Fabric-absorb-CO2 -PS-recycled 26-05-2022

Fabric-absorb-CO2 -PS-recycled

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-H&M develops a fabric that can absorb CO2 from the surroundings; here is everything you need to know

H&M and HKRITA have developed a fabric that can absorb CO2 and release it as food for plants.

The clothing brand H&M is a part of the Science news today, if you are wondering why?. The Swedish clothing brand Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) and the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA) have come up with an interesting discovery – a clothing that can absorb carbon-di-oxide (CO2).

Under the Planet First initiative of the Stockholm-based clothing brand and HKRITA, the project carbon-looper was constituted. A particular type of amine-containing solution was developed and cotton – fiber, yarn, and fabric were treated. The treatment made the cotton absorb carbon-di-oxide from the surrounding air, on the surface of the cloth. Fabric-absorb-CO2 -PS-recycled

The absorbed CO2 can then be released by heating the cloth to 30-40°C, in a greenhouse where the plants can then naturally use the CO2 for photosynthesis while releasing oxygen. The amount of CO2 recycled by the cellulosic fabric per day is said to be similar to a third of the amount a tree absorbs per day in nature. The brand claims after three ‘loop cycles’ the fabric will effectively climate neutralize itself, and have a climate positive effect post that. This is important because the textile industry is said to have a large carbon footprint.

-INEOS Styrolution presented new PS grade containing mechanically recycled post-consumer waste

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, has announced the introduction of its new Styrolution® PS ECO 260 MR85 grade containing mechanically recycled post-consumer waste, said he company.

This grade is available across markets in Asia at commercial scale with immediate effect. The new Styrolution PS ECO 260 MR85 contains 85 percent recycled post-consumer content from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). It offers identical mechanical properties as virgin HIPS equivalent, including very good mechanical performance, consistency and high fluidity, making it an excellent drop-in solution for application developers in the household and electronics industries.

Produced at INEOS Styrolution’s Foshan site in China, this new grade is currently available in standard black and grey, and in commercial quantities to customers across Asia. HyoungJoon Kim, Polystyrene Business Director APAC, comments: “We are very pleased to be able to offer our high-quality recycled PS grade to our customers in Asia, helping them reduce their carbon footprint and achieving their sustainability goals.” Fabric-absorb-CO2 -PS-recycled

Johnson Lin, Research Development Centre & Technical Service Director APAC, adds: “We are very excited to introduce our first recycled PS grade produced here in Asia. This new grade can be used without any change in our customers’ processes or equipment, making it a convenient drop-in solution for our customers.”

As per MRC, INEOS is to develop a dedicated acetonitrile unit at its Cologne, Germany site to capitalise on anticipated pharmaceuticals sector demand for the material. The company is to develop a 15,000 tonne/year production facility at the site to enhance supplies for its European customer base, on the back of anticipated demand from the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and bioscience sectors.

Fabric-absorb-CO2 -PS-recycled

H&M develops a fabric-that-can-absorb-CO2 from the surroundings; here is everything you need to know

INEOS-Styrolution presented new PS-grade containing mechanically-recycled-post-consumer-waste

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Fabric-absorb-CO2 -PS-recycled

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