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The July contract price of styrene fell in Europe at EUR48 per ton Contract styrene monomer Europe 

Contract styrene monomer Europe

MOSCOW The contract price of styrene monomer in Europe was finally agreed at EUR994 per ton for July deliveries, which is EUR48 per ton lower compared to the level of the previous month, ICIS reported. Contract styrene monomer Europe 

The contract price was negotiated on delivery terms free on board (FOB) Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA).

Five parties confirmed their deals at the level of EUR965, EUR992, EUR999, EUR1 020 per ton, respectively.

One producer and consumer agreed on the price of EUR965 per ton, and another seller concluded with the buyer EUR992 per ton. The third supplier agreed the following deals with two consumers, respectively EUR999 per ton and EUR1020 per ton.

Styrene is the main raw material component for the production of polystyrene (PS).

According to a review of the Market Report Price Forecast , Asian and European markets throughout June did not exert noticeable pressure on the price of Russian polystyrene (PS) in July.

In June, the spot value of styrene was in the range of $ 915-960 / t. The contract price of the monomer was slightly changed in June.

Also, no significant change in prices of all types of European PS is expected.

The expected export value of PS of European plants is as follows: PSS / M – EUR1140-1180 per ton, and UPS / M – EUR1220-1260 per ton, FCA plant, excluding VAT. Taking into account the delivery to the Russian market, the European PSS / M was offered from 102,000 rubles. per ton, CPT Moscow, including VAT. Contract styrene monomer Europe


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