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NPP POLYPLASTIC wants to create a joint venture with Uzbek manufacturer of automotive components Uz-Koram NPP POLYPLASTIC automotive components 

NPP POLYPLASTIC automotive components

MOSCOW – NPP POLYPLASTIC, Russia’s largest manufacturer of thermoplastic composite materials, held talks with Uzbek-Korean manufacturer of automotive components Uz-Koram Co.  on the subject of cooperation, the press service of the enterprise.

The report said that in early June, the delegation of Uz-Koram Co. visited the headquarters of the leader of the Russian market of polymer compounds of NPP POLYPLASTIC. NPP POLYPLASTIC automotive components 

The parties discussed the prospects for the development of cooperation, as well as the possibility of creating a joint venture.  In the near future, new car production facilities should appear in Uzbekistan, including the international concerns Peugeot-Citroen and Volkswagen.  This will allow creating additional sales markets for the Russian compounder.

“The industry of Uzbekistan is constantly developing and needs high-quality raw materials. Given the high export potential of the composite POLYPLASTIC, we are very interested in developing cooperation with the Uzbek side,” said Pavel Kruglov, director of Polyplastic Trading House, following the talks.

Earlier it was reported that NPP POLYPLASTIC plans to increase the sales volume of composite materials to 100 thousand tons per year.  To achieve these indicators, in addition to actively promoting polymer materials to the domestic market, the company plans to significantly increase exports.

Uz-Koram Co is engaged in the production of dimensional components for the automotive industry of Uzbekistan.NPP POLYPLASTIC automotive components 

NPP “POLYPLASTIC” specializes in the production of thermoplastic composite materials and polymeric raw materials for processing by the method of injection molding, injection molding and extrusion.  The company is the largest supplier of composite materials and polymer raw materials in Moscow and other cities of Russia, annually increasing its production volume by 10-12%.  It has more than 35% of the Russian market of composite polymer materials for engineering and technical purposes.

Author:   Anna Larionova

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