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Hyosung to double carbon fibre manufacturing capacity

Hyosung carbon fibre manufacturing

The JeonJu plant expansion will produce an additional 2,000 metric tons annually of carbon fibre. © Hyosung

Hyosung Advanced Materials Corporation is to invest 46.8 billion won (US$ 41.5 million) in a PAN carbon fibre production expansion at its plant in JeonJu, South Korea.

The JeonJu plant expansion will produce an additional 2,000 metric tons annually of carbon fibre resulting in a total production yearly capacity of 4,000 metric tons by the first half of 2020.

The new production line will produce high-performance PAN carbon fibres, which provide some of the highest tensile strengths available on the market.

This expansion will support growth in industrial markets such as CNG (compressed natural gas) pressure vessels and hydrogen fuel tanks.

Hyosung will also target the aerospace market by producing intermediate modulus and ultra-high strength carbon fibres developed for next-generation primary and secondary aerospace structures.Hyosung carbon fibre manufacturing 

“The aerospace community and our industrial customers have wanted to see Hyosung carbon fibre capacity increased and this expansion will support their growth,” said Kwang Seok (Kenny) Han, vice president of Hyosung’s Carbon Fibre Division. “Our customers have also requested the production of unsized carbon fibres which we have introduced to support their efforts in high temperature thermoplastic applications for aerospace and oil and gas.” Hyosung carbon fibre manufacturing 

Hyosung developed the Tansome brand of carbon fibre in 2007 and in 2013 was the first to commercially produce PAN carbon fibres in South Korea.  Since May 2013, Hyosung has manufactured carbon fibres at its JeonJu, South Korea Eco-friendly Industrial Complex.

“The adoption of Tansome fibres by our North American customers for critical high-performance industrial applications has been amazing,” said Paul Kennedy director of sales and marketing for North America. Our customers are impressed with our fibre quality, its processing, and its mechanical performance.” Stated

HAMC is one of four subsidiaries of Hyosung Holding Company based in Seoul, South Korea. As an advanced fibre manufacturer it is the largest supplier of textile tyre-cord, seatbelt yarns and airbag fabrics worldwide.  In addition, HAMC is recognised as a quality supplier of automotive carpeting, aramid fibres and carbon fibres. Hyosung has a global network in over 65 countries with over 19,000 employees, with annual sales of over US$ 13US billion.

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