NPP POLYPLASTIC composites production medical

NPP POLYPLASTIC composites production

NPP POLYPLASTIC continues to ship composites for the production of medical equipment

NPP POLYPLASTIC composites production

MOSCOW – NPP POLYPLASTIC, Russia’s largest producer of thermoplastic composite materials, continues to ship composites for the production of mechanical ventilation devices (IVL), the company said.

So, it is noted that one of the most important activities of NPP POLYPLASTIC is the production of polymer materials for medical equipment.

In the current epidemiological situation, when the issue of providing hospitals with mechanical ventilation devices is most acute, the company does not stop its work and is ready to provide manufacturers of medical equipment with the necessary raw materials.

More than 3 tons of glass-filled polypropylene of the Armlen trademark has already been shipped to the Ural Instrument-Making Plant.

This material is used for the manufacture of mechanical ventilation devices for the urgent needs of medical institutions.

“Under the current conditions, the stable operation of the POLYPLASTIC Research and Production Enterprise not only provides employment for more than 500 people at production sites in Moscow, Engels and Tolyatti, but also ensures the shipment of polymer materials to continuously operating enterprises,” the company said in a statement.

It was previously reported that SIBUR increased the production of polymers, in particular polypropylene, in order to provide the medical sector with high-quality disposable personal protective equipment. NPP POLYPLASTIC composites production 

Prices for medical grade polymers are kept to a minimum. The company is expanding cooperation with customers manufacturing medical products to guarantee their loading, as well as increase their production.

NPP POLYPLASTIC specializes in the production of thermoplastic composite materials and polymeric raw materials for processing by injection molding, blow molding and extrusion. The company is the largest supplier of composite materials and polymer raw materials in Moscow and other cities of Russia, annually increasing its production by 10-12%. It has more than 35% of the Russian market of composite polymer materials for engineering purposes.

Author: Anna Larionova

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