Indorama Ventures force majeure PET

Indorama Ventures announced force majeure at the PET factory in Rotterdam  Indorama Ventures force majeure PET

Indorama Ventures force majeure PET

MOSCOW – Indorama Ventures Company Ltd (IVL), the world leader in the production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), on November 28 announced force majeure circumstances on deliveries of products from the PET plant in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) due to a halt in production with technical problems, ICIS reported.

So, on Thursday, November 15, one of the lines at this plant was closed with a total capacity of two lines of 426 thousand tons of PET per year due to leakage of hot oil, there were no casualties. Indorama Ventures force majeure PET

Then, on Friday, November 23, technical failures led to a halt in production at the second line of the PET plant in Rotterdam.

In this regard, IVL had to declare force majeure on the supply of PET from this site, since both lines remain closed.

Currently, the company delivers material from other sites to its customers to minimize damage to consumers.

Earlier it was noted that Indorama Ventures in July 2017 completed a project to expand the capacity at the plant purified TPF in Rotterdam.

Prior to the completion of this project, the company in Rotterdam could produce 380 thousand tons of TPA per year. Indorama Ventures force majeure PET

Thus, the total capacity of the company for the production of TPA, including the site in Spain, increased after the completion of the project to increase the capacity in Rotterdam to more than 1 million tons per year.

According to Scan Report Company Market Report, in September 2018, the export of Russian PET amounted to 4.63 thousand tons, and for the period January-September – 58.11 thousand tons.

Deliveries of imported material in the reporting period increased by 39% and amounted to 11.67 thousand tons of PET (in September 2017 – 8.40 thousand tons).

In total for the first nine months of 2018, 123.72 thousand tons were imported.

Indorama Ventures PLS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of PET, TPA, MEG (in the USA), as well as polyester yarns and fibers.

Author:   Margarita Volkova


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