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January price polyamide Europe

January contract price of polyamide in Europe remained at the level of December

January price polyamide Europe

MOSCOW  РThe January contract price of polyamide (PA 6) in Europe was agreed at the level of the previous month, despite an increase in contract prices of benzene raw materials by EUR64 per ton, ICIS reports.

PA 6 prices remained stable, despite rising commodity prices in December and January, while manufacturers were unable to reduce the cost of raw materials.

Buyers’ interest is low, but stable in the textile, electronics, and still particularly weak sectors in the automotive sector.

Although car sales were stable, it is expected that there will be no signs of improvement in the automotive sector until the second half of 2020.

The supply remains sufficient, while imports at competitive prices are available from Asia, but it is not expected to arrive in Europe due to large domestic supplies, although imports may increase after the Lunar New Year.

The contract prices for PA 6 in January remain the same due to the low interest of buyers in the main automotive sector.

Earlier it was reported that the company Shchekinoazot, as a result of modernization, reached its maximum capacity load of 168 tons of caprolactam per day.

The company is modernizing the production of caprolactam and cyclohexanone. As a result, it became possible to carry out repairs of the equipment of the GAS workshop without the forced discharge of the caprolactam workshop.January price polyamide Europe contract


Author:Anna Larionova