmly believe in the value of continuous improvement and transparency in guiding our sustainability efforts and engagement with stakeholders through open dialogues. APR strives to be a leading viscose rayon producer committed to the sustainability, transparency and efficiency of our operations, serving the interests of communities and country, and delivering value with renewable fibre to our customers,” Poon said in an interview with TESTEX.Chemicals Circular Economy Polyamide

Chemicals Circular Economy Polyamide

-Polestar Aims for Sustainable Vehicle Interiors

t’s a bit of a contradiction when electric car companies deck out the interior of their cars in unsustainable materials, such as plastic and leather. Polestar, the electric performance car brand jointly owned by Volvo Car Group and Zhejiang Geely Holding, has made another step towards correcting this irony by substituting in environmentally friendly alternatives.

After introducing the Polestar 2 with a vegan interior, Polestar aims to create sustainable interiors for other production models.

Polestar is working with Bcomp to utilize its environmentally friendly technologies to create interior panels.Chemicals Circular Economy Polyamide

Chemicals Circular Economy Polyamide

-Petchems unaffected by Kuwait port restrictions so far

Petrochemical exports from Kuwait are continuing as normal days after the country announced restrictions at its ports in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The restrictions do not cover oil vessels and currently do not affect petrochemical traffic either.

Kuwait is a major Mideast Gulf petrochemical producer and regularly exports polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), mono ethylene glycol (MEG) and aromatics to global markets.Chemicals Circular Economy Polyamide

Petchems unaffected by Kuwait port restrictions so far

-Advent Packaging leads in the eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging industry

Advent Packaging helps customers meet their own CSR goals by providing green packaging alternatives

Founded in June 2000, Advent Packaging is reinventing its business for the 21st century with Audrey Bong at the helm since 2017.

Her vision is to realise the sustainable potential of plastic packaging through research and development (R&D).Chemicals Circular Economy Polyamide

“We are creating environmentally friendly and biodegradable packaging,” says Bong, managing director of Advent Packaging, whose upstanding corporate social responsibility (CSR) is transforming the company into a leader in green packaging.

Advent Packaging leads in the eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging industry

-Asia’s garment industry sees lay-offs, factories closing due to coronavirus

Low-wage workers are particularly vulnerable to any global economic downturn triggered by travel restrictions and quarantines as the coronavirus outbreak spreads from China around the world, roiling supply chains.

Temporary factory closures and layoffs have already begun to hit low wage workers across Asia as quarantines and travel restrictions from the new coronavirus disrupt supply chains linked to China.Chemicals Circular Economy Polyamide

For 31-year-old Myanmar worker Aye Su Than, the suspension of production at Hunter Myanmar, which produces clothes for an Italian fashion brand, came out of the blue when managers informed its 900 employees almost two weeks ago.

Asia's garment industry sees lay-offs, factories closing due to coronavirus

-Indorama Ventures registers 18% volume growth in FY19

Indorama Ventures Limited (IVL), a global chemical producer, registered volume growth of 18 per cent in the fiscal year 2019, driven reportedly by inorganic expansion. Industry-wide spreads declined to historical lows in 2019, leading to 20 per cent reduction in IVL’s core EBITDA, as company stated. Operating cash flow increased 33 per cent to $1.3 billion. Chemicals Circular Economy Polyamide

“IVL now has three strong growth engines to generate continued returns for its stakeholders. The first is the combined PET segment, which includes its key feedstocks and recycling business; the integrated oxides and derivatives segment, which includes the recent acquisition of the Spindletop assets; the completed IVOL gas cracker in Louisiana; and lastly the fibres segment, which serves mobility, hygiene and lifestyle verticals,” Aloke Lohia, group CEO of Indorama Ventures, said in a press release.

Indorama Ventures registers 18% volume growth in FY19

Chemicals Circular Economy Polyamide

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